Approximate numbers of people butchered and maimed by Islamic assholes by year.
(by Nov 13 2018)
2018: 10,071/ 10,213

2017: 16,386 / 14,360
2016: 21,413 / 26,730
2015: 27,588 / 26,136
2014: 32,862 / 27,522
2013: 16,774 / 29,577
2012: 11,546 / 20,254
2011: 9,086 / 16,921
2010: 9,233 / 17,461
2009: 9,176/ 18,612
2008: 10,798 / 18,088
2007: 20,478 / 27,317
2006: 15,245 / 19,496
2005: 7,625 / 12,855
2004: 7,166 / 14,574

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Injuries : 0



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December 10, 2014

» Beloit Chief of Police thinks all residents are absolute idiots

Police in Beloit are launching a new effort to reduce gun violence in which they’re asking city residents to volunteer to have police search their homes for guns.

The logic: If you are worried that you may become victim to violent people that have no regard for law, no respect for your life and no common decency, then let us come into your home and make sure you have absolutely no means to protect yourself.

The scary thing about this is that the Chief of Police actually believes that rampant violence is caused by victims that have the ability to fight back. He believes that if law-abiding citizens voluntarily disarm themselves then the people that are willing and eager to break any and every law will … do what? Feel bad about themselves, pull up their pants and get a job? Because unarmed and defenseless victims take all the challenge and fun out of being outlaws?

… hopes the program will encourage people to think about gun violence as an infectious disease like Ebola, and a home inspection like a vaccine to help build up the city’s immune system.

In other words, guns are the vector of infection. Without guns, people don’t get mad and want to hurt other people. Without guns nobody is even capable of getting testy. Which, of course, explains the utopian world that existed before the first gun was invented.
Eve kicked off sin by picking the forbidden fruit. Cain kicked off violence by picking from the forbidden gun tree. Having a gun in his hand drove him insane and since the bullet tree was in the next county he just picked up a rock and bashed his brother Abel over the head.

I’m not being hyperbolic. I’m not putting words in the mouth of the Moron Chief, these are quotes.

Another moronic blurt:

Jacobs said he hopes some searches will result in the discovery of guns they didn’t know were in their own homes. He said that there’s also a chance they’ll find guns linked to crimes.

“That’s really what we’re looking for,” he said. “Maybe we’ll find a toy gun that’s been altered

I can’t wait for a follow up on this story.

» Anti-Gun Strategy: Annoy Businesses & Increase Their Profits?
» Kroger Sees Profits Soar After Ignoring Anti-Gun Boycott Threat

» More than 57,000 gun-friendly bars, eateries crop up across America

The owners of TBonz Steakhouse in Augusta, Georgia, decided to be proactive when Republican Gov. Nathan Deal signed into law one of the most comprehensive pro-gun bills in the country this April, which allowed firearms into the state’s bars and restaurants.

The eatery hung up a “No Guns” sign on its front door.

Its customer backlash was so harsh and quick that the steakhouse immediately took down the sign and then posted a mea culpa on its Facebook page.

“The sign that was put up regarding firearms has been removed … It was our intention to get the attention of IRRESPONSIBLE gun owners. But then we realized that irresponsible gun owners do not pay attention to signs.”

The Pit Authentic Barbecue in Durham, North Carolina, decided to take a different approach when North Carolina made it legal to carry concealed guns in bars last year. Managers swiftly hung a “No Weapons, No Concealed Firearms” sign in the window.

The barbecue restaurant was robbed at gunpoint in May. Two employees were injured, with one ending up in the hospital.

The restaurant has stuck to its guns: It still doesn’t permit concealed carry.


Embattled MIT professor Jonathan Gruber has not only gotten in trouble for bragging about helping President Obama put one over on the American people with Obamacare, he’s also been uncovered as an abortion advocate—but not a run-of-the-mill advocate of “women’s rights.”
No, Gruber’s abortion advocacy is of a particularly pungent eugenics variety. He’s on record repeatedly making the case from social science that abortion is a “social good” because it reduces the number of “marginal children,” by which he means urban poor—those he says can be counted on to commit crimes if they were ever born.

» CONFIRMED: the President Lied to You About the IRS Scandal

an incisive summary of the most egregious abuse of political power in modern American history.

… through its refusal to release the documents, the Inspector General has essentially confirmed that the IRS shared private taxpayer with the White House.

