Approximate numbers of people butchered and maimed by Islamic assholes by year.
(by Nov 13 2018)
2018: 10,071/ 10,213

2017: 16,386 / 14,360
2016: 21,413 / 26,730
2015: 27,588 / 26,136
2014: 32,862 / 27,522
2013: 16,774 / 29,577
2012: 11,546 / 20,254
2011: 9,086 / 16,921
2010: 9,233 / 17,461
2009: 9,176/ 18,612
2008: 10,798 / 18,088
2007: 20,478 / 27,317
2006: 15,245 / 19,496
2005: 7,625 / 12,855
2004: 7,166 / 14,574

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Injuries : 0



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December 30, 2013

» ‘Completely false’: Sources on ground in Benghazi challenge NYT report

New York Times report published over the weekend has angered sources who were on the ground that night. Those sources, who continue to face threats of losing their jobs, sharply challenged the Times’ findings that there was no involvement from Al Qaeda or any other international terror group and that an anti-Islam film played a role in inciting the initial wave of attacks.

“It was a coordinated attack. It is completely false to say anything else. … It is completely a lie,”

“Guys were coming into the compound, moving left, moving right…and using IMT (individual movement techniques). … That’s not a spontaneous attack,” one special operator said.

“One guy was shooting, one guy was running. There are guys watching the gates. … The bosses on the ground were pointing, commanding and coordinating — that is a direct action planned attack.”

» NYT Tries to Clean up Benghazi for Hillary: “What Difference Does it Make Now?” Hillary’s Presidency

Hillary Clinton needs a severe scrubbing to make the ticket and Democrats know it. The use of lye – to leach the truth from the public conscious, is not invisible, and we know it. According to the investigation, Libyans interviewed claim the infamous, little-seen video filmed in English, The Innocence of Muslims, sparked the attack. Not only did the NYT print the claim, but they lend it some credence. They ignore, as did Democrats, the information gleaned by those on the ground the night of the murders.

In the discussion of security and how we may have saved lives the night of the attacks, we CAN quote Hillary Clinton: “what difference does it make now” where we place blame. It makes a difference, and it may make the difference. She denied and quashed increased security and moved security teams, paid for by Defense, not State, out of the country. Americans died and Hillary lied. There is one bottom line: four Americans are dead with no justice received and none on the horizon, and she and the White House did nothing to protect us from terror — nothing.

The State Department and the White House are to blame, and shame on the NYT for their willingness to resort to the word of base individuals with every reason to place blame on the United States. This is about Hillary’s win in 2016 and increased Democrat seats in Congress in 2014. Now the dangerous games begin.

» The Treason Of Barack Obama

People are running around trying to get voters to turn out next year so Republicans can hold the House and gain control of the Senate, as if this will solve the problem of Barack Obama. It won’t.

Others have said the solution is a constitutional convention to assert the powers of the people and the states to rein in this out of control interloper. It won’t work.

Some hold out hope that scandals will catch up to this criminal, or that the birth certificate issue will cook his goose. With half the population as uncaring as the lapdog media, these options don’t hold promise either.

A growing number call for a military insurrection or citizen revolt, but let’s be realistic: any suggestion that we remove this man from office by lawless acts or violent intervention is stupid, doomed to failure. In the name of preserving the rule of law we contemplate breaking the law, risking military dictatorship, and forever losing civilian control of the military. Destroying liberty in the name of saving it is Obama’s methodology across the board.

If we are to avoid this catastrophe (or at least minimize it) and set right the sails of state, Obama must be removed from power, immediately, and there is only one way to accomplish this, legally, and expeditiously. It will require courageous leadership in Congress ….

If our only hope is the courage of Congress, we are thoroughly and completely screwed.

The President of the United States is funding and aiding the sworn enemies of the United States. That is the very definition of treason. In Washington’s day, this man would be facing a firing squad.
Either we demand Obama be charged with treason, and make a commitment to see this through, immediately, or this man will destroy our country and the future for our kids and grandchildren.

» White House Urged to Name ‘CEO’ to Run Obamacare

Some healthcare reform allies say the complexity of the federal marketplace requires a CEO-type figure with clear authority and knowledge of how insurance markets work.

Once the train has left the tracks, isn’t it too late to start looking for an engineer? Someone who might actually know which end of the train the locomotive is on?

The White House is not embracing the idea of creating a CEO, administration officials said.
“This isn’t happening. It’s not being considered,” …

Which is to say (THHO)Obama can’t think of a single muslim or communist that can even spell insurance.

Only 14 states opted to create and operate their own exchanges, leaving the Obama administration to operate a federal marketplace for the remaining 36 states that can be accessed through

Healthcare experts say there is no specific official dedicated to running the operation.

A CMS spokesman said exchange functions overlap across different groups within the agency’s Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight.

The lack of a clear decision-making hierarchy was identified as a liability months before the disastrous Oct. 1 launch of

“The administration is confronted by a series of problems they cannot solve on their own. They do not possess internally the competencies or the exposure or the information,”

But they know how to play golf, by golly.
From the comments:

A further question should be asked. Is this proposed additional position, of course with a huge salary and benefits, is it actually part of the law as written, passed and enacted, or is this Obama once again dictating

To quote Hillary, What difference, at this point, does it make … after the dozens of infractions of that law by (THHO)Obama, whether any proposal, decision or dictate of the (THHO)One is within the bounds of the law as written?

~~ via Doug Ross

» As Predicted, ObamaCare Plunges Into ‘Utter Chaos’

» Gil Voigt, a Thought Criminal on His Way to Room 101
» Father Do Not Forgive Them. They Know Damn Well What They Do.


