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December 30, 2012

The Triumphant Gotcha of the ignorant gun-bigots

This story is three days old …. enough time for the leftist gun-grabbing liars to have realized that they got screwed.

» 2 Rocket Launchers Turned In During LAPD Gun Buyback

The department says it picked up 75 assault weapons as part of its no-questions-asked effort that saw $100 dollar cards handed out for handguns and long guns and $200 for the kind of rifle used in the Newtown tragedy. The LAPD says 901 handguns, 698 rifles, 363 shotguns will also be destroyed.

Good stats. But this is the one that gut us saying WTF:
Cops picked up two — count ’em two — rocket launchers (!) (and not one, as other outlets are reporting), an LAPD official with close knowledge of the program told us. Holy hell why do people on our streets have military grade rocket launchers?

When I said ‘leftist gun-grabbing liars‘ I didn’t limit that to the sniveling putz that wrote the article. It includes the idiots of the L.A.P.D. that paid $100 for an empty cylinder of aluminum and fiberglass that is slightly less dangerous than a wiffle bat – and then did a jump-run to the media cameras and microphones to announce their great triumph over the evil American gun culture.
The ‘rocket launchers’ they bought? Spent cartridges …. at best: Rocket Launchers At LA Gun Buyback? Give me a break!

There are two things left out of most of the reports. The first is that it’s completely legal to own these and the second is that if you wanted to kill someone with them, the only way you might be able to do it is by whacking them over the head.
The launcher for the AT-4 is single use. It cannot be reloaded and is really only there to protect the person firing it from the rocket discharge and to provide a basic means of aiming the rocket. Once the rocket has been fired, the tube is regarded as being spent. It cannot be reloaded with a new rocket ………

Here’s the KICKER …….

In this case, these “launchers” never even launched a missile. That’s because these are not, in fact “inert” versions of the launcher, as indicated by the yellow band on them, meaning they never fired a missile and may not even have the basic electrical connections needed to do so.

They are just empty shells, props of the weapon. They would be used for training soldiers on how to properly handle the AT-4, but they are not functional launchers, and even if they were, they would be useless without the rockets.

In essence, get a six inch PVC pipe from Lowes, green paint, little red button from Radioshack, and a strap from Walmart …. combine with some stupid California moonbat cops and you got yourself an anti-gun talking point …. something David Gregory can wave around in D.C. without breaking any laws.

» California gun sales jump; gun injuries, deaths fall

Gun deaths and injuries have dropped sharply in California, even as the number of guns sold in the state has risen, according to new state data.

Dealers sold 600,000 guns in California last year, up from 350,000 in 2002, according to records of sale tallied by the California Attorney General’s office.

During that same period, the number of California hospitalizations due to gun injuries declined from about 4,000 annually to 2,900, a roughly 25 percent drop, according to hospital records collected by the California Department of Public Health.

Firearm-related deaths fell from about 3,200 annually to about 2,800, an 11 percent drop, state health figures show.

» A warning to gun grabbers and collectivist media: By calling for gun control, you are unleashing your own worst nightmare

in the last ten days alone over 10 million firearms were purchased in America, and over a billion rounds of ammunition were taken home and put away by U.S. gun owners.
This was, of course, all a reaction to the screaming gun grabbers who are hyperventilating about guns and ignorantly calling for the abolishment of the Second Amendment and the complete disarmament of the American people. This utterly insane screaming fest by whiny, pathetic gun grabbers and collectivist control freaks has only accomplished one thing: the massive ARMAMENT of American citizens, most of whom absolutely will NOT surrender their firearms under any circumstances.
Gun-owning Americans are growing increasingly sick and tired of being called bad people simply because they choose to protect their homes, families and communities with firearms. White gun owners are sick of being irrationally called “racist” for choosing to own guns. (Historical fact: Martin Luther King owned “an arsenal” of guns and often carried a concealed handgun.)

Southerners are sick and tired of being depicted as idiotic rednecks by the uppity liberal media and its distorted, race-baiting TV shows. And the gun owners of America have just about had enough of being blamed for the violence of one crazy, medicated young man who committed murder in Connecticut.

Rogue Gun on Rampage!
Here’s a headline the mainstream media forgot to use … just slipped through the cracks … they’re busy folk ya know:
» San Antonio Theater Shooting
Nuff said? Another “gun-nut” went to the movies thinking it was a county-fair turkey shoot.

No, there’s a reason the MSM never picked up on this one ……

There was an off duty county deputy at the theater. SHE pulled out her gun and shot the man 4 times before he had a chance to kill anyone. So since this story makes the point that the best thing to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun, the media is treating it like it never happened.

