Gathering of Eagles

January 26, 2008
The NC Gathering of Eagles sponsored an Operation to demonstrate support for and celebrate the American Military. April 4, 2009
The NC Gathering of Eagles sponsored a second Operation to demonstrate support for and celebrate the American Military in Jacksonville, NC. May 18, 2007
Recruiter Appreciation 1
May 16, 2008
Recruiter Appreciation 2
June 29 2007
Walter Reed
June 30, 2007
Ft Monmouth, NJ
Little Washington, NC
The Seven-Week
Moonbat Infestation
Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Week 5 Week 6 Quanto tempo demora pro ivermectina fazer efeito
Charlotte, NC
Code Poink
Moonbats in
Smithfield, NC
Chapel Hill
Moonbats Attack
Recruiters Office
Fort Bragg,NC
Westboro Scarabaeus
Raleigh, NC
F.I.S.T. Hissy Fit
Dont Feed the Moonbats
The Works Of ...
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bubba @ whatbubbaknows.com



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