» My New Year’s Resolution: Get More Aggressive Making Fun of The Progressives

… for 2014 I am dead set to morph from being a pretty good conservative gadfly to the lunatic Left to becoming an even more annoying source of angst for the progressives amongst us. Why? Well, the stakes are too high for conservatives to remain nice. Additionally, the folks who voted for BHO’s vapid crap are slowly waking up and need encouragement and feisty apologetics now. But mainly, destroying, ridiculing, and exposing the multitudinous liberal lies and honking hypocrisies from the Hope & Change wizards is more fun than burning ants for me.

– To bust on the left: Next time you hear a reference to “America’s first black president,” counter by referring to Obama as “America’s 44th white president.” Explain that you’re doing so on feminist grounds: “What? You’re trying to tell me that his Caucasian mom’s genetic input doesn’t count? But that’s so SEXIST!”

– When a liberal asks what you’re buying your kids for their birthdays, say: “Oh, I guess the usual: more ammo.”

– Give your small children toy guns and tell your liberal friend, “Yeah, I think this is the best way to break them in so they can handle the real thing when they’re six or seven.”


In a whatwazzat head jerk that has put America’s Liberal intelligentsia’s collective necks out of joint, the New York media giant known as the Arts & Entertainment has been intellectually and spiritually donkey punched by a redneck hillbilly philosopher named Phil, appropriately enough . . .

» A Left-Wing America Stands Alone

America’s massive wealth and resources have allowed the left to act as if it could borrow against them indefinitely to finance its big government schemes. Imagine a billionaire’s fortune falling into the hands of his idiot wastrel son who has no idea that money ever runs out.

Smaller countries don’t have the luxury of running up infinite debts and not worrying about how they will be paid back or pretending that impossible rates of economic growth will compensate for trillion dollar deficits.

America is the left’s economic fantasyland because it has so much that they imagine that it will take a long time to bankrupt.

Higher minority birth rates also mean that the United States has a larger percentage of the youth vote than many First World countries and a younger electorate is dumber and more vulnerable to bells and whistles. A country with an older population would not have embarrassed itself by running around in Obama t-shirts and weeping and fainting at his rallies. Older people are capable of behaving stupidly, but it takes a country with a lower voter age to elect a man whose only real credential was celebrity.

Obama is something unique. He’s the end product of a venture by liberal billionaires from the financial and tech sectors to build a radical Trojan horse politician. They invested a great deal of money into their project and the dividends have been huge. No other First World country has been victimized by such a calculated scheme or had so many resources invested in hijacking its democracy.

While the rest of the First World moves on, America remains trapped in the defunct economic and political grip of the left. After dedicating enormous resources to taking over the Democratic Party and then the country, the left has turned the United States of America into its Soviet Union, a country out of time, its economy and society wracked by the discredited political and economic theories of the left.

» Sharia’s Protector

For the least worst two-thirds of a century in its history, the vast fractious tribal dump of Sudan was run by about 200 British civil servants. These days, I doubt the smallest Obamacare branch office makes do with fewer than 200 “navigators.” Yet, alert to the obsolescence of the mid-20th-century social programs, the Right remains largely blind to the similarly too-big-to-fail model of the American way of war. No serious person can argue that we’re not spending enough money. The problem is we waste so much of it — to the point where in Afghanistan the Western occupation accounts for 97 percent of GDP, and all we have built is another squalid sharia state.

The American way of war is to win the war in nothing flat, and then spend the next decade losing the peace. The American people have digested that to the point where they assume that, no matter how “unbelievably small” (as Kerry promised of Syria) the next intervention is, it’s a fool’s errand. The rest of the world grasps it, too. If Hamid Karzai treats Washington with contempt and gets away with it, why expect the Iranians to behave any differently? A nation responsible for almost half the planet’s military spending goes into battle with the sentimental multiculti fantasist twaddle of Greg Mortensen’s Three Cups of Tea as its strategy manual — and then wonders why it can’t beat goatherds with fertilizer.


Kill and cry. That is Islamic strategy boiled down to its essential oils.

First, they murder and then whine about islamophobia. Slaughter, then school us on racist-islamophobic-anti-muslim-bigoty.

Consider if Christian groups around the world started beheading people while screaming things like “In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” What would that say about Christianity?

What does it say about Islam? Jihadists play soccer with severed heads.

And yet…….the tools at The Guardian cut and pastes this propaganda from jihadist websites and runs it as news: UK anti-Muslim hate crime soars

» Alan Combes Replaced With Beck Hannity Limbaugh: NYCs WWRL Drops Ed Schultz

Capitalism at work. Los Angeles’ KTLK wants success and can’t get there with Liberal talkers. What took so long to figure it out?

» The Pathetic Irrelevance of Jesse Jackson

Once the civil rights movement did good in America by erasing vestigial remnants of the long-ago days of slavery. Despite his communist associations and personal flaws, Martin Luther King Jr.’s basic message was positive: We would be much better off if our society judged us by the content of our character, as he advocated.

However, we are increasingly less judged by our character than our ethnicity, thanks to a racial hierarchy based on phony victimhood that has been imposed on us in part by demagogues who hijacked the civil rights movement.

Prominent among them is Jackson, who smeared King’s blood on his shirt in his eagerness to claim his mantle.

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» ‘Mystery Ice Traps Global Warmists’

The Antarctic ice was unaware that the science was settled… and settled in place instead trapping Turney and his media Warmist allies in its Climate Change denier grip.

The metaphor just couldn’t be more fitting: desperate true believers of global warming/accelerating polar ice melt now find themselves trapped by thousands of square kilometers of summertime sea ice that wasn’t supposed to be there.