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Adam Kokesh: Can He Get Some Attention Over There?

At the top of this morning’s post is a link to a short post at This Aint Hell. It’s about a comment made in regard to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes hullabaloo. I didn’t have much to say about it this morning, and it’s been munching on my soul ever since. I have to say something.

I do hope you are familiar with the controversy stirred by Chris Hayes, when he said he was uncomfortable using the word ‘heroes’ in reference to American fallen military – that using that word is “rhetorically proximate” to justifications for more war. Ain’t it amazing how many liberal fools display their true colors every Memorial Day? It’s like they lose their frikkin’ minds over a national holiday to honor Americans who have died in defense of our nation.

But Hayes is catching a portion of his due hell, though. He got on a whole heap of last nerves with that little spiel.

Hayes ain’t the one that’s fueling my boiler right now. Somebody else, another narcissistic ingrate had to jump up and spew their two-cents. As reported by This Aint Hell in the link above, Adam Kokesh simply could not pass up on the opportunity to further insult our military – past and present.

Oh, what did that grand-standing coward do now? Not much, but a lot. Here again is the screen cap of his take on the Hayes issue:

Got it? Pussy Hayes’ discomfort with “heroes” is not inflammatory enough for Kokesh. He hasn’t had enough attention lately so he wants to kick the rhetoric up a notch.

Think about what he is saying with that statement; every American who has served and died for this country was a sucker, an idiot, a gullible fool. That goes back to Vietnam, Korea, Germany, Japan … Pearl Harbor … Valley Forge. It is a stupid thing to say, and it’s not the fact that he said it that’s peeling my nanner, it’s why he said it, and that ‘why’ covers several years worth of childish behavior, moronic stunts and treasonous acts. Kokesh made this statement for the same reason he marched with the anti-American CodePoink, ANSWER, MoveOn and various communist and anarchist groups as well as pitching hissy fits with the IVAW prick brigade (which usually wrapped up with an ole timey flag burning). That one reason is Adam. Everything Kokesh does and says is about Adam Kokesh. The boy must have attention, and if it takes treason to get attention then he’s all about treason.
Attempting to storm the Capital under a Soviet flag might have gotten him attention …. so he did it.
Filing charges and making accusations of rape, murder and robbery against US Marines might have gotten some attention … so he did that.
Telling Gold Star Moms their sons deserved to die? Oh yea, that’ll get some attention.
Burning the flag during an anti-war protest is always good for some attention.
Then, after a couple of years of hanging with the commies, a run for Congress as a Republican was bound to be good for some attention …. so yea, he did that too. When that fizzled, he did a stint with Russia TV spouting anti-America propaganda for them.

And now, now Kokesh is tea party – well, if wearing a Gadsden t-shirt and and squawking about Ron Paul can be considered Tea Party. But he’s getting a bit of attention – Ron likes him.

What’s next? Yoseff-Allah-Mohammed-Kokesh? This time next year, will Adam be bopping his forehead on the floor five times a day?

Adam Kokesh wants everybody to know that he was a Marine … “was” being the key-op word. But actually, he was simply in the Corp. He was there just long enough to get the big arms, the big shoulders and the big head. Unfortunately the Corp couldn’t do diddly squat with his Heart.

There was nothing to work with.