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Gathering of Eagles

January 26, 2008
The NC Gathering of Eagles sponsored an Operation to demonstrate support for and celebrate the American Military. April 4, 2009
The NC Gathering of Eagles sponsored a second Operation to demonstrate support for and celebrate the American Military in Jacksonville, NC. May 18, 2007
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May 16, 2008
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November 30, 2013


Colorado state Sen. Evie Hudak announced Wednesday that she is resigning from office “effective immediately,” marking the exit of yet another pro-gun control lawmaker in the state.

It’s believed the Democratic senator based her decision to step down on the likelihood she would lose a recall election over her support for Colorado’s strict new gun control laws. A recall election loss would result in Republicans gaining control of the state senate.

Hudak’s early exit means she avoids becoming the third Democrat to face a tough recall election after supporting the state’s new gun control laws.

Democratic state Sens. John Morse and Angela Giron tried to fight their recall elections but were both booted from office and replaced with Republicans.

by resigning, Hudak has ensured that the Democratic vacancy committee will appoint someone to take her place. This keeps the state Senate in Democratic hands until at least November, when Hudak’s replacement will be forced to stand for election.


One used-car dealer in Denver, Colo., even boasted, “At least our website works.”

So it’s no surprise websites such as ObamaGunCare.com would appear with the promise, “If you like your gun, you can keep it, period.”

And “If you like your gun, no one is going to ban it, period. Unless … ”

The parody is the brainstorm of the Second Amendment Foundation.

» “Well-regulated”

Pre-Heller, anyway, there was a debate about the meaning of “well-regulated militia” in the Second Amendment. One side contended that it meant “tightly controlled and subject to much regulation” and the other contended it meant “orderly,” trained, that manner of thing.

In the Framing period, “well-regulated democracy” was sometimes used, in the sense of an orderly, organized democracy, and not in the sense of subject to many regulations.

» NYC alarms with notice: ‘Immediately surrender your rifle’

New York City authorities have been sending out notices to residents who own guns that now violate new ammunition capability laws, demanding they relinquish their weapons — and even though the notifications may just be standard police procedure, the text is a shocker.

At issue: Weapons that hold more than five rounds of ammo

» DON’T LET THEM CHANGE THE SUBJECT: Seven Lies and Seven Liars of Obamacare

…. just so you don’t forget the matter at hand.

When you’re as desperate as Barack Obama is right now – with your approval ratings plunging and people no longer even finding you to be an honest person – you’re willing to try almost anything to make people focus their minds on something else. Well, I should qualify: That’s what you do if your priority is your own political viability. If you’re a real leader, you man up and solve the problem. But we don’t have a real leader. We have Barack Obama.

» Spread The Word

I call our government illegitimate.
I say I withdraw my consent.
I believe those in power have no power because they never had any power to do what they are doing to my country to begin with.
I contend that without my consent, I am the plurality.
I am the plurality because I believe I am not alone.
That there is at least 9 million kindred Freemen just like me.
That right there is the real truth to power.


you are not alone, brothers and sisters
be the plurality
spread the word

» Time to Push America’s Reset Button

… the cost of the leviathan on individual liberty and freedom has been incalculable. And each year, the zone of freedom that encircles each of us grows a little smaller.

That’s because each year, the surveillance state grows a little larger. Federal agencies and the IRS grow a little more tyrannical. The president a little more imperial. The central government a little more intrusive.

Where once they were sovereign, voluntary members of a federalist pact, today states, like the people, exist primarily to serve the federal machine.

» CHARTS – ALL 50 STATES ARE MORE CONSERVATIVE THAN EVER: Race-, Gender-, Ethnicity-panderers hardest hit

This the kind of data that drives me nuts. The Republican establishment keeps insisting that we nominate “centrists” who are “the only one[s] who can win”. Karl Rove got his guy in 2008 in John McCain. Karl Rove got his guy in 2012 in Mitt Romney.

Now these same geniuses — John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and Rove among them — insist that only by pandering to different ethnic groups can the GOP succeed. Their latest push is a hugely unpopular Amnesty bill.

They are either ignorant or lying.