And, yes, that’s a federal crime.

» Russell Simmons: America Has Not Seen Protests Like Those That Are Coming if Justice Doesn’t Start to Come Down

Simmons told Burnett, “Over 150K cases were brought before the grand Jury and and only 11 cases didn’t come back with indictments. It’s like lightening striking the black community over and over and over again.”

And I believe Simmons. If he and fellow race-baitors are successful we are going to witness a whole lot of mean-nasty. They have no plans or intention to make plans to prepare their children for life in a civilized, responsible society. So they make plans to tear down that civilization and replace it with a national ghetto for which their children are well equipped.

These (((communist puppet)anarchist puppet)race baitor puppet)liberal assholes are missing an important point – an aspect of the world they are trying to create. When rule of law is replaced by mob rule, it’s the biggest and/or best armed mob that does the ruling.

Russell Simmons will not be a member of that mob.

» Congressional Black Caucus Member: Ben Carson Supporters Ignorant, Are “Like A Lynch Mob”…

The man who thought the island of Guam could tip over and capsize is calling someone else “ignorant.”

Oh yes he did.

» Second Ferguson Witness Reportedly Found Dead

The press providing minimal coverage indicates that Gray and Joshua almost certainly told the truth to the grand jury. Imagine what the media would do with this story if they had knuckled under to pressure by telling the “hands up don’t shoot” lie. Pundits would scream themselves hoarse theorizing about racist police hit squads.

» Harvard Law Students Demand Exams Be Postponed out of Sheer Ferguson Moonbattery as at Columbia

Imagine what will happen if these hothouse flowers are ever confronted by reality. If a cop not getting railroaded after defending himself from a maniacal thug is enough to incapacitate them, their first personal encounter with a jury not consisting entirely of moonbats should be enough to cause total meltdown.

» Obama’s Cloward Piven Strategy Explained

… Cloward and Piven proposed a massive drive to recruit all poor people into the welfare system. They felt that even if only a fraction of potential welfare recipients were to demand their entitlement, it would bankrupt the system. Yes, you read that right. They called for people to demand their entitlement. I recall no where in our Constitution where it states anyone is entitled to government support for life. Their article called for “cadres of aggressive organizers (community organizers) to use demonstrations to create a climate of militancy”. We have seen these types in recent months. The occupy movement, the Ferguson fiasco, The “new” black panther movement. The left continues to feed like a parasite on those who work hard to better their life. They don’t like success unless it is their own. From Obama’s “you didn’t build that” to Hillary’s “business and corporations don’t create jobs”, there is no denying what is going on. The problem stems from Grubers stupid Americans who refuse to become informed.

» The Left’s War Against Justice And Peace: What Conservatives Still Must Understand About Progressives

“No Justice, No Peace!” is the cry of modern lynch mobs. It means “Our Justice, Or Else” – or else we will burn your city down. Or else we will burn your system down. This is the agenda of the left in the streets and of their supporters in the White House and the Democratic Party: “We are going to fundamentally transform the United States of America: your system of justice, your system of governance and your system of laws. If we can’t do that, we are going to burn it down.

Understand that our president and his chief civil rights officer, who are encouraging the “protests,” are racists, as is the Democratic Party which exerts monopoly control over every major inner city in America. Why else would Obama and Holder look to Al Sharpton, who is certainly the nation’s most prominent racist, as their chief adviser on race relations?

The trigger of the current progressive assault, which has inspired mobs in over 100 American cities, is the Eric Garner case in New York. Many conservatives eager to be reasonable have suggested that the racial arsonists may have a point. Actually they don’t. Most conservatives realize that the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” slogan, which pretends that the Ferguson criminal, Michael Brown, was innocent and the white police officer Darren Wilson guilty is false. But the Eric Garner slogan “I Can’t Breathe” which suggests Garner was choked to death because he was black is equally a lie. Garner wasn’t choked to death, and he didn’t die because of the color of his skin.

and (THHO)Obama said Let there be Amnesty
» Senator ridicules Obama for not signing amnesty order

The news that Obama had not signed an executive order to carry out the policy he announced to the nation in a televised address Nov. 20 …

As a result of the president’s use of a memo instead of an official order, the senator observed: “We don’t even have a really significant, direct, legal direction that we can ascertain, precisely what the president is doing. It’s a stunning event in my view.”

