Approximate numbers of people butchered and maimed by Islamic assholes by year.
(by Nov 13 2018)
2018: 10,071/ 10,213

2017: 16,386 / 14,360
2016: 21,413 / 26,730
2015: 27,588 / 26,136
2014: 32,862 / 27,522
2013: 16,774 / 29,577
2012: 11,546 / 20,254
2011: 9,086 / 16,921
2010: 9,233 / 17,461
2009: 9,176/ 18,612
2008: 10,798 / 18,088
2007: 20,478 / 27,317
2006: 15,245 / 19,496
2005: 7,625 / 12,855
2004: 7,166 / 14,574

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Deaths : 0
Injuries : 0



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December 6, 2014


… six shale deposits located on private and state lands have accounted for 90 percent of the U.S. growth in oil production and nearly all of the natural gas production growth. As a result, the United States is now the world’s largest producer of both oil and natural gas.

As recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies, there has not been a single instance of water contamination as a result of fracking in the more than 1 million fracked wells in the United States for more than six decades.

The administration has been keen on passing new environmental regulations for fracking on federal lands through the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management. The problem is they’re having trouble finding a good reason to do so …

In Williston, N.D., home to one of the country’s most productive shale resource deposits, McDonald’s is offering signing bonuses and Wal-Mart is hiring cashiers for $17.40 an hour, almost 2.5 times the minimum wage.


although there are a variety of reasons to be outraged at Gruber’s comments, conservatives should take a breath and realize they’re probably not the ones Gruber was calling stupid and ignorant.

The people who fit Gruber’s description are the Democratic base, independents who voted for Obama and the congressional Democrats in 2008, and the journalists, think-tank denizens, and others who were and remain reliable defenders of Obamacare and the administration’s policies.

Consider who was actually fooled by the promises about lower premiums, keeping your plan and your doctor, deficit reduction, and other key claims regarding Obamacare. It sure wasn’t Republicans or conservatives, most of whom have consistently seen through the lies Gruber and others offered in support of Obamacare.

You’ve never heard of a swindler insulting the intelligence of people who didn’t fall for his scam, only the people who did. Once you recognize this, it’s clear who should and who shouldn’t feel insulted by Gruber’s comments about the stupidity of the American voter.

Grand jury testimony shows that the community of Ferguson, Missouri did make this problem up. In fact, they lied, they intimidated witnesses, and they pressured others to lie – all to put an innocent man behind bars for the rest of his life in the name of social justice.

This is evil. An entire community conspiring to put an innocent man in prison for the rest of his life based on his race is evil. But then again, so is “social justice” – the notion that individual lives and decisions don’t matter, so long as the narrative of American racism is forwarded. Truth is the first casualty of the social justice mob. And in Ferguson, and now across America, that mob runs wild.

» Saul Alinsky Lives in Ferguson

In his quest to cultivate the type of chaos that would spark social revolution against America’s capitalist system, Alinsky exhorted activists to constantly “rub raw the resentments of the people” and “fan the latent hostilities to the point of overt expression”—but to do this in measured tones, so as not to “scare off” middle-class Americans.

Thus did Obama dutifully and blandly call for “unity” and calm in the immediate aftermath of Michael Brown’s “heartbreaking and tragic” death, even as he repeatedly reminded us that: “police should not be bullying or arresting” anyone without cause; “in too many communities, too many young men of color are left behind and left as objects to fear”; “there is no excuse for excessive force by police”; “the justice gap” between whites and nonwhites is unacceptable; “the criminal-justice system doesn’t treat people of all races equally”; and “too many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement, guilty of walking while black, or driving while black, judged by stereotypes that fuel fear and resentment and hopelessness.” And when the grand jury in Ferguson subsequently chose not to indict Darren Wilson because the officer obviously had shot Michael Brown in self-defense, Obama pronounced the black community’s indignation to be “an understandable reaction.”

Alinsky understood quite well that even a pathetic moral degenerate like Sharpton can be an effective revolutionary if he is skilled in the otherwise worthless arts of bluster and righteous indignation.

Like all Marxists, Obama, Sharpton, Farrakhan, and the rest of their fellow revolutionaries seek to tear society apart by pitting the “races,” the “classes,” and the “genders” against one another—“rubbing raw” their respective “resentments” until hatred abounds in every person’s heart and mayhem fills the streets.

» Please Don’t Take Away My Oppression!

America is the least racist multi-cultural society since the Roman empire. There’s really never been anywhere on earth where so many different peoples live together so well. The trouble that besets us is not white against black, and it’s not black against white either. It’s the left against liberty.

Leftism — by which I mean the end of liberty through forced “equality” — by which I mean the absolute power of a ruling class over the unwashed many — by which I mean tyranny — by which I mean leftism — uses race as a ploy, uses the poor as pawns, uses violence as a means, but has only one purpose: power; the power of the elite few. As valid excuses to exercise that power (slavery and segregation) fall away, it creates false excuses (Duke, Trayvon, Ferguson). When the false excuses are exposed, it creates make-believe injustices (white privilege, micro-aggression). When the make-believe is laughed off, it seizes the next moment of high tension to spew lies, gin up emotion, and engineer violence. Then, in the aftermath of the wholly unnecessary turmoil, rage and destruction, we’re all supposed to wearily agree: ”Something must be done.”

