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Gathering of Eagles

January 26, 2008
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April 29, 2014

» This Man Quit Michael Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Group Just a Week After It Launched

Bloomberg’s new group is called Everytown for Gun Safety, an umbrella organization that will oversee the work of Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. The goal, according to the New York Times, is to “expand the background check system for gun buyers both at the state and national levels.”

“When I signed on as an adviser to Everytown, I looked forward to a thoughtful and provocative discussion about the toll gun violence takes on Americans,” Ridge told the Daily Caller in a statement.
“After consultation with Everytown, I have decided that I am uncomfortable with their expected electoral work …

When gun bigots say they want to expand the background check system, what they really mean is they want to make sure that the only people who can get guns are those who have law enforcement or federal government employment in their background.
Ridge’s simple explanation for resignation is, in my opinion, a very carefully worded excuse to step away from the group after realizing that their publicly stated goals are fluffy euphemisms. I say that once he saw the raw ruthlessness within, and understood the consequences of their future success or failure, he knew his reputation as a decent human being would be questioned.

Bloomberg also tapped philanthropist Eli Broad, investor Warren Buffett and former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Michael Mullen to serve on the board.

From the comments:

Hold on a moment. Admiral Mullen? The guy that was co-chair of the Benghazi review? The guy that never interviewed the Secretary of State? That guy? The guy that didn’t know, oopsy didn’t want the State Dept. embarrassed by having “weak” witnesses questioned by Congress. That guy? The guy that didn’t know nor acknowledge the guys on the ground? That guy? The guy that didn’t know about the funneling of arms that surpassed head of Libya and wound up in the hands of Al-Queda? That guy? Puh,leeeeze!!

» Bogus Gun-Control Numbers

People walking the streets armed with guns are dangerous, right? With all 50 states finally allowing concealed handguns to at least some degree and with over 11 million Americans now having permits to carry them, this question ought to have been settled. In fact, despite continued attacks by gun-control organizations, permit holders almost never commit violent crimes with their guns.

Nonetheless, this past week, just in time for the NRA convention, gun-control advocates were at it again, touting ridiculous charges that concealed-carry permits were responsible for 636 deaths nationwide over the seven years from May 2007 to March 2014.

… the Violence Policy Center piles on any numbers that it can get hold of, anything that can be related to concealed-carry holders. For instance, it counts legitimate self-defense cases in which no charges were filed or the permit holder was charged and later exonerated.

All in all, the VPC has managed to triple-count claimed cases of permit holders killing people, and the vast majority of cases it includes in its list — such as legitimate self-defense shootings or suicides not related to permitted concealed handguns — shouldn’t be counted to begin with.

» NRA Grassroots vs ‘Bloomberg’ Grassroots

A hundred or so people shipped in by Bloomie compared to 70K+ people coming to share common interests and values.

» Elite Warriors Are Walking Away From Obama’s Fundamentally Transformed Military

As you could learn from any liberal college professor of the type that indoctrinated our ruling class, the US military is a threat to the rest of the world. The strategy for neutralizing this threat is to destroy its morale. Under Obama, this has been accomplished by putting warriors under the command of bumbling flower children, announcing publicly that the Commander in Chief has no intention of winning wars, repressing Christianity while promoting sexual deviancy, siding with our nation’s terrorist enemies, cutting military pensions even as government spending on everything else soars, denying benefits to the survivors of the Fort Hood terror attack, et cetera. The approach appears to be working.

» Never Again

Never again. To Jews it means a refusal to give genocidal bigots another go at them. To Obama, it means refusing to ever again have to listen to an Israeli leader explain why his country cannot commit territorial suicide in order to appease a gang of genocidal bigots.

When the Jews who fought among the crumbling walls of the Warsaw Ghetto finally made it to Israel, they came just in time to load up their guns and fight once again for their people’s survival. The survivors of one genocidal ideology bent on making someone pay for its sense of humiliation came just in time to fight off another version of the same thing.

Jews cannot allow Never Again to become an empty catchphrase or a universalized call for tolerance that fails to hold Islam accountable for its promotion of bigotry, violence and genocide. While Jewish leaders occupy themselves with empty calls for interfaith brotherhood, Jewish farms and villages once again fall under siege. Farmers sleep with guns by their beds, children are taught to race to bomb shelters and Jewish store windows are smashed in the cities of Europe. Armies of soldiers, terrorists and diplomats gather once again to carve up Jerusalem. To ethnically cleanse half the city of Jews and turn it into a platform for terror.

» Holocaust Memorial Day and the Pathetic Palestinians

“The demands, conditions, stipulations, and decisions pouring out of Mahmoud Abbas’s office in the last month or so have persuaded everyone concerned that the Palestinian’s mind is in a total muddle,”

“No one in Jerusalem or Washington can figure out what he wants. And even his closest aides believe that he doesn’t know his own mind and are afraid of what he may dream up next.”

This is what the Israelis have been dealing with before and ever since Yasser Arafat created the Palestinian Authority in 1959 … Its original purpose was the destruction of Israel, but Arafat modified that on occasion to give the impression of legitimacy …

An impression thoroughly absorbed by leftist idiots … like our current Sec. of State …

One has to ask why Secretary of State John Kerry has wasted months trying to secure peace between the Palestinian Authority and Israel when the former has never demonstrated any real effort to engage in peace beyond the formalities of treaties it has routinely ignored. The announcement that it would join with Hamas is testimony to its dedication to destroying Israel in its quest to declare control of the disputed area. Since 1948, Israel has been a sovereign state. All previous efforts by the U.S. have ended in failure.

