Approximate numbers of people butchered and maimed by Islamic assholes by year.
(by Sept 1 2015)
2015: 20,878 / 18,421

2014: 26,557 / 25,694
2013: 13,988 / 26,443
2012: 11,267 / 17,084
2011: 9,015 / 16,917
2010: 9,021 / 19,255
2009: 6,851/ 13,160
2008: 10,773 / 18,086
2007: 20,134 / 26,351
2006: 15,269 / 19,540
2005: 7,680 / 12,865
2004: 7,210 / 14,632

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Injuries : 0



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September 3, 2015

» Anti-Gun Zealots Adopt a Dangerous Tactic to Antagonize Firearm Carriers

Is Everitt suggesting that if the law-abiding were obliged to undergo a more strenuous licensing process, criminals would decline to carry guns? Does he conceive that mass shooters might refrain from causing carnage and terror if their state of residence insisted upon more stringent background checks? What, other than demonstrating the enduring power of the non sequitur, is he trying to achieve here?

At best, the hope is that the police will become tired of being called out over nothing, that the carriers will become frustrated at being constantly targeted, and that the communities to which they both belong will decide in consequence that protecting the right is not worth suffering the hassle. At worst, the aim is to provoke a lethal confrontation and thus to illustrate in blood that the naysayers have been right all along.


Radical leftist pro-crime mayor who decided to wage war on cops. Radical leftist pro-crime president who decided to wage war on cops. Radical leftist pro-crime media which decided to wage war on cops.

Now murders are mysteriously rising for reasons they can’t explain. It must be Global Warming. Or car insurance rates. Or maybe squirrels. I bet it’s the squirrels

» Hell’s Angels fight back against muslim immigrant jihad gangs

It has not been possible to get a comment from the Hell’s Angels

Perhaps they are unavailable for comment because they are too busy FIGHTING BACK!


Here’s an idea. Why not just bring back slavery? For white people, obviously. (The other way around would be racist.) Not the somewhat more abstract slavery in which the labor of one group is assigned to another through wealth redistribution.

We already have that.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups


» What Makes Donald Run?

Trumpers are tired of a Republican establishment warning them — even if presciently so — that enforcement of federal immigration law is impossible because of the Latino vote, that even demanding a simple ID at the polling place may alienate the black vote, that stopping federal funding to the grotesque Planned Parenthood will lose the female vote, and that not rushing in to sanctify gay marriage will turn off gay voters.

» Trump Has Succeeded in Convincing Conservatives to Discard their Principles Overnight

A handful of months ago many of those who now make up Trump’s rank-and-file were ideological perfectionists who hated the GOP’s leadership, believed to their souls that the country was becoming a socialist hell-hole, and insisted vehemently that they had sat out the 2012 election because Mitt Romney was such a terrible squish. Today, by dint of some dark and unholy magic, these wannabe purists have hitched their wagons to Donald Trump, the greatest shape-shifter of them all.

Thus it is that an array of self-described “true conservatives” have put themselves in the awkward position of supposing that an “assault weapons” ban isn’t that big a deal after all. Thus have the pioneers of litmus testing lined up obediently behind a guy whose position on Planned Parenthood is identical to Hillary Clinton’s. Thus have the Scalia-citing “constitutional conservatives” taken to lionizing a man whose primary criticism of the liberty-shredding Kelo v. New London ruling was that it didn’t go far enough. Thus have the screaming eagles of Twitter and beyond taken to contending that the class-conscious tax hikes that the America-hating communist Bernie Sanders proposes are akin to apple-pie-and-motherhood when they’re floated by Donald Trump.

» Hillary’s Emails: How Big a National Security Disaster?

Hillary’s email scandal constitutes one of the most serious American national security disasters on record.

“There’s a widely held belief among American counterspies that foreign intelligence agencies had to be reading the emails on Hillary’s private server, particularly since it was wholly unencrypted for months….senior counterintelligence officials are assuming the worst about what the Russians and Chinese know.”

