Approximate numbers of people butchered and maimed by Islamic assholes by year.
(by March 8 2015)
2015:6,224/ 4,936

2014: 26,557 / 25,694
2013: 13,988 / 26,443
2012: 11,267 / 17,084
2011: 9,015 / 16,917
2010: 9,021 / 19,255
2009: 6,851/ 13,160
2008: 10,773 / 18,086
2007: 20,134 / 26,351
2006: 15,269 / 19,540
2005: 7,680 / 12,865
2004: 7,210 / 14,632

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March 24, 2015

» Hillary: The New York Times Will Never Tell Us This

The new scandal involves Haiti, that tormented island in the Caribbean which gets hit not only by earthquakes but also by the ravages and looting acts of the Clintons and their friends and relatives. It involves obvious misuse of Bill Clinton’s position in Haiti since the January 2010 earthquake that killed more than 300,000 Haitians. It involves nepotism with the brother of Hillary Clinton. It involves Hillary directly, and it involves a foundation owned by the Clinton family which works closely with a reputed Mexican narco kingpin and some of the dirtiest Clinton political associates from their days in Washington.


Abraham Lincoln asked listeners how many legs a calf would have if you called his tail a leg. The sixteenth president responded to the inevitable answer “five” with a quick rebuttal: calling a calf’s tail a leg doesn’t make it so. “Four.”

The lesson has yet to sink in for another Illinois politician. President Obama removed both Iran and Hezbollah from the terror threat list presented to the U.S. Senate this week by the National Intelligence director.

Khamenei may or may not understand America. Does Obama know Iran?

» On Iran, Senate Democrats Must Choose Between Obama and Constitution

… what is most interesting about this campaign is that the White House is not only refusing to defend its Iran stand on its merits. It is also expecting members of Congress to undermine the Constitution’s separation of powers in order to allow the president to negotiate and implement an Iran deal without being held to account by any scrutiny.

» Show Us Where Israel Touched You, Mr. President

The President’s antagonism toward Israel, shared by many on the left, borders on the irrational. A nation surrounded by many larger nations all hell bent on its annihilation, Israel’s fight for existence is not like ours.

In minutes, the nation of Israel could be vaporized by nutjob — like the nutjob who tells his people America is the Great Satan and Israel must be destroyed. That’d be the Ayatollah. But Barack Obama, who has condemned Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign rhetoric, says the “death to America” rhetoric in Iran is just for domestic political consumption.

At this point, we may really have to present a doll to President Obama and has him to show us where Israel touched him. What we will find is that Israel touched him in his ego

» Professor Obama’s Lesson

… in part because of the bank bailout, and in part because of the promise of future bailouts, President Obama and his party are teaching millennials that actions do not have consequences. That recklessness has rewards and that they do not ever have to grow up — at least until 26 when they are kicked off their parents’ healthcare plan.

To be sure, this Peter Pan mentality is not shared by the vast majority of millennials, let’s not forget that this is the generation that fought two wars at the same time, which lasted longer than any previous war in American history, all without a single soldier being drafted. Not bad.

» Global Warming: A Flop at the Box Office

The global warming promotion community is currently in a bind, because Mother Nature is not cooperating. There has been no warming for 18 years, even though CO2 in the atmosphere is rapidly increasing. There are lots of theories about what is causing the pause. Rarely included among them is the theory that the entire edifice of global warming theory is simply wrong.

» No, Being a Climate Change Skeptic Isn’t Like Fearing Vaccines

Ironically, National Geographic’s sermon on settled science could have hardly come at a more inopportune time. In recent months, leading scientists have reversed themselves and have admitted their expert findings and advice were wrong on eating fat. After decades of telling us not to do so, we now learn that fat can be good for your diet and for weight loss. What we all thought to be true based on the expert testimonies, turned out to be precisely the opposite of the truth. Oops.

Yea, oops we allowed a bunch of government bureaus and agencies – all headed and staffed by unelected – to regulate entire industries and private companies into bankruptcy in the name of protecting us from the devastating effects of harmless stuff. And oops, the ‘scientists’ that said the harmless stuff was harmful get to change their minds but the economic damage resulting from their guesswork remains.

