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April 23, 2010

» Free All The SEALs From Travesty

“There was no abuse, … This is classic terrorist training.”

» Redaction boo-boo reveals Blago’s secret dealings with President Obama

NBC Chicago reports that someone made a serious boo-boo in the trial of former Illinois Governor Rod “Blago” Blagojevich.

One of the key elements of the Blago trial revolves around the negotiations between the disgraced ex-Gov and the White House over the empty Obama Senate seat.*. In fact, Blago’s attorneys have asked for a trial subpoena to compel President Obama’s testimony.

That motion was supposed to be mostly redacted, but someone flubbed PDF 101. In fact, the complete document was fully visible if the text was selected, copied and then pasted into a fresh document.

» What Clinton didn’t say about OKC

Clinton was a master of strategic grief counseling. He descended on Oklahoma City with an approval rating in the low 40s and left town with a rating well above 50 and the Republican revolution buried in the rubble. Late in the 1996 campaign, he would confide to reporters that his road back to the White House began in Oklahoma City.

The truth was much more complex than Clinton pretended. In fact, every witness who identified McVeigh in the minutes before the blast put a short, foreign-looking, dark-skinned man in his passenger seat.

Why was there not a massive FBI investigation? The reason is fairly obvious: McVeigh and Nichols served as poster boys for the natural progression of the “Republican revolution.”

If, however, they had proved to be mere “lily-whites” – that is, stooges recruited by Islamic terrorists to take the fall – they would have lost their political value.

What’s more, our progressive friends could no longer scold those who had publicly presumed that Islamic terrorists were behind the bombing.

» Will Obama’s Goldman Sachs Attack Expose Al Gore? Or Other Dems?

Whether Wall Street colossus Goldman Sachs has committed a crime remains to be seen, but the investigation may well uncover the environmental lobby and its public figurehead. For nearly a decade, Goldman Sachs has been a quiet but major investor in cap and trade. And Goldman’s main investment partner has been Al Gore.

About a decade ago, Goldman executives recognized that personal fortunes could be made with the invention of a carbon trading system through the passage of a U.S. cap-and-trade bill. This area was well suited to Goldman Sachs, the architects behind the complex world of futures trading and exotic derivatives.

Goldman joined Al Gore in 2004 and capitalized his investment company, Generation Investment Management. Strangely for a man who was a heartbeat away from the presidency, Gore decided to register his company in London — not the United States.

» The $3,700 Dime

Candidate Obama repeatedly vowed that those earning under $250,000 “will not see any of your taxes increase one single dime.” Will he veto the $3,700 tax hike Congress is considering for 30 million Americans?

‘I can make a firm pledge,” candidate Barack Obama told a New Hampshire audience about a year and a half ago. “Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.”

» The Phantom Tea Party Threat

Given liberalism’s congenital contradictions, its adherents’ depictions of the Tea Party movement as simultaneously over-hyped and a profound threat to our nation’s security are not surprising.

The truth, of course, is that the current robust opposition to the liberal agenda, of which the Tea Party movement is a large part, is neither. And there is no evidence that enthusiastic criticism of Obama administration policies will lead to violence. In fact, the Tea Party movement is a result–not a cause—of the frustration and anger many Americans feel today. The only threat it poses is to the status quo of big government activism.

» America’s Great Divide: Tax Payers vs. Non-Payers

One of the cornerstones of the Tea Party movement is that our tax system is broken and patently unfair. About as many people are exempted from paying federal income taxes as pay them. We’ve created a system where the Americans can’t sit across the kitchen table and talk about the problems with their tax burden because no one’s taxes are figured the same way. I believe that is by design. Our lawmakers like the chaos it creates.

» The President’s only friend left…

Having a Marxist with proven, Islamic sympathies in the White House, one willing to debase America’s military defenses before its oldest enemies, I am sure that, instead of the Cold War certainty of Mutually-Assured-Destruction, we are offering an American, nuclear invitation to war.

» Denying reality brings us closer to nuclear midnight

isn’t it odd that the Obama Administration continues to insist that “dialogue” is the only effective way to confront Iran on their nuclear ambitions? That the policy of extending the “unclenched fist” toward a nation such as Syria is the most promising avenue to prevent them from advancing nuclear materials to terrorist organizations? That sending financial aid to corrupt terrorist entities like Hamas in the Gaza, is the only true way to dissuade violent Palestinian extremists from attaining nuclear capability?