Even if we got lucky and the Russians and Chinese didn’t actually intercept some or all of Hillary’s emails, our intelligence agencies now have to behave as if they did.

the mere fact that our intelligence services are now assuming maximum damage and acting accordingly may ultimately be one of the most important and least fully appreciated aspects of this story.

» Hillary May Just Be Dumb

We presume otherwise because she went to Ivy League schools and because she belonged to a prominent Little Rock law firm and because she has held a couple of important offices since her husband left the White House. But we all know the real source of her success: she has been Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton for forty years.

“they do induce fetal demise at 21 weeks”

~~ Earl of Taint

August 22, 2015

» Regal Cinemas Blames Gun Owners For A Bag Search Policy Targeting Young Mothers

If Regal Cinemas actually cared about the safety of their customers, they would take steps to end laws that create “gun free zones,” which is where 93% of all mass shootings take place. They have not done so.

It is far more likely that Regal’s new bag search policy is designed to protect something else… their concessions profits.

» The Latest Climate Kerfuffle

Are political considerations superseding scientific ones at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration?

Lemme Summit Furya
A weather station was broken. It was reporting two degrees too hot. For a long time.
NOAA didn’t bother to notice until the author of the article embarrassed them.
They fixed the station but refuse to fix the erroneous data in the climate record.
The author thinks that is because erroneous data in the climate record fits the climate change hoax.

But the National Weather Service told the Capital Weather Gang that there will be no corrections, despite the fact that the disparity suddenly began 19 months ago and varied little once it began. It said correcting for the error wouldn’t be “scientifically defensible.” Therefore, people can and will cite the May record as evidence for dreaded global warming with impunity. Only a few weather nerds will know the truth. Over a third of this year’s 37 90-degree-plus days, which gives us a remote chance of breaking the all time record, should also be eliminated, putting this summer rightly back into normal territory.


The issue isn’t the issue. The issue is always the revolution. And the Obama flavor of revolution is about demonstrating that even the most radical and unpopular policies can be rammed through in defiance of Congress, the Supreme Court and the people through sheer determination. Like the Cultural Revolution, this is as much about a show of power as about any of the actual issues at stake.

Obama’s foreign policy is just his domestic policy with enemies treated like oppressed minorities. The Taliban were just the illegal aliens flowing across the border. Iran and Cuba are the thugs rioting in Ferguson. American national security is as meaningless as the property rights of Baltimore store owners.

Enemies are aided and allies are undermined in the name of social justice. And the aftermath is ashes and war….
This isn’t just a bad idea. It’s all of Obama’s bad ideas wrapped in one ugly stinking pile of ordure.

It’s appeasement wrapped in the permanent campaign. It’s the ‘right side of history’ argument being made by a man who flunked history, who runs away from his failures by running against George Bush. It’s smear campaigns and lies being vomited up by an administration whose boss likes to pretend that he’s above telling crazy lies or accusing his critics of treason. It’s the whole total Obama experience.


Calling for the death of infidels isn’t a crime. Insulting Mohammed is.

Was Mohammed a pig? He raped a little girl, forced his son to divorce his slave wife so he could have her, and took a number of captured non-Muslim women as slaves the same way the ISIS Caliph did. Their numbers included a number of captured Jewish women, Safiyah and Rayhana, as well as Arab women such as Juwayriyah. Rape and sexual slavery was a way of life for Mohammed and his men.
By any civilized standard, Mohammed was a pig and worse. And yet instead of calling out those who praise a rapist and a pedophile, we lock up the young women who dare call out his piggishness.
There is no reason to be surprised that these piggish habits should also be a way of life for his followers.

authorities in European countries are far more willing to lock up those who burn the Koran or criticize Islam than the Salafis who patrol the streets as Sharia police and call for a Caliphate.
This is not tolerance. It’s appeasement. It’s cowardice and treason.

If Kayla Mueller had known the truth about Mohammed, she might never have gone to Syria. If more mothers and fathers in the UK had known the truth about Mohammed, they might have been better able to protect their daughters. If more people in America and Europe knew about Mohammed, they might demand that their governments let fewer migrants in who believe Mohammed is a role model.