This kind of reversal happens all the time in the pursuit of scientific truths. Forty years ago the experts warned of a coming ice age, now they are absolutely certain the earth is warming—and some of the same “experts” were on board both scares. National Geographic even acknowledges this inconvenient fact, but explains that even though the climatologists were all wrong several decades ago, this somehow actually helps make the case for global warming.
Wait, for a scientific fact to be true, it has to be testable and refutable. But if any weather pattern confirms “climate change,” then by definition it is neither refutable nor is it testable. That’s convenient.

… Shouldn’t the fact that some the leading climate change researchers were caught red-handed manufacturing evidence and suppressing data even cause some degree of skepticism by the media and the scientific community as to the validity of the “science”?
… In the 1970s we were told that the world was overpopulated, running out of energy, food, water, minerals, getting more polluted, and that the end result would be massive poverty famine and global collapse. Every aspect of this collective scientific wisdom was spectacularly wrong.

In 1980, a “collaboration” of hundreds of the top scientists in the United States government issued a report called The Global 2000 Report to the President which was a primal scream that in every way life on earth would be worse by 2000 because the world would run out of oil, gas, food, farmland, and so on.

… What is clear is that this “settled science” argument isn’t meant to advance scientific inquiry and understanding, but to shut it down. What is the left so afraid of that they want to cut off all debate and disparage all who question the consensus?

Scientific truth is the first casualty in ideological crusades like that of climate change. I am in no position to know whether it is happening or not, but as with half of Americans I question this settled science, if only because of the Stalinist approach which commands everyone to believe. The tolerance movement refuses to tolerate a minority opinion.

» Congressman: Government Should Pay for Damage Done by Fracking Ban

New York had a chance to revitalize the Southern Tier. It could have joined the natural gas boom years ago. Its Marcellus Shale would have provided thousands of well-paying jobs that could’ve put many of these families back to work and lifted many out of poverty.

But our governor, Andrew Cuomo, thought otherwise. He banned fracking throughout New York. Now, the only way many of these farmers can see any return on their property is to sell out and leave.

Private property ownership and control of personal property are basic cornerstones of American freedom. Property is understood to be an extension of an individual and its use is expressed as the freedom to dispose of it to a person’s maximum benefit. Frédéric Bastiat observed in “The Law” that “Life, liberty, and property do not exist because men have made laws. On the contrary, it was the fact that life, liberty, and property existed beforehand that caused men to make laws in the first place.”

» New EPA rules enlist wood heating police

Although minuscule compared to the emission reductions the EPA is placing on coal-burning electric power plants, the new wood heating regulations the EPA plans to enforce makes it perfectly clear that the Obama administration is going after anyone who adds to the nation’s carbon footprint — even the little smokestacks.

Not only will electricity become more expensive, but burning wood will, too.

It’s just more federal government overreach, and it’s ridiculous.

If leftists had been 100% successful in their previous attempts to rid the national landscape of all forms of fossil fuel energy use (now including burning wood in your home) how many Americans in the northeast would have survived this past winter? Assuming 100% success, the survival rate would be close to 0.

If the federal government (leftist administration[s]) was actively trying to create conditions under which most of the citizenry would die … what would they do differently?
Any wonder why they also want to disarm us?

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» Forest Service Probes Workers for Unconscious Thought Crimes


Well, he was awake … What’d you expect?
» Sean Penn makes idiotic comment about ISIS

» Students said the administration canceled an “American Pride” dance because it excluded other nationalities
My first reaction is I don’t think I’m getting the whole story here. There’s gotta be another side to this coin. Surely no school administration, in America, is this stupid.
But then, it is Massachusetts …

Having Embraced Political Correctness for too many decades …
» Britain Surrenders

What kind of society allows a million – a million! — of its young girls to be pressed into service as sex slaves and prostitutes by predatory gangs? What kind of society declines to hunt down, prosecute, imprison, deport more than a small number of these gang members, because its guardians of law and justice know that the Leftist establishment would accuse them of racism, bigotry and Islamophobia, and bring them to certain professional ruin, if they dared try to bring these men to justice?

What kind of society allows this? A desperately ill society. A dying society.

… these men did not victimize and brutalize these girls because of their nationality. They did so because they believed that their religion justified such behavior.