Only the local media covered it. The city is giving her a medal next week. Just thought you’d like to know.

This incident doesn’t fit into the narrative of the anti-gun media.

» The next gun control angle – insurance scam

The tide has been turning rather quickly against the gun grabbing gang as the year draws to a close, and they’ve clearly noticed. With nearly three quarters of all Americans opposed to a ban on handguns, and a slim majority even opposing bans on so called “assault rifles,” Second Amendment opponents find themselves in need of more “creative” ways to go after your guns. The latest one being picked up from the reliable liberal arsenal and dusted off is the idea of forcing legal gun owners to purchase liability insurance for their weapons. This brainstorm is brought to you by Megan McArdle.

McArdle is actually quite refreshing in her approach. Rather than trying to sneak around and disguise her intentions behind compassionate sounding paeans to save the children, protect the mentally ill and eliminate the sale of Grand Theft Auto, the author comes right out and admits what was fairly obvious to the rest of us already. It’s not going to cut down on crime, it will pose a significant barrier to law abiding citizens who wish to purchase weapons and it will convert insurance companies into a tool for doing what Congress should be constitutionally barred from enacting. This kind of brutal honesty about your intentions is to be admired.

So give her a congratulatory pat on the back …. then slap the ever-loving crap out of her.

» Senate Aiming for Our Guns

Perennial hypocrite Senator Dianne Feinstein from the Insane Peoples’ Republic of California is coming after guns – again. She has a history of attacking the Second Amendment’s foundations with attempts to demonize certain types of firearms and seeking legislation banning sales and possession of guns. She is also registered to carry a concealed firearm. It’s okay for her, but you’re not trustworthy.

This is gonna be interesting ….
» LET THE RIOTS BEGIN! France slashes welfare benefits to Muslim parasites by a whopping 83%!

You know things are bad when even the socialists are fed up with having to support the Muslim freeloaders. It seems that immigration policies of France, are seriously changing. The country is no longer able to hold back the crowd of Muslim invaders, many of whom do not want to integrate into the social and economic life of their new home country, and are content to live off the state and breed like rabbits.

» First Plane Out Of Benghazi

It says something about the current state of asymmetrical warfare that not only can Al Qaeda throw together a coordinated string of attacks on American embassies around the region without anyone being the wiser for it, but boatloads of migrants from Libya can reach Europe faster on muscle power than American forces can reach a mission under attack while equipped with jet power.

» John Kerry at State: A Disaster for Israel

While Kerry was on his February 2009 junket to the Middle East, it was no mere coincidence that Rep. Keith Ellison was in Gaza at the same time. This was a coordinated effort by senior Democrats to demonstrate to Israel’s government that the pro-Israel attitude of the Bush Cheney years were over.
At the Democratic Convention in 2012, Kerry ignored the decision of his party leadership to remove Jerusalem from their platform and instead opened his podium speech by attacking Romney for his “neo-con advisors.” He then proceeded to quote Benjamin Netanyahu out of context. …
The word “neo-con” has a tendency to be code for “pro-Zionist.” Kerry’s words show that he will be hostile to the very existence of Israeli towns in the suburbs of Jerusalem. Democrats consider these “settlements” to be part of the “Occupied West Bank,” and he will label them as such.

» French court rejects 75 percent millionaires’ tax
» Insanity Is Unsustainable

Today’s Gun-Control Fact
via Gun Control Fact-Sheet 2004 / From Gun Owners Foundation

Justice Department study:

* 3/5 of felons polled agreed that “a criminal is not going to mess around with a victim he knows is armed with a gun.”(42)

* 74% of felons polled agreed that “one reason burglars avoid houses when people are at home is that they fear being shot during the crime.”

* 57% of felons polled agreed that “criminals are more worried about meeting an armed victim than they are about running into the police.”

42 U.S., Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice, “The Armed Criminal in America: A Survey of Incarcerated Felons,” Research Report (July 1985): 27.


…. article takes both Damon and anti-fracking celebrity Yoko Ono to task for demonizing a process which could be a game changer for both the American economy and energy independence as a whole.

» Poor Piers: Americans don’t want him, British won’t take him

Piers Morgan’s ratings at CNN seem to rely on his anti-Americanism. He only stood for the national anthem after being heckled. He called for an “amendment to the Bible,” and calls the Constitution “flawed.” It’s telling that petitions have gained steam on both sides of the pond — one to deport him from the U.S. and one to keep him from returning to the U.K.