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Gathering of Eagles

January 26, 2008
The NC Gathering of Eagles sponsored an Operation to demonstrate support for and celebrate the American Military. April 4, 2009
The NC Gathering of Eagles sponsored a second Operation to demonstrate support for and celebrate the American Military in Jacksonville, NC. May 18, 2007
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January 8, 2014

» Locked & loaded: Gun maker finds warmer surroundings in South Carolina after leaving Connecticut

“The political welcoming has been very good,” said Grabowski, adding that Hailey and Rep. Tom Rice supported the June announcement for the move. “It’s been a very exciting and welcoming atmosphere for PTR. My perception is that Connecticut wasn’t very welcoming to PTR Industries in general and legislated them out of business and out of the state, whereas the political climate in South Carolina is very different.”

» Obama Administration Is Secretly Declaring Thousands of US Veterans Incompetent – Then Taking Away Their Second Amendment Rights
Makes sense and perfectly logical … really. No, really, I’m serious.
Put yourself in (THHO)Obama’s shoes for sec, if you were a socialist tyrant wannabe, you would seek to neutralize any and all threats to your power, to your plans. Right?
Thousands and thousands of U.S. military veterans, having received extensive combat training and most having extensive combat experience and all having sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution you seek to subvert … well, you can’t let them have guns.
Of course, he still has the problem of the millions of other citizens having stocked more triggers than they have trigger fingers. Do you reckon the extras might be lent to veterans who’ve had their Rights trampled by this administration?

By the way, no 2nd Amendment Right has been taken from anyone, ever. Just the ability to exercise it. We were born with that right and only death can take it.

» Washington DC Saw Nearly 1400 Armed Robberies in 2013. How Can This Be?

Washington DC has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, even after the Heller decision. So how can it be that the city of just 632,000 saw nearly 1,400 armed robberies last year?

I mean, don’t the robbers know about all that gun control on the books? Don’t they know that the violent crime rate elsewhere around America is plunging?

» HuffPo Goes After Limbaugh On Polar Vortex ‘Hoax,’ Fails Miserably

The headline would have you believe said weatherman knocked down what Rush Limbaugh said as regards the current “Polar Vortex” story.

What the weatherman actually says is mostly in line with Limbaugh — It’s wrong to blame global warming on any one event. Furthermore, he goes on to applaud the IPCC for finally saying there is no proof of increased storms and such as a result of any alleged Global Warming. In short, if anything, the weatherman seems to agree more with Limbaugh, than HuffPo and the Left.

All I can assume is that they are hearing what they want to hear and not what’s actually being said.

» Guarding Palestine’s Borders

In abnegation of its most fundamental duty, the federal government refuses to apply the military to whatever extent necessary to defend the U.S. border from foreign incursion. But it does not mind using it to defend more favored countries’ borders.

For example, when the terrorist-run Palestinian territories are given statehood, which the current administration feels is inevitable, Secretary of State John Kerry may find it appropriate to put American blood and treasure on the line to secure the borders of this probable Iranian ally

» Ron Johnson Sues to Deny Congress ObamaCare Exemptions: Remember the Roberts Tax?

Yes, Congress and their staffers must apply on available exchanges, but you and I pay the bulk of their cost. To be exact, only about half of Americans pay for all of Congress to receive their outsized subsidy. Only those paying taxes must participate in this evil clown show.

» Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D, New Hampshire) trying to find a poll-tested excuse for #obamacare.
» Group of Arizona Republicans to censure John McCain for siding with ‘liberal Democrats’
» An Attempt At Climate Change Humor
» Who needs Congress? Obama administration issues a whopping 3,659 regulations in 2013
» 11 State AGs Warn: ‘The Illegal Actions By This Administration Must Stop’


» Islam was Born Out of Child Abuse and Rape

The spread of the Islamic faith and the codification of the Koran were made possibly only through the rape of a little girl. And there is no way around that. Which is why child abuse remains a permanent part of Islam. To disavow it, is to disavow Islam’s Prophet and his successor, whom Sunni Islam associates with the codification of their religion’s holiest book. Muslims cannot tolerate gently mocking cartoons of their prophet. They certainly are not about to put him aside so that no more 9 year old girls get raped.


Following World War II, much was written about Western democracies ignoring the aggression of rogue states Germany and Japan—opting for appeasement—until such aggression could no longer be tolerated. The question repeatedly asked is why warning signs went unheeded. At some future time, historians of another generation will ask the same question in the aftermath of a nuclear attack by a 21st Century rogue state.