» MUSLIMS ATTACK POLICE in Wood Green London District

» Durbin’s ‘Racism’ Smear Infuriates Republicans

It has long been axiomatic that when liberals and progressives are fretting about possibly losing a political fight they scream “racist!” repeatedly at the top of their lungs as if sheer repetition of the smear will somehow make it true.

It was the mark of desperation. No more. Now it is standard operating procedure for the Left. When in doubt, call Republicans racists. It works almost every time as the last few decades have shown — and is an especially powerful weapon in the Obama era.

Durbin admitted in a secret memo that he was blocking Bush’s nomination of Miguel Estrada to the federal bench in part because of his race. Estrada, who eventually withdrew after a two-year confirmation battle, was “especially dangerous, because he has a minimal paper trail, he is Latino, and the White House seems to be grooming him for a Supreme Court appointment.”

Got it. Only Democrats are allowed to play the race card.

» FEMA to States: No Climate Planning, No Money

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is making it tougher for governors to deny man-made climate change. Starting next year, the agency will approve disaster preparedness funds only for states whose governors approve hazard mitigation plans that address climate change.

» The Rules of Racialists

Eric Holder’s Department of Justice recently exonerated Officer Darren Wilson in the Ferguson shooting, after the cop had been tried, convicted, and ostracized in the court of elite opinion. Wilson, it found, in self-defense tragically and fatally shot Michael Brown — the latter fresh from committing a strong-armed robbery, walking in the middle of the street (apparently high on marijuana), attacking a police officer, etc. The 300-pound “youth” charged Wilson and lunged at his weapon.

Did that truth matter? Or could it be sacrificed on the altar of racialism?

The ensuing lie cooked up by Brown’s rogue accomplice in the robbery — “hands up; don’t shoot” — is now canonized and has made its way as a cause celebre to the U.S. Congress. I think the logic is that, given slavery and Jim Crow of the past, it is rich of America now to insist on racially blind rules of evidence and speech.

In matters of racial justice, the noble ends of supposed racial tolerance justify almost any means necessary to reach them.

In the case of George Zimmerman, he can be rebranded a “white Hispanic” to ensure that his multicultural fides do not rival his victim’s. His picture can be Photoshopped to downplay his wounds. His 911 taped voice record can be edited to make him sound callously racist — and all for a good cause of something other than racial harmony and integration.

In our sick society, such fantasies work both ways. Travyon Martin can be portrayed as a lovable preteen in his football uniform, without prior suspensions from school authorities. He eats Skittles, but doesn’t use burglar tools and drugs — or brag on social media of assaults on a bus driver. Martin, we are told by the president in the middle of the tense national debate over the case, might have looked like the son of Obama that he never had.

… the logic is that with an unrivaled history of racism, Americans have no right at this late stage in the relativist game to insist on racially blind absolutism. Apparently, the assumption is that while whites are collectively assumed to be racist, they are usually too clever to be spotted and exposed as racists by using racist language. Non-whites, in contrast, can use racist language either to show that they are not racist or to expose whites as racist by their reactions to racist language.

» IMAGINE… Ted Cruz as President

It’s time to imagine a different reality – one within our reach:

Imagine your vote making a difference…
Imagine reducing our debt and setting our financial house in order…
Imagine no more Obamacare…
Imagine unbridled innovation on the Internet for business once more…
Imagine the abolition of the IRS and a flat tax…
Imagine plentiful jobs for our young graduates…
Imagine no more economic stagnation and booming economic growth…
Imagine free speech for everyone…
Imagine standing for strong second amendment rights…
Imagine keeping your emails and phone calls private as they should be…
Imagine an energy self-sufficient America…
Imagine secure borders and lawful immigration…
Imagine a government that believes in the sanctity of life and upholds the sacrament of marriage…
Imagine education without Common Core…
Imagine educational choice and opportunity for our children…
Imagine defeating our enemies within and without…
Imagine standing with Israel once more…
Imagine Iran never being allowed to get nuclear weapons…
Imagine America calling radical Islam out by name and actually fighting terrorists and killing them…
Imagine a strong military and a safe America…

This is what Ted Cruz is asking you to imagine.

All well and good, but just icing. He had me at this:

“Moonbeam” Jerry Brown came out calling Ted Cruz, and his wife for that matter, stupid because they don’t believe in global warming.

