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Gathering of Eagles

January 26, 2008
The NC Gathering of Eagles sponsored an Operation to demonstrate support for and celebrate the American Military. April 4, 2009
The NC Gathering of Eagles sponsored a second Operation to demonstrate support for and celebrate the American Military in Jacksonville, NC. May 18, 2007
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May 16, 2008
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August 30, 2013

» Pride of Ignorance on Firearms

As it happens, Scalia’s view is not crazy at all. Indeed, it is the only supportable one. The Left, whose members are typically not interested enough in the details of firearms law to participate coherently in this debate, has long neglected to examine the historical record, preferring instead to dismiss the notion of the right to bear arms as a check on government as being axiomatically dangerous.

In a much-distributed article published in the Philadelphia Federal Gazette and Philadelphia Evening Post in 1791, the Second Amendment was explained to intrigued citizens as protecting the people from “civil rulers” who “may attempt to tyrannize” and from “military forces” that “might pervert their power to the injury of their fellow citizens.” The author was channeling no less a personage than the drafter of the Second Amendment, James Madison. In Federalist 46, Madison laid out the insurrectionist theory himself, observing bluntly that the states should not fear the tyranny of a federal standing army because the superior state militias and well-armed public could defeat that army by force if, heaven forbid, it became necessary for them to do so.

… “constitutional” and “unconstitutional” are not synonyms for “things I like” and “things I don’t like,” but statements of legal fact. If the Constitution does prevent Congress from prohibiting rocket launchers, and if this is deemed by a supermajority to be ridiculous, then the Second Amendment can be changed via the usual channels. Until that time, it remains in force and it must be upheld as it was written.

» Obama Attacks Gun Owners With New Executive Orders

The approach to total disarmament of the population, like everything else on the liberal agenda, is incremental. These executive orders will be followed by others, then still more, until we have been rendered completely defenseless. We are running out of time.

» Obama promises mayors unilateral action on guns

Phony scandals do not produce body bags
» RED LINES, INDEED: Obama to provide air support for Al Qaeda and Ambassador Chris Stevens’ killers in Syria?

The same al-Qaida-linked Ansar al-Sharia that killed four Americans in Benghazi is now training foreign jihadists to fight with Syria’s Islamist rebels. Are we about to provide them air support?

» How To Solve The Fast Food Strike In Two Simple Words

… one more nugget of education for the strikers… You’re not workers, you’re employees and with very few exceptions, employees can be fired by their employer for any reason.

I know some sign carrying douchebag handed you a flyer today telling you all about workers’ rights at the big protest but he’s wrong. If he knew anything about having a job, he wouldn’t have been there in the first place.

» You Want $15 an Hour For Burger Flipping? Own a McDonalds Franchise and Find Out Why Not

The ultimate issue is that liberal regressives have zero concept of how a business runs. McDonalds corporate does not dictate the wages for the franchises.

Actually, the ultimate issue is that liberal regressives, aka commies, don’t care how a business runs. What irks them is the fact that business runs under the power of individual capitalism and a free market – which is not leave room for communism.

numbers show (after everything is paid off), the franchise owner gets about $153,900 in profit after annual sales of $2.7 million. Hardly a rich salary.

Now, Crew Payroll is figured to be $540,000. If you took everybody making say, $8/hr and gave them a 25% raise to $10/hr, you’d be adding about $135,000 more to crew payroll expenses.

That takes the franchise owners profit down to less than 19K. Any regressive out there want to explain how a guy who owns a business is supposed to live off of $19,000 year? I challenge any regressive to go out there, buy a franchise and then you can pay these folks the $15/hr you think they deserve. You’ll be out of business in one year tops.

» Attack On Syria Is About Saving Face, Not U.S.

Is it because it might actually have been Syria’s Islamist rebels who committed the nerve gas attack — rebels to whom Obama gave support?
A Turkish jihadist website 14 months ago claimed that Syrian opposition forces obtained chemical weapons equipment from a Syrian army base in the northwest city of Aleppo. And Syria’s al-Qaida-linked Al Nusra Front has plotted sarin and mustard gas attacks …

Could Assad’s supposed attack have been, … “an accidental hit — of chemical stocks belonging to either the regime or the rebels — by the undisputed massive regime bombardment in the area at the time?”
We don’t know because Secretary of State John Kerry won’t reveal the oh-so-compelling evidence against Assad.

» 24 hours that define Barack Obama Perfectly

The president of the United States, the “Most Powerful Man on Earth” the “Leader of the Free World” the man who was given the Nobel Peace prize in anticipation of what he was going to do is going to attack Syria:

1. Not to neutralize Syrian Chemical Weapons

2. Not to save the lives of the innocents in the crossfire

3. Not to give notice to the world that using Chemical weapons will not be tolerated

He is going to hit them to keep himself from being mocked …

» Actual quote in LA Times story: Obama seeking Syria response ‘just muscular enough not to get mocked’


The intelligence linking Syrian President Bashar Assad or his inner circle to an alleged chemical weapons attack is no “slam dunk,” with questions remaining about who actually controls some of Syria’s chemical weapons stores and doubts about whether Assad himself ordered the strike …

» Krauthammer: Britain Voting Against Syrian Military Action ‘Complete Humiliation for Obama’

» Government Confirms Tyranny Fears for Blaine Cooper
» Al Jazeera America launches without significant advertiser base
» Rush Limbaugh listeners crash defund Obamacare website dontfundit.com
» Remember When Pictures Mattered?
» New Black Panther leader’s gun charges dropped
» Jihad in America — but don’t expect the media to report it


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» Climate Scientists Continue To Bury Facts That Disprove The Theory Of Manmade Climate Change

This week’s example comes from Georgia Tech, where climate professor Judith Curry reports that a colleague was encouraged by three other scientists not to publish studies that would “only provide fodder to the skeptics”

» Climate Science Exploited for Political Agenda, According to Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons

Climatism or global warming alarmism is the most prominent recent example of science being coopted to serve a political agenda …
“A profound dumbing down of the discussion…interacts with the ascendancy of incompetents.” Prizes and accolades are awarded for politically correct statements, even if they defy logic. “Unfortunately, this also often induces better scientists to join the pack in order to preserve their status,”

~~ via Larwyn’s Linx

» Cellphone robbery suspect tripped up by his sagging jeans

…punched his victim in the face before snatching her phone … tried to get away on foot, but didn’t get far.

His droopy blue jeans — which left his boxer shorts exposed — kept slipping down as he ran.

A cop who was directing traffic nearby spotted the bungling bad guy’s sorry sartorial situation and hurried after him.

Donaldson made it only about a block before his pants were completely around his ankles