As Islam spreads across the West, we are all drawing closer to Allah. Portions of cities go dark and become no-go zones. Terrible things happen there that no one talks about. It’s important to talk about them. But it’s also important to talk about what ties together the little girls in the Islamic State and the United Kingdom, the slave trade of over a thousand years and Mohammed’s wives.
And that is Mohammed. Mohammed was a pig. We can and should say it. As many times as it takes. He is not a role model. He is not a prophet. It’s not the women who call him a pig who are sick and evil.
It’s those who imitate and defend his sick and evil ways.
Telling the truth about Mohammed is more than a statement. It’s not a mere provocation. It saves live

» Netherlands: 50-70% of former Muslim ‘asylum seekers’ live permanently on welfare

Asylum seekers, to a large extent, live off welfare payments.

Seven out of ten Somalians, who were in the past asylum seekers, still receive social welfare, and half of those who have Syrian, Iraqi or Eritrean nationality live off welfare.

Among those who are not asylum seekers, the percentage of Turkish and Moroccan Dutchman who live off welfare is very large.

On the other hand, Polish immigrants hardly apply for social welfare … They are in work without relying on social handouts.

» A look at statistics: Sweden – A raped country

According to BRA (a government agency supposedly tasked with preventing crimes) a total of 1091 rapes were reported during June and July. Rape of children under the age of 15 has increased with 53%, from 192 cases last year to 294 this year, again only for June and July. In total, sexual crimes increased by 18% compared to the same period last year. BRA believes that the reason for all of this is the beautiful summer weather:

“One explanation for this increase may be partly due to the nice weather this summer,” according to Sven Granath, criminologist and investigator at BRA, to TT

Those are the words of a civil servant that has become totally politically correct. I pray for Sven Granaths soul. He works at a government agency that is fully funded by taxpayers and has made it his mission to hide the truth using any means necessary whilst administering tranquilizers to both the general population and the ruling government.

We are informed that female rape victims are simply prejudiced (implicitly racist) when they claim that the perpetrator has dark hair. People that are subjected to serious crimes remember events wrongly and are controlled by preconceived notions. Women that get their lives and genitals thrashed by Ahmed from Iraq or Mustafa from Somalia must be made to realize that their recollection is flawed. In actual fact, it was the light blonde Kalle (typical Swedish name) that committed the heinous crime. Hallelujah! What an enormous comfort for a woman that had been subjected to the worst possible form of degradation.

The approach of many Muslim men is that there is nothing wrong in raping Swedish girls and women. In their culture, the man has every right to dispose of the woman as he sees fit. Some young men that were interviewed by the daily DN in response to a gang rape in Rissne outside of Stockholm put it like this:

    “It’s not as wrong to rape a Swedish girl as it is to rape an Arab girl, says Hamid. The Swedish girl gets a lot of help afterwards, and she had probably been fucked already. But the Arab girl will get problems with her family. For her it is a great shame to be raped. It is important that she retains her virginity when she marries. ”

    “It’s far too easy to get a whore … girl, I mean,” says Hamid

» Norway deports record number of Muslims to reduce crime – 31% improvement

» Michigan: Lansing mayors to host Ramadan party…on 9/11!!

This year, the emboldened Muslims orchestrating this effort have convinced these mayors that celebrating Ramadan – which ended in mid-July according to a U.S. sharia council – on the anniversary of the Muslim terror attacks that killed nearly 3,000 Americans would be a grand idea

» Senators: Obama Admin Hiding Secret Iran Deal Letters

White House promising to be soft on sanctions if Iran violates nuclear deal

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» Disruptive brats who quickly grow into dangerous hooligans know their “rights” as privileged persons of politically preferred pigmentation
» My Doormat Business Is Taking Off


» GM Will Make Cars in Communist China to Sell to Americans

Going through bankruptcy would have allowed General Motors to shed the lunatic union contracts that have crippled it, and to emerge as a streamlined competitive company. But since this is no longer a capitalist country except in the loosest sense, Obama bailed out the dysfunctional company with a monumental $49.5 billion of our money. Here is what we are getting in return

They flew into Mexico ?!?! Oh, don’t be stupid, Bubba. They didn’t have to cross into Mexico to see Mexican cartel bases. This is (THHO)Obama’s America – where

Essentially, that means U.S. sovereignty is gone for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of square miles throughout the American southwest.