The best endorsement for Cruz so far:

» The View: Where is Cruz’s Birth Certificate?
Now the lefties want to see birth certificates. Well, good. So do I.
Show us the certificate, Ted. It’s been a dang long time since we saw a real one.

March 22, 2015

» New Jersey’s Gun Laws Are as Confusing as Its Highways

New Jersey does not have a law on the books that explicitly prohibits carrying a firearm without a permit; instead, the state requires anybody who is discovered in possession of a firearm to demonstrate either that he has a concealed-carry permit or that he is exempt from prosecution under one of the few legal exemptions that the state has reluctantly carved out in Title 2c:39–6 of its Code of Criminal Justice. Or, put another way, rather than presuming that its citizens may do anything with their firearms that has not been explicitly prohibited, New Jersey presumes that all gun owners are guilty of illegal possession unless they — or their temporary behaviors — are exempted from the law. The practical upshot of this is that if a gun owner cannot prove that he is exempt from prosecution, he is deemed by default to be in illegal possession — regardless of whether he has purchased his firearms legally (which Josey-Davis did), or whether he intended to commit a crime (which Josey-Davis did not).

» ‘Like an idiot I believed that’: Judge blasts DOJ over immigration claims, threatens sanctions

A federal judge sharply scolded a Justice Department attorney at a hearing on President Obama’s immigration executive actions, suggesting that the administration misled him on a key part of the program — and that he fell for it, “like an idiot.”

At issue is whether the DOJ misled the judge into believing that a plank of the Obama program — giving deportation reprieves to thousands of young illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children — would not go forward before he made a ruling on a request to halt it. In fact, federal officials had given more than 108,000 people three-year reprieves before that date and granted them work permits under the program.

» If you fail to use blacks in advertising, you are a racist. But if you do use blacks, that’s racist too.

But this isn’t 2008 anymore. We have had 6 years of Hopey Changey fundamental transformation from the historic post-racial presidency. Now the well is hopelessly poisoned. No matter what you say or do, it will be denounced as racist.

Since there can be no pleasing the opponents of supposed racism, the only sane course is to stop trying to.

» Ever wear a hoop skirt? That’s because you’re a racist.

You can’t make this stuff up. No sooner did I finish eating my racist third meal of the day and I see this. You know those hoop skirts that used to all the rage back in the day? Yeah, well, they’re racist according to some at The University of Georgia.

So Many Solutions with No Applicable Problems
» Washington’s Redundant Fracking Regulations

Today the Department of Interior announced new fracking regulations for federal and Indian lands, issuing the first nationwide federal regulations of the booming industry. The regulations include rules about wastewater disposal, standards for well construction, and requirements for disclosure of the chemicals used in fracking fluid. But for years, states have competently overseen fracking. DOI’s redundant rules accomplish little, though they do give the federal government a new opportunity for overreach and meddling. “This is a solution in search of a problem,” says Dan Kish, senior vice president for policy at the Institute for Energy Research. “Why would you do something if there’s no problem? And that leads to the whole issue of the federal government wanting to control everything from Washington, and they can’t do that.”

… expect oil and gas developers to continue backing away from energy production on federal lands. Already, oil production has decreased 6 percent on federal lands between 2009 and 2013 — even as it grew by 61 percent elsewhere.

» Interior’s new fracking rules get swift GOP backlash

The Obama administration unveiled the first major national safety restrictions for fracking on Friday, touching off a swift backlash from the president’s critics in Congress and the energy industry.
Two oil industry groups immediately sued to challenge the rules, calling them “a reaction to unsubstantiated concerns,” while 27 Senate Republicans introduced legislation to block them from taking effect. Meanwhile, green groups were divided on whether the long-awaited regulations go far enough.

» The Technophobic Democrats

The new lefty Luddite loves gadgets; he just hates the limitations that make them work. He wants results without effort or error. He wants energy without pollution, consensus without experiment and products without industry. The same narcissism that causes him to reject the fact that he has to give something to get something in human affairs leads him to also reject the same principle in technology.

Bill Clinton’s idea of innovation was censoring the internet. His wife’s idea was setting up a private email server with terrible security to shut down information transparency. Obama’s idea of innovation is regulating the internet while golfing with the CEO of the cable monopoly being used as an excuse for those regulations.