During the eight year Iran-Iraq war, Tehran very quickly learned its army was no match for Iraq’s. When Iraqi minefields began claiming Iranian soldiers, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini concocted a scheme to reduce these losses. He encouraged Iranian children to volunteer for a special force known as the Basiji. Lightly armed but more often unarmed to avoid the loss of weapons, the Basiji were trained to form human waves to march through Iraqi minefields towards the enemy. This process—through the sheer loss of numbers of children—eventually cleared a minefield, providing Iran’s professional soldiers an unencumbered approach route to Iraqi defenses.

Most of these children were illiterate and from poor families in the countryside. Often, their only asset prior to enthusiastically sacrificing their lives was a plastic key given to each young martyr—told by his Basiji trainer, it was to open the gates of paradise in the afterlife.

Khomeini ordered 500,000 plastic keys from Taiwan for this purpose. During the war, he sent 450,000 children to the front. This “man of the cloth” undoubtedly found it more wasteful to have ordered 50,000 extra keys than to have ordered tens of thousands of innocent children to their deaths.

» Report: Kerry is Behind European Boycotts

Palestinian Authority (PA) officials reported last September that Kerry was putting pressure on the EU to delay boycotts so as to give him an opportunity to push Israel into peace talks. That report also appears to support the new revelations regarding Kerry’s manipulation of anti-Israel boycotts.

Community Organizers, doing what they do.
» Arrests, Citations Lurk at Union Group Approved by Obama Admin to Promote ObamaCare in Wisconsin

Among the 165 groups approved by the Obama Administration to promote or set-up ObamaCare in Wisconsin is Wisconsin Jobs Now, a liberal get-out-the-vote group affiliated with the SEIU. According to the federal Department of Health and Human Services, the organization is working as a certified application counselor, or CAC. Numerous individuals who have been employed by Wisconsin Jobs Now or who work there now have been investigated, arrested or cited by law enforcement agencies for legal violations.

Wisconsin Jobs Now is not a health insurance group or healthcare provider. It is strictly a community organizing outfit. During elections it runs one of the largest voter turnout efforts in support of Democratic candidates in Wisconsin.

» How the Obama administration dismantled the United States government — and how we can rebuild it

Obamacare is a flea bitten dog that never would have been enacted without wholesale and deliberate falsehoods said over and over again by Barack Obama and every Democrat cheerleader. It never would have been enacted without legislative sleights-of-hand and backroom bribes offered to key Democrats.

It never would have been enacted and Barack Obama would likely not have won a second term without the willing negligence of a toothless “watchdog press” who refused to independently investigate or report obvious lies.
Now we will be bitten by this dog and indeed, as many as five million people who have lost insurance (that they liked) have already felt the teeth. It will get worse. Although not widely reported, another 100 million Americans with workplace coverage (by HHS’ own estimates) may be dropped by employers and forced into more costly coverage through security-challenged exchanges.

War is a waste of golf time?
» Robert Gates, former defense secretary, offers harsh critique of Obama’s leadership in ‘Duty’

… concluded the president “doesn’t believe in his own strategy, and doesn’t consider the war to be his. For him, it’s all about getting out.”

~~ Hope n’ Change Cartoons : Prop Goes The Weasel

Rested and refreshed from his extended luxury vacation in Hawaii, Barack Obama surrounded himself with a rainbow coalition of jobless paupers yesterday to give a speech about the importance of extending “emergency” unemployment benefits in an economy which he claims is booming after five years of his stewardship.

If those mutually exclusive propositions aren’t enough to run your brain through a blender, then consider Mr. Obama’s additional claims that unemployment benefits actually create jobs, and that there’s no need to find any matching budget cuts to fund his proposed $6 billion extension of payments for another 90 days – even though cutting back his wife’s vacation budget might put a pretty good dent in it.


» Planned Parenthood’s Valerie Tarico Celebrates Decline of Christianity, Sacred Gift of Abortion

Not even George Orwell could have envisioned a day when mouthpieces of the establishment characterize murdering your own children as “a new lease on life.”

~~ via Doug Ross : DEMOCRAT LOGIC COMIX: Extreme Schadenfreude Edition

With a tip o’ the beret to Stephen Green’s “Your Daily Dose of Schadenfreude

» Your Daily Dose of Schadenfreude

… let us take our rotten joy now to Oregon, where yet another ObamaCare supporter is getting exactly what she wanted, good and hard. Read with a mean little grin …

Miss Anonymous supported ObamaCare when she thought you were going to pay for it.
Scratch a prog, find a greedy, grubby thief.

~~ via Earl of Taint : Hell Yeah I’m Ready

But why, Earl?
Her brain is in the other end.