» Why God Gave Us the Smarts to Invent Minefields and Machine Guns

    A group of about 100 people trying to illegally cross the border Sunday near the San Ysidro port of entry threw rocks and bottles at U.S. Border Patrol agents, who responded by using pepper spray and other means to force the crowd back into Mexico

If they could turn Mexico, with its vast bounty of resources, into a sewer from which they will go to any length to escape, they can do the same for the USA. All it takes is the ballot box.

That’s why our rulers are importing them in such vast numbers by refusing to defend the border effectively or rigorously enforce immigration law. Third World hellholes do not have a strong middle class that can resist tyrannical government. Without understanding that the middle class is an obstacle to Big Government, no policy of the Obama Regime will make any sense.

» Show solidarity with NY Patriots on Jan 11th?
» Panicked Democrats: ‘The latest Republican assault on Obamacare has proven to be dangerously effective’
» Whack Friday
» Boy, 7, born with rare cancer loses his insurance because of Obamacare…leaving his parents needing $50,000 to pay for life-saving chemotherapy
» MSNBC Just Proved They Take Direct Orders from Barack Obama
» WW2 Navajo Code Talkers Appear in Redskins Jackets; Liberal Heads Explode
» The Origination Clause III: ObamaCare’s a Good Amendment to Die Hard


» The Obama who Stole Thanksgiving

It’s a lot easier to argue with when the cynicism behind liberal “As Americans” speechifying is this blatantly exposed. Liberals love cloaking their propaganda in fake Americanisms. They don’t usually admit that they’re just putting a pilgrim hat on a Socialist turkey.

But what if talking about shooting people just doesn’t feel like appropriate Thanksgiving dinner conversation? There’s always killing babies.

the Democratic National Committee has gotten into the fun with YourRepublicanUncle; a site that promises to do for Thanksgiving what the Democratic Party already did for America.

There are tips for debating family members on every liberal cause. Don’t just settle for screaming at your uncles about abortion, ObamaCare or ObamaCare’s abortions.
… that unicorn rubbing its nose against the money tree outside while running a perpetual motion free energy generator with its magic horn?

Obama invented it.

Examining New York City’s new mayor BILL DE BLASIO and his affiliations with communists.

Several weeks before the mayoral election, de Blasio delivered an hour-long presentation to some of the city’s largest real-estate developers. Describing how he planned to govern, he stated flatly: “Everything you heard about me is true…. I am not a free-marketeer…. I believe in the heavy hand of government.”

Examining the terrorist ties of appointments of New York City’s new leftist mayor:
» De Blasio Appoints “Transition Imam” Who Helped Raise Money for Hamas

» Black Leaders Blame Obama for Racist Knockout Game

They don’t actually say Obama. It’s the lack of jobs.

Unemployment is always the excuse … The same people complaining about the lack of jobs vote for politicians who kill jobs in the black community. Politicians like Obama and Bill de Blasio.

Black leaders have a tendency to say racist things and then play innocent. Sharpton has moved high enough up the ladder that he’s condemning the Knockout Game, but in his day, his thugs did far worse than that and he used racist rhetoric casually.

» Hillary Clinton Supporters Slowly Realizing She Didn’t Do Anything as Secretary of State

But that’s okay since Hillary Clinton also didn’t do anything in the Senate. It could actually be a good slogan for her campaign. “Vote for Hillary: She Won’t Do Anything as President Either.”

Hillary supporters are actually so desperate and neurotic that they’re already trying to take credit for Kerry’s disastrous bungling.

But at least Kerry did something. Bad, bad things. But he did them. Still, what difference does it make?

» Higher Education in America: An Obot Snapshot

It is intellectually, spiritually, economically, emotionally, and in every other way impossible to be both for the people and for The Greater Good. The Greater Good always subverts the rights and liberty of the people; indeed, that’s the very premise by which it exists and by which it justifies perpetrating untold horrors on the people. In every commie, totalitarian scheme throughout history a few million people have had to die . . . for The Greater Good. And even so, The Greater Good is never met, these regimes always fail.

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» Nearly 1000 Record Low Temperatures Set As Another Round of Arctic Air Forecast To Deep Freeze The U.S.

Yes, those are snowfall records in Texas. And yes, it is still Fall.