This isn’t the party that invented the internet. It is the party that’s killing it.

To the left, skill and ingenuity are just forms of unchecked privilege. The only achievement that matters is power over people. The revolutionary exploits technology, but his revolution is that of the regulator, his machine is collective; its ultimate design is to end ingenuity and abort progress. His communication is not a dialogue, it is a diatribe, and his vision of the internet is only meant to be open until he can close it.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» NY School Apologizes for Reciting Pledge in Arabic


» Stakelbeck Exposes ISIS Threat to America

ISIS is not un-Islamic; it is absolutely Islamic in a way that no Islamic country or group is able to be because it combines the worst elements of the Islamic totalitarian state and the Islamic terrorist group. Its closest analogues are Iran and Saudi Arabia, which combine statehood with state sponsorship of terrorists. If ISIS succeeds, it will become the third great terrorist superpower of the Middle East.

Because Erick Stakelbeck understands the real nature of the ISIS threat, he is able to offer real suggestions for dealing with it, including barring ISIS Jihadists from reentering the United States, cracking down on Muslim “allies” that are covertly and not so covertly aiding ISIS while avoiding the error of viewing Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood as allies against ISIS.

» Poll: Majority of PA Muslims Support Suicide Bombings
» Mere 73% of Palestinians Want Jews Annihilated as Per Islam’s Canonical Hadith
» Why Do 80% of Palestinians Support Murder?

» Stop Smearing Critics of Islam as Islamophobes

The UK-based Islamic Human Rights Commission has disgusted everyone who owns a moral compass by giving its international “Islamophobe of the Year Award” to Charlie Hebdo.
Yep, that’s right—not content that the editors and cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo have already been summarily executed for the “crime” of Islamophobia, the IHRC now wants to posthumously insult them, metaphorically branding their corpses with the i-word so that everyone remembers what scumbags they were.

» With a Media Like This, The West Can’t Win

When the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby was reported in May 2013, the headlines, for many hours, avoided any indication that the murder was connected to Islam or Muslims. On the other hand, after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, the headlines highlighted how a Muslim helped a couple to hide in a kosher shop. The media, that always demands not to paint all the Muslims with the same brush, suddenly has no hesitation to paint them all with the same brush as that individual because he happened to be nice. It certainly looks as if the media continuously search for opportunities to project Islam in a good light, and Muslims as innocent or even victims. We are too familiar with the predictable pattern after terrorist attacks when the media highlights the risk of possible backlashes on Muslims; the risk that never happened.

Even the precarious high risk drugs may not act within months and turn people to monsters capable of committing the most atrocious crimes including rape, pedophilia, torture, killing and committing suicide. Yet many people did it with ease and within months after converting to Islam.


Refugees claim to want a better life, desperate to leave war-torn nations. Yet upon entering stable and peaceful countries, whether legally or illegally, instead of settling into that so-called “better life,” many transplant the violence to their new homes.
… under President Obama, 300,000 Muslim immigrants came to the US in 2013. This is changing the face of the nation. Islam has now become the largest non-Christian religion in America.

This immigration, both legal and illegal, is like a tornado, leaving behind a path of devastation and spreading crime along the way.

» The Tolerance Surplus

If you ask American, Israeli and European liberals and leftists what the key problem with Islam is, they will answer that there is a lack of tolerance. Not of course a lack of tolerance on the part of the throat-slitters, car burners, gang rapists, car bombers and hate preachers of Islam. On the contrary they will assert that there is a great tolerance deficit on the part of Western nations toward Islam.

» Swedish ambulance union demands military gear for Muslim no-go zones

Attacking a person trying to save someone’s life is beyond morally repulsive. But what makes it especially stupid is that since these ghettos are primarily populated by immigrants, the thugs are ambushing ambulances on their way to save what might well be a relative.

But as for the doubters who claimed it couldn’t possibly be this bad in Sweden; if you don’t believe an official report issued by the national police authority, will you at least listen to the people who have to work in these areas?

Of course, you’re welcome to take an unarmed evening stroll through one of the no-go zones whenever you feel like proving them wrong. Good luck.

» Nightclubbing in Multicultural Britain

First, the liberals in charge took Britons’ guns away. Then they imported vast legions of Muslim colonists, and used the welfare state to encourage explosive reproduction rates.