… amnesty was not about illegal aliens, it was about the illegal alien vote, and “the illegal alien vote is about stealing elections.”
… enough illegals voted in 2014 to give Obama a margin of victory in his re-election campaign. Illegals also provided enough votes to elect the 60th Democrat senator needed to pass Obamacare in the face of GOP opposition.

Well did the President of the United States grant/create amnesty or not? He said he did. He made a long windy speech to announce his proclamation of amnesty, his creation of millions of new voters and millions of new welfare recipients.
Did somebody write down the proclamation on a piece of paper to be signed into law by someone authorized and empowered to do so?
I assumed that was the case. I might be wrong. I don’t know. The fact that a United States Senator is making fun of an unsigned decree leads me to believe that Obama simply expected his spoken word to be implemented as law. And thousands of federal employees are now working feverishly to implement his word.

Sessions noted the president had publicly acknowledged more than 20 times in recent years that he did not have the constitutional authority to unilaterally implement amnesty. As the senator read excerpts of Obama’s own words, members of the audience laughed aloud at how much those words differed from the president’s actions.

Ya know, even God wrote his commandments on stone. Of course, there was never any indication that He signed it either.


Just Sayin

dic·tate verb \ˈdik-ˌtāt, dik-ˈ\
: to say or state (something) with authority or power
: to issue as an order
: to impose, pronounce, or specify authoritatively

dic·ta·tor noun \ˈdik-ˌtā-tər, dik-ˈ\
: a person who rules a country with total authority and often in a cruel or brutal way
: one that dictates

Pushing a government funding bill through Congress at the 11th hour
» Conservatives complain House GOP leaders ramming through spending bill

“They don’t want you to read it, that’s why! You think they want you to analyze all the mischievous items in there?”

“I think its aimed at screwing over the American people. You can quote me on that.”

» Boehner Broke Pledge to Give Americans ‘At Least 72 Hours’ to Read Every Bill

In his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference held in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 18, 2010, Boehner vowed that if he became speaker members of Congress and the American people would be given “at least 72 hours” to read all bills before they were brought to a vote.

That promise was later repeated …

Yea, but he meant bills he didn’t like. Gotta read between the lines, peeps.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups

» NO, REALLY, I’M SERIOUS: RNC Braintrust Actually Believes Jeb Bush is a Viable Presidential Candidate
» Another Biden Gaffe: Tells Girls Who Can Write Computer Code, “You’re As Smart As Any Guy”…


Dang. Not bad for a JV team.

» July 2014: Iraq tells U.N. that ‘terrorist groups’ seized nuclear materials

Insurgents in Iraq have seized nuclear materials used for scientific research at a university in the country’s north, Iraq told the United Nations in a letter appealing for help to “stave off the threat of their use by terrorists in Iraq or abroad.”

Nearly 40 kilograms (88 pounds) of uranium compounds were kept at Mosul University

» Report: Islamic State Claims ‘Radioactive Device’ Now in Europe

The claim by Al-Britani comes just days after reports emerged that IS could have in its possession a dirty bomb, the elements of which were obtained via earlier IS raids on a university research facility in Mosul that contained uranium.

“Maybe Britani is lying, and maybe he’s not. But Western officials would be foolish to assume that just because something hasn’t happened yet, it won’t,” Rubin said. “The terrorist groups have the motivation and, thanks to post-withdrawal vacuum created in Iraq, the means to strike the West like never before.”

The threats also should factor into the ongoing debates about border control, according to Rubin.

“Perhaps it’s also time to recognize that open borders and successful counter-terrorism are mutually exclusive,” he said. “It’s a lesson that might fly in the face of Obama’s ideology, but reality will always trump political spin.”

» Obama’s Christmas Gift to ISIS and Al Qaeda

Obama decided to give ISIS, Hamas and Al Qaeda an early Christmas present by freeing their followers from Guantanamo Bay and dispatching them to Uruguay.

Why Uruguay? It’s one of several South American countries run by Marxist terrorists.

Most of the Guantanamo detainees freed by Obama were rated as presenting a high risk to America and our allies. They include a bomb maker, a trained suicide bomber, a document forger and a terrorist who had received training in everything up to RPGs and mortars.

The only thing Obama left out was the partridge in the pear tree. It probably wasn’t Halal.

» A Little Reminder of What Al Qaeda and the Taliban Considered Torture