» Woman reveals what Planned Parenthood did when she refused to donate her aborted baby’s body parts

Despite signing the form, she said that she was hoping for a way out of the abortion.

“I was on the table, but wanted to leave and I was pushed back down. They said it was too late to change my mind,”

August 17, 2015

» 2015 Boston Gun Buyback Program Could Fill An Entire Holster

So-called “crime guns” are almost never collected at gun buy-backs, which instead are typically opportunities to turn in junked, often inoperable firearm that owners couldn’t get anything for in pawn shops.

Enterprising individuals have been known to manufacture simple zip guns out of several dollars worth of scraps to turn in at similar backback programs for gift cards worth 50 times the cost of the scrap materials. Some have then traded these gift cards in to buy new firearms and ammunition.

Isn’t capitalism grand?

» Hillary’s Dangerous Negligence over Benghazi — Again

The attempt to convict Khatallah for the attack that killed four Americans could falter over Clinton’s deleted e-mails.

Khatallah is the only person charged thus far in the attack on a shadowy U.S. government compound in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

A judge gets reversed if he fails to ensure that a defendant gets a fair trial — he cannot ignore defense lawyers the way the press ignores administration critics. On such a showing, then, a judge would be expected to order the prosecutors to search all of the government’s files, including communications by the State Department, and report back to the court about whether there is anything that tends to support the defense claims.

In this instance, the prosecutors would have to reply, “Your Honor, we wish we could but it seems the former secretary of state ran her own e-mail system outside government servers. It also turns out that she destroyed over 30,000 e-mails that she says were about yoga and her daughter’s wedding.” As the judge’s head seemed to explode, the prosecutor would stammer on: “We’re afraid we can’t verify exactly how many e-mails she destroyed and exactly what they were about. You see, she hit ‘DELETE’ before reviewing them with State Department records custodians, as government guidelines require. And I know this may sound a bit, well, convenient, but it seems there are remarkably few existing e-mails that have anything to do with Benghazi. . . . And, no, we can’t explain why the secretary of state would have had more yoga e-mails than Benghazi e-mails.”

As the judge’s head seemed to explode, the prosecutor would stammer on: “We’re afraid we can’t verify exactly how many e-mails she destroyed and exactly what they were about. You see, she hit ‘DELETE’ before reviewing them with State Department records custodians, as government guidelines require. And I know this may sound a bit, well, convenient, but it seems there are remarkably few existing e-mails that have anything to do with Benghazi. . . . And, no, we can’t explain why the secretary of state would have had more yoga e-mails than Benghazi e-mails.” At that point, thanks to Hillary Clinton, the case of a terrorist allegedly responsible for the murder of Americans becomes a trial of whether the government is covering up embarrassing missteps, derelictions of duty, and efforts to deceive the public.

» Clinton could still become president after her email scandal, but a decorated Marine is being forced out over one classified report he sent to avert a disaster.

The stateside message from Marine Reserves Major Jason Brezler to Forward Operating Base Delhi in Now Zad, Helmand Province, Afghanistan, went unheeded. Three young Marines were shot to death as they worked out in a gym by an Afghan teen brought on the base by the same corrupt and double-dealing pedophile police chief whom Brezler had declared to be an immediate threat.

Yet the only person to be investigated in connection with the killings is Brezler, the Marine who sought to prevent them.


Now that Abedin is suspected of mishandling classified material, Bachmann’s questions about Abedin’s security clearance are piquant in retrospect. But when she first raised them, Bachmann was ridiculed and vilified, even earning a denunciation from John McCain: “These sinister accusations rest solely on a few unspecified and unsubstantiated associations of members of Huma’s family, none of which have been shown to harm or threaten the United States in any way. These attacks on Huma have no logic, no basis, and no merit. And they need to stop now.”