Given that it has been established that Hezbollah, Hamas and al Qaeda have engaged South American drug cartels for product dissemination and money laundering purposes, it doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to figure out that there is a good probability the next terrorist event on US soil will involve a dirty bomb, a radical Islamist operative who has entered across the southern border of the United States and a major American city…or two…or three…or eight.

» Reality Check on the Record of Big, Bad Capitalism

where is the clear, unemotional evidence of either how bad it’s been under capitalism or how many more people will benefit under the new system? What is the alternative system? Where is it working today? All we have seen are a string of anecdotes and a parade of victims. Wall street bonuses are bad; out-of-work people are victim; millionaires don’t deserve their wealth; change will make it better.

it is indisputable that sustained economic growth and prosperity benefit all citizens. Free-market capitalism has proven to help the most people achieve personal fulfillment, creates the most opportunities, hires the most people, and provides the economic engine for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The base argument against capitalism is that it breeds greed; that capitalists (the successful ones) seek power and fortune on the backs of the poor. The people that use this argument usually proclaim communism or at least socialism as a better system. The reasoning: The communist meme, to each according to his need … blah, blah, blah. They are wrong on both counts.

While capitalism does indeed provide an environment of opportunity for the greedy, it also requires the greedy to spread their wealth. Socialism, on the other hand, is an environment that discourages wealth production.

Break it down.
The capitalist that becomes filthy rich does not do so by himself. The creation of massive wealth is almost never accomplished by an individual, acting alone. The rich man always must hire other people to assist him and perform the massive amounts of labor required to produce the wealth he accumulates. Those people do not labor for free, they are paid; most are paid well.
While making himself rich he also brings hundreds, thousands of families with him into prosperity. Mortgages are paid, food is bought, cars purchased and lives are enriched via the sharing of the capitalist’s endeavors to succeed. The wealth is spread.

Under pure socialism, where all wealth is shared equally by all, there is no incentive to produce. The original colonists to America, the Pilgrims, learned this lesson the hard way. They established the first socialist system in which everyone contributed to the food stores during the summer and shared equally during the winter. It didn’t work. Human nature (the same human nature that provides greed also provides sloth) ensures that a certain percentage of people will always do nothing if others continue to feed them, therefore the sloths among them contributed little but later demanded (usually more than) their equal share. The pilgrims barely survived their first winter and promptly abandoned their experiment in socialism.

That lesson is lost on sniveling leftists today. Under the influence of their soft-handed, ex-60s-hippy-antiwar-protester college professors they are convinced that the facts are exactly opposite from reality. They condemn capitalists because the successful producers do not share their loot equally with everyone else and will always cry ‘Greed!’.

The wanna-be socialists are not capable of recognizing that while greed is one of the seven cardinal sins (Gluttony), another is Sloth. Socialism breeds sloth.

That’s my rant for the day.

» What’s Happening With Israel?
» Don’t Give Obama a VAT
» Tea Party “Racism” Discussion with Al Sharpton
» Tea Party is a ‘bowel movement,’ says ACORN boss Bertha Lewis
Please be aware of the magnitude of restraint I demonstrate by reserving comment.

The author of this news article seems to think we have reason to fear the use of radioactive stuff against us by our friends (of unclenched fist) (in Iran?).
Geez, what a racist.
» Georgia Confirms Highly Enriched Uranium Seizure

» Spotlighting Pearls Before the Swine Swoop In

The apparent gutting of portions of the US nuclear program for self defense and portions of the NASA space exploration program brought to mind thoughts of loss and nostalgia. First though, I must pause and acknowledge the effectiveness of President Obama, in at least one area of his job performance. He receives a lot of flak for many of his policies. But, I have to praise our Caesar for at least one skill. I am amazed at how efficient a “dismantler” he is turning out to be, almost a one man wrecking crew, of the traditions, security and friendships of the US, and with such speed. Simply astonishing! His feats can almost be likened to the velocity of space travel! I give him a “solid B, A plus” for his demolition skills.