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Gathering of Eagles

January 26, 2008
The NC Gathering of Eagles sponsored an Operation to demonstrate support for and celebrate the American Military. April 4, 2009
The NC Gathering of Eagles sponsored a second Operation to demonstrate support for and celebrate the American Military in Jacksonville, NC. May 18, 2007
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Cindy came. Cindy saw. Cindy ran.

July 17, 2007
Charlotte NC

Cindy came. Cindy saw. Cindy ran. Shame on Cindy.
That’s a good summation of the events in Bryant Park, Charlotte NC.
What was touted as a “huge Mass Rally” of moonbats became in reality a huge mass corralling of moonbats.

According to good sources, the Eagles ruled the park and the day.

When Cindy arrived at the park and saw the crowd, she realized that she didnt have the large majority required to justify her majesty’s time.

She retreated. She cut and ran. Cindy abandoned her troops to the mercy of the opposition, without even a ‘howdy do, y’all’.

Her message of “Bush hate”, disguised as troop support had to be delivered at a local grocery store.

Credit where credit is due.
I asked for volunteers to do recon, secure permits, organize and lead the counter protest. I am proud to say that North Carolina Eagles stepped up and aggresively took action.
* NC Eagle Jim Tuttle volunteered to research the permit requirements and successfully secured all permits necessary.
* NC Eagle Mark Chadwick volunteered to perform reconnaissance.
* NC Eagle George Samek volunteered to organize and lead – and organize and lead, he did.

Eagles Report

From Eagle Jim Tuttle:
” … the moonbats were met and they were whipped like a red-headed stepchild. George was his usual magnificent self. I watched and learned….
We began to meet waaayyyy up on a hill overlooking the ball field. I noticed a table and a couple fools down by the road with what looked like signup sheets. Well, the only way I was going to get this one-legged Vet down that hill was roll til I stopped or ask the local authorities for special dispension. I got it and rode my Trike around and onto the field, set up in the shade near the table and waited.
I was actually able to talk some sense with some of them, but there were the commies who just spouted nonsense and had no facts to back them up….I know ’cause I asked. I even got to hit a few softballs to some guys trying to practice on that field while the build up was going on. Great fun!
The crowd got bigger for both sides and we actually milled around amongst them for quite awhile. When the speechifying started, we all got vocal and the police asked us to voluntarily observe a soccer line as our DMZ. We complied as best as we could.
One fairy kept riding his Segeay across the line a few inches and back, but I guess everyone kept their distance from him for fear of catching somethin’ or other.
George had many, many discussions with the moonbats who got up the nerve to talk to us. Some of which got heated.
Anyway, Sheehan didn’t show, went right on by to private property because, in her words, she didn’t feel safe at our field. Wimp..
With that it kinda broke up and we declared victory and after much hand shaking and goodbyes, went our merry way.

From Eagle Diana Dwan Poole:
I was at the GOE/Sheehan debacle today, as was my Nam Marine husband.
Cindy Sheehan showed up ( late)—took one look at us and fled. There were only about 30 of them and 30 of us. We were louder. In Cindy’s crowd were two scarved Muslim women with their kids. Hmmm. Demonstrating againtst the war in their country while they are in OUR country enjoying our Democracy ! Idiotic.
A very young TV reporter came in and asked if we were sad or glad that Sheehan didn’t show up. I told him that there were so few folks there, she couldn’t possibly get the publicity she wanted. He said that she said she was “Scared of you all”. So I said, well you are standing among us–are YOU scared? He laughed, and said no. I told him that Sheehan was as much a traitor as Jane Fonda was/is.
When the Sheehan folks learned that she had changed venues—they all raced out, and we could not find them, so we came home. Pretty cowardly, I’d say—-as ALL protesters were in our day. Wonder if the Muslim women and kids joind them.
And that is my report
Diana Dwan Poole
Army Nurse Corps 66-71
Nam 69-71″

From Larry Bailey
The “Ogre Report” captured the event perfectly, except that we had a LOT more than 30 people! Ogre wasn’t counting the Eagles who were on the flanks of the main group.
It was SO-O-O-O-OOOO sweet!
And George Samek was fantastic! I’ve never seen any of our events have so much media coverage, There were more media folks than police–literally! And there were as many of them as there were moonbats, I think!
Well done, all you Eagles who participated; now start planning for the week of Sept. 10th-15th!

From George Samek
Well Bubba, for the moonbats there was no joy in Bryant Park. Cindy did the Dance of the Dieing Bug and left her supporters to face a cluster of hungry Eagles. SHAME ON CINDY..COWARD!!
Just goes to show you what a few Eagles can do when fired up.
I am very proud of the fact a large group of Eagles followed me because I ask them to support me. It was a great honor to second the win of our proud Georgia Eagles,
I sit here thinking, 120 days ago I was with all of our brothers & sisters at the Vietnam Wall and I listened to her evil rants. On July 17 in Charlotte NC I stood in their face with all those fine Americans and sent her down the road packing.
What goes around, comes around … and it came to Cindy in Bryant Park. Might we put up a marker on the spot? I will never forget the moment I was told she was “No Show Cindy”
More new Eagles were born, thanks Cindy! WOULD YOU PLEASE SEND ME JANE FONDA!!

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