» After botched abortion, Italian parents sue hospital to pay for costs of raising daughter…who is now 14

You read the headline correctly. Parents in Italy, who attempted to abort their unborn daughter 15 years ago, are just now suing the hospital where the procedure was performed due to the fact that the abortion failed to kill the child. They claim that the hospital should reimburse them for the costs of raising their daughter.

» Huge Majorities of Voters Want an End to Sanctuary Cities, Aggressive Deportations

Not that you heard any of this from vintage media, but it turns out that the electorate actively seeks an end to Barack Obama’s illegal amnesty executive order; that it wants illegal aliens aggressively deported; and would love the federal government to go medieval on sanctuary cities.

» How the Golden State Went Broke

Importing poor people from the Third World and paying them with other people’s money to stay poor has had a predictable effect on the overall standard of living.

» When Muslims Burn Jews Alive

Israelis who kill Muslims are considered pariahs. Muslims who burn Jews to death are glorified as heroes. And there are many such aspiring heroes, eager for a Palestinian Authority salary funded by American and European foreign aid and a “Get Out of Jail Free” card dispensed by Obama and Kerry.

… to the State Department, throwing firebombs at Jews is no big deal.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki argued that throwing a Molotov cocktail is not terrorism and offered condolences to an attacker who was shot while throwing a firebomb and then buried in a Hamas headband.

… Ayatollah Khomeini told his followers, “Killing is a form of mercy… sometimes a person cannot be reformed unless he is cut up and burnt… you must kill, burn and lock up those in opposition.”

The fires are burning again from Iraq to Israel. Firebombs are flying into synagogues across Europe. The great hatred of Islam burns in the hearts of a billion bigots. Death and fire follow in their wake.

But the world is only outraged when Muslims die. It is not outraged when Muslims kill. When Muslims burn Jews or massacre Christians, it shrugs and moves on.

» 15 Iraqi women executed in Mosul by Isis militants

… after the victims refused to marry the militants.

Mamouzini added that Daesh members have murdered more than 30 Iraqi women over the past two months after they turned down proposals to marry the terrorists.

Late last month, Daesh militants executed 19 women in Mosul on the same ground.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups

» Intelligence community wants Clinton’s security clearance suspended
» EPA chief admits nature can ‘restore’ itself (but only if the EPA caused the problem)
» Officer Beaten by a Convicted Felon Hesitated for Fear of Being Called Racist: Welcome to Post-Ferguson Policing


» Oxford University Press Bans the Words “Pork” and “Pig” out of Obeisance to Muslims

It’s like living in an Onion parody of obsequious totalitarian dhimmitude. The words “pork” and “pig” are following the Confederate flag down the memory hole, lest they offend hostile savages

It doesn’t work in Canada. It doesn’t work in Scotland. It doesn’t work in America

» Trump Was For Socialized Medicine Before He Was, Sort Of, Against It

Trumps answer to Baier’s question should trouble anyone who believes in free market health care reforms.
“As far as single payer, it works in Canada. It works incredibly well in Scotland. It could have worked in a different age, which is the age you’re talking about, here.”

It only works inside the pea-brains of the ill-informed.

» The Trump Paradox

How can an impolitic New York billionaire, who openly touts his ubiquitous past of greasing the palms of politicians of all stripes in order to amass a king’s fortune in business, possibly become a populist hero of the average citizen out there, and in particular many conservative Republicans?

The answer is simple. He knows the beast. He’s familiar with its moves, its tactics, its weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and therefore he’s one of the most qualified to kill it — or at least to bridle and saddle it, then ride it and bring it to heel.

if someone were ultimately to prevail against the Leviathan of Government, whether that is Trump or anyone else, the true people’s champion would have to be someone of independent financial means. That is, he or she would need to be able to fight without ever becoming beholden to the faceless financiers and donors who only give in order to receive (and control). He must therefore be incorruptible, otherwise, we’re right back to where we are now.

Saving the country won’t be judged on style points, just results. Certainly modesty isn’t one of Mr. Trump’s virtues. But as they say, it ain’t bragging if you can do it.