Get used to it, Brits. It is the future you allowed to have imposed on you. Just be glad you don’t have to live in a white minority Muslim Britain, like your grandchildren will.

» Most likely the dumbest sentence you’ll read today…

About 1,200 middle school children trudged through the latest snow storm to the United Nations General Assembly on Friday evening to hear hip hop singer and producer Pharrell Williams talk about climate change.

» Obama’s remarkable consistency when it comes to “respect”

I believe that African-Americans are not doing well because Democrat policies infantilize them and encourage them to be helpless victims rather than people in control of their own destinies. I believe that the best thing we can do for African-Americans is to offer them a free market, equal opportunities under the law, and the right, finally, to be free from government meddling, whether that meddling is badly or well intentioned.

Obama, however, believes that all problems in the African-American community — from poverty, to single motherhood, to crime — come about because America’s predominantly white society has failed to respect blacks. He further believes that the way to confer respect on them and encourage future good behavior is perpetual welfare and insulation from the consequences of their own actions. That hasn’t worked out well.

March 19, 2015

» Obama congratulates dictators, communists, and radical Islamists but not Netanyahu

It’s pretty telling who Obama chooses to align himself with on the world stage, not the leader of the only free democratic government in the Middle East. No, Obama aligns himself with a who’s-who of the most violent and radical leaders in the world.

The Criminal Arrogance of Hillary Clinton

Two Lessons to Learn
» Man convicted in Joe ‘Biden defense’ gun case
Lesson 1 – Once you have discharged a firearm – for whatever reason – and law enforcement shows up, bear in mind they don’t know for sure what has transpired. All they know is a gun was fired and you’re the one holding a gun.
Don’t be stupid.

Lesson 2 – Never, ever invoke the words of frikkin’ clown as defense.

» FCC Chairman Concedes Future Internet Tax Is Possible After All

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler acknowledged in congressional testimony today that an Internet tax–which he had previously said would not be imposed–could be imposed …

» Tom Cotton calls for ‘global military dominance’ in maiden Senate speech

Cotton was clear: America must have “such hegemonic strength that no sane adversary would ever imagine challenging the United States. ‘Good enough’ is not and will never be good enough.”

» Lawmaker questions Dunford on Yemen embassy evacuation

The U.S. Embassy in Yemen was evacuated in early February amid deteriorating security conditions after the country was overran by Shi’ite rebels with ties to Iran.
… Prior to that departure, officials said, larger crew-served weapons were destroyed within the embassy, and Marines’ personal sidearms were rendered unusable and discarded … “Even though we had a [Marine expeditionary unit] on standby, somebody made a decision to destroy all the crew-served weapons and have the Marines turn over their weapons,” …

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» Rapper Azealia Banks hates ‘everything about this country,’ especially ‘fat white Americans’
» Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN): Aide Knew Of Abortion Provision In Human Trafficking Bill, Failed to Inform Her…
» Dream Homes initiative by nonprofit organization Sand2Pearl looks to provide rent-free housing to students who were brought into the country illegally
» Stephen A Smith: For One Election, Every Black Person Should Vote Republican


» Obama Regime Gives $Billions to Foreign Green Energy Companies

“When you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.” Other than those whose wealth gets spread, that is. Obama wasn’t just talking about spreading it around within our borders; that would be nativist, xenophobic, jingoistic, and probably even racist.

How confiscating our money and giving it to foreign companies in the name of kooky environmentalist ideology would help the economy to recover is not explained.

When they write the book on the Decline and Fall of America, Barack Hussein Obama and the fools who put him in power will get the longest chapter.

» Food Stamps Used to Buy Massive Quantities of Energy Drinks and Candy

With government handout programs, fraud isn’t just easy; it is encouraged. The more people sponging off the government, the more votes for more government. The only way you will get in trouble is if you try to make a major operation out of it. Then you start to remind the bureaucrats of a business, triggering their attack reflex.

» More Nonsense From The Nutsack of Congress

The bill only has a handful of cosponsors – all Democrats, and more to truth, all the most leftist-of-left Deemocrats. And it’s probably not going anywhere near the full House floor for a vote, at least while Republicans still hold the majority. But that’s not really the point.
The larger issue is: Why do politicians always think they can solve all the world’s problems?