The Palestinians have not given Israel any reason to have any confidence in what they say publicly for world consumption and the latest “unity” announcement at least confirms their bad intentions. In addition to Hamas, the Iranian pawn, Hizbollah, composed largely of Palestinians, gives Israel even less reason to regard them as anything than enemies.

» Foreign Policy: From Bad to None

Our enemies are gloating, and our allies are grimly deciding where to go from here.

… Many apparently shared Obama’s view that disagreements abroad were not so much over substantive issues as they were caused by race, class, or gender fissures, or were the fallout from the prior insensitivity of Europe and the United States — as evidenced by a Nobel Prize awarded to Obama on the basis of his stated good intentions.

… to the degree that any problems still persisted, Obama could either contextualize them (given his legal training and community-organizing experience), or talk loudly and threaten. For example, by referencing past American sins, by an occasional ceremonial bow or apology, by a bit of psychoanalysis about “macho shtick” or the schoolboy Putin cutting up in the back of the room, an exalted Obama would show the world that he understood anti-social behavior and could ameliorate it as a counselor does with his emotional client. The world in turn would appreciate his patience and understanding with lesser folk, and react accordingly. Again, in place of policy would be the towering personality of Barack Obama. And if all that did not work, a peeved Obama could issue deadlines, red lines, and step-over lines to aggressors — and reissue them when they were ignored.

» Mama Grizzly in Bama

… Another theme she frequently sounded was one that’s heard more and more often over middle-American dining tables, though few politicians dare utter it aloud. Namely, Palin would run down a litany of current national ills and then suggest that the Obamite Left fully intended to wreak such havoc.

Our foreign policy, for instance, is in shambles, and the result “has to be purposeful,” she concluded. “We poke our allies in the eye and kind of coddle our enemies. They [leftists] can’t be that stupid.” In other words, it must be their goal to weaken the United States. She also quoted President Obama saying “like it or not, we’re still a superpower” — and by how she described his tone, she clearly meant to indicate that he himself doesn’t like our superpower status one bit.

Palin-watchers are not surprised when she calls the Left “un-American,” in reference to the IRS’s targeting of conservative organizations, or blasts the NSA for “spying” on citizens, or slams the administration for repeatedly lying about its debacle in Benghazi, or ridicules “the Orwellian boondoggle of Obamacare” whose mandates are “telling us what to purchase”

» Steve Stockman Points to Law in Bundy Case: Law May Not Be Helpful

For those on the left finally beginning to notice there is such a thing as Rule of Law, you’ve picked on a conservative man and his family, but the Occupier movement that broke numerous laws, including displays of public indecency, and costing local merchants millions, wasn’t on your hit list. Neither are you bothered by IRS targeting, SWAT entering Gibson Guitar, confiscating an expensive inventory of legally imported wood, keeping it for months, maybe a year or more, before finally giving it back. How many of us must the government take everything from before you decide the Rule of Law is worth consulting?

» Kerry Warns Israel Could Become ‘An Apartheid State’

The secretary of state said that if Israel doesn’t make peace soon, it could become ‘an apartheid state,’ like the old South Africa. Jewish leaders are fuming over the comparison.

According to the 1998 Rome Statute, the “crime of apartheid” is defined as “inhumane acts… committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime.”

I was recently asked what the word ‘apartheid’ meant. Sorry to say, I couldn’t provide the definition. But if the 1998 Rome Statute is to be considered the official definition, then it’s evident to me that an apartheid state is exactly what the Palestinians/Arab/Muslim buddies of Hanoi John dream of establishing at the expense of all jewish life.

But let us not hold our breath while waiting for (THHO)Obama to take Cruz’s advice and fire an idiot, a traitor and a disgusting dhimmi.

» Kerry Backs Off Israel ‘Apartheid’ Comment

“I will not allow my commitment to Israel to be questioned by anyone, particularly for partisan, political purposes, so I want to be crystal clear about what I believe and what I don’t believe,” Kerry said in a statement released by the State Department.

Not to worry there, Traitor John; your message has been crystal clear for several decades … at least to anyone who has paid attention … like the North Vietnamese who, after the slaughter, built a museum that included tribute to American traitors

» RNC slams liberal media for biased coverage of cherry-picked Bundy comments

… RNC communications director Sean Spicer shredded the so-called mainstream media for its biased coverage of political controversies … While attempting to tie Cliven Bundy’s cherry-picked comments that were taken out of context to all Republicans, the media has remained practically silent over offensive comments made by the Democratic governor of Illinois, who compared black Republicans to Jewish Nazis.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» More Than 350,000 People Engage with #MyLiberalCampus Hashtag
» Reid: Obama No Negro Dialect – Bill Clinton: Would Be Getting Us Coffee – Cliven Bundy: Cattle Dung Protein for Tortoises
» It’s Official: At Dartmouth, The Word ‘Fiesta’ Is Racist And White People Can’t Use It


» The Climate Inquisitor

In the course of his evangelizing, Mann has shown little tolerance for heretics. A recent op-ed he penned for the New York Times is illustrative. “If You See Something, Say Something,” the headline blares, mimicking New York subway warnings and suggesting a not-so-subtle parallel between the dangers of global-warming “denial” and the murderous terrorism that brought down the Twin Towers.

In the rough and tumble of debate, climate-change skeptics are routinely recast as climate-change deniers, an insidious echo of the phrase “Holocaust deniers” and one that has been contrived with no purpose other than to exclude the speaker from polite society.

» Paul Weston Arrested in Britain for Reading Winston Churchill Aloud

Britain faces a new existential threat: Islamic colonization. But this time it may be too late to turn to patriots to save the day. On Saturday, voice of reason Paul Weston was actually hauled off in a police van for publicly reading the words of Winston Churchill on the steps of Winchester Guildhall.

~~ via Earl