Donald Trump is by no means comparable, at least in a conservative’s eye, to this horrific evidence we witness in Obama’s past. But we can verify that his previous positions on amnesty, abortion, gun control, and healthcare were quite different than his current stances

If all the historical evidence suggests that Donald Trump is a celebrity businessman with vacillating personal values on key social and political issues like abortion, immigration, gun control, and even taxation of personal wealth, should we expect anything more than an opportunist politician who will vacillate in the future on these core issues we conservatives hold as vital?

But I fervently believe — I have to believe — that conservatives are not star-struck simpletons who will vote for a candidate on the grounds of celebrity status and some pleasant sounding rhetoric. I have to believe that, because I have to believe we are better than the sad gaggle that voted for Obama on nothing more than those very grounds.

» Trump: Word Games on Immigration

This wasn’t July 29th of 2010, or 2013 or 2014. It was less than three weeks ago. Less than three weeks ago Trump was talking about legalizing some (or maybe most?) illegal aliens. Remember above the ambiguity about deporting “criminal” aliens? Taken in context with his July 29th comments of keeping the “good” ones, it looks like he supports only deporting the ones who have not committed additional crimes (of some degree of seriousness?) while in the US.

» Please Tell Black Lives Matter to Shut Up and Go Away!

[Booker T.] Washington really nailed Sharpton and the Black Lives (Lies) Matter movement in his following quote.

    “There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

Can you believe Washington said that back in the late 1800s? Black “losers” (a little Trump lingo) were exploiting race and looking for a free ride. As the saying goes, there is nothing new under the sun.

» The Tragic and Complete Collapse of Racial Relations

Why do polls show that racial relations have gotten much worse under Barack Obama, who won the White House with over 95% of the black — and 45% of the white — vote?

The non-African-American community of all races largely feels that if blacks were committing crimes commensurate to their percentages in the general population, the police would come into contact with young black males with much less frequency, diminishing the opportunities for jaded police-community flare-ups.

… in their wrath, online commentators ironically end up confirming stereotypes that many whites are getting angry to the point of becoming racists.

We fear the familiar script of 2014-5 will play out for the rest of our lives: a young Michael Brown-like inner-city African-American, with a past record of felonies and often unarmed, will be manhandled or perhaps even shot during a police encounter, usually as a result of either resisting arrest or attacking the officer. He will be immediately lionized as “gentle” or “on his way to college,” and become emblematic of reckless government violence in a way hundreds of murders each month of blacks by blacks are not indicative of inner-city pathologies.

Obama evokes “Ferguson” as an example of racism, without any context that Michael Brown resisted arrest, was under the influence and walking down the middle of the street — after recently committing a felony. If the president’s own attorney general can exonerate Officer Darren Wilson and the president can still persist in referencing Ferguson, racial relations, as the polls suggest, are going to get even worse.

» Biden calls Chattanooga killer a ‘jihadist’

This looks to me as if Biden is preparing to run for president to the right of Hillary Clinton on national defense, as someone who will speak plainly on radical Islam. He may recognize that with her intimate ties to Huma Abedin, whose ties to the Muslim Brotherhood are deep and who had access to national security secrets on Hillary’s email server (and who may become Hillary’s fall-guy for stripping “top secret” labels off material – as if that really made any difference), Hillary is vulnerable. In fact, Biden could turn his propensity for gaffes into a “straight talk” appeal, which might hope to tap into the same vein Donald Trump is thriving on.

This looks to me like Biden being Biden. He is often incapable of preventing his brain from leaking out through his mouth. Only after considerable preparation is he otherwise capable.
So when he says something that’s to the right of his freaky, screeching support base who knows whether it’s how he truly thinks or a calculated political move?
Frankly, I don’t think he is intelligent enough to make calculations.

Keyword: Off-Script

» She’s Got Mud To Burn

Hillary says she won’t “get down in the mud” with Republicans who are telling the truth about her. As though she’s above such things as answering questions and explaining her illegal actions to the public.

Anyway, right now she’s in pretty deep mud of her own making. It looks like mud, anyway.