The only thing that needs to be done is to boot the leftists out of power and off TV.

» Property is peace

Call it the redistribution of justice: how can anyone worry about mere property rights when a “kid” has been killed?

The moral logic of rioting and looting is built upon such assumptions. My cause is so righteous that your pitiful property rights are swept away, like so much chaff in the wind of my fury. Any complaint you might tender is selfish and petty. In fact, if you insist on keeping your store intact, shopping at a mall without facing an intimidating mob of protesters, or making lawful use of a public road at a time like this, you’re part of the problem, man.

“Powerful politicians” means Big Government, which means the atrophy of property rights. The State can only grow huge by claiming a big chunk of every dollar, becoming a partner in every business, and asserting primal rights over capital. The modern American Left transmits a very strong sense – stated explicitly with increasing frequency – that the government owns everything, acting as the collective agent of The People, and generously “allows” us to keep whatever it chooses not to tax and regulate away. All of the hot liberal social and economic theories presume an effectively unlimited collectivist claim on property; the government restrains itself from seizing everything not because such action would be unconstitutional or morally unacceptable, but because it would be counter-productive to strangle the geese that lay all those golden eggs.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» Democrat Mayor Don Cravins Openly Calls for Voter Fraud in Louisiana
» The UVA Gang Rape that Wasn’t


» Black Lives Don’t Matter

… progressives are far more interested in toting around the corpse of Michael Brown to their protests than in the living man he was.

It wasn’t Darren Wilson who decided that black lives don’t matter. Michael Brown did.

The leading cause of death for young black men is murder. The perpetrators are other young black men.

If black lives really mattered, then the life of a young black man shot down by a criminal would matter at least as much as Michael Brown. But those black lives don’t matter.

The gang is to the black community as the cartel is to lawless parts of Mexico, except that the American equivalents of the Narcocorrido, the songs glamorizing cartel drug dealers, are distributed by major music labels and their performers are invited to the White House.

Does a black man have to be killed by a white cop for his life to matter to the left? That’s the only conclusion that can be drawn from Ferguson.

» DA Strikes Back At Jon Stewart For Ferguson Lies

“We lead the state in California of officers being killed in the line of duty. Why isn’t anybody protesting and marching about that?”

Step aside, y’all – I got this one.
Because protesting and marching over the deaths of police officers does not address, propagate nor advance the agenda of the communist agitators working behind the curtains of each and every incident of public outrage over self-precipitated elimination of wasted humanity.

For example:
» SC Jury Indicts White Officer for Killing Black Man – Media Ignores
But first, I have to say this headline is leading and “mis-ly” so; as in misleading. Media didn’t ignore as evidenced by the several links to media reports. But the story was ignored by those who routinely whip other stories into the national headlines.
Why didn’t Al Sharpton bolt from his cage at MSNBC, trot down to Eutawville, SC and whip up a couple of riots? Glad I asked – it’s because he thought that this case was going to trial and conviction was a foregone conclusion. An actual case of white cop killing an innocent black man and going to prison for it doesn’t offer enough meat for his self-serving purposes.
Same for the anarchists currently goading the ignorant portions of the Ferguson black community to destroy their town. Same for the communists that are patiently waiting for ignorant citizens and anarchists to tear down civilization and create an social environment in which anything – including communism – seems like an improvement.

In other words, nobody currently screeching and stomping their feet over Saint Michael, the Swisher of the Sweets, or Saint Trayvon, or whoever, gives a diddly-damn about the lives of blacks unless there’s a anticipated political return on their indignant investment.

If you want to know when the lives of blacks will start improving watch for Al Sharpton being slapped to the ground by some local small-town black leaders at the city limits.

I dont drink wine. I prefer my beverages not taste like kerosene. However, I might have to order me some of this:

» Barossa Valley wine called 72 Virgins sold as fundraiser for anti-Islamic organisation, Q Society

Profits from the “fine Australian sparkling wine” will go to the Q Society, which bills itself as “Australia’s Leading Islam-critical Movement”.

The Q Society warns that Islam is linked to discrimination and violence and run lectures teaching about “the true nature of this totalitarian theocratic ideology”.

~~ via MoonBattery: Wine Recommendation

Hal & Al is a play on “halal.” Hopefully Muslim colonists enjoy the joke.

Yea, like all the other jokes they have enjoyed? Like cartoons. Muzzies just love those moe-ham-ed cartoons, dont they?

» Invasion by Underage Illegal Aliens Has Already Cost a Fortune

These expenses are insignificant compared to the incalculable cost of importing an entire new underclass that will be a drain on every aspect of society for decades to come, if not permanently.

» The IRS Scandal Is Not Going Away

The utter contempt the Obama administration shows toward the oversight powers of Congress, toward the millions of information technology-savvy Americans who grasp the lying and silly explanations provided by the administration, and toward federal judges who have ordered serious explanations for presumably “destroyed” e-mails is breathtaking and appalling.

Once the new Republican Congress convenes in a few weeks, its leaders would do well to create a joint committee on the IRS scandal, elevating it to the highest levels of congressional action and putting the mendacious IRS flacks covering for Obama in an even more desperate situation – compounding lies already told to a House committee with new and flimsier lies told to a joint committee of House and Senate members.

» MSM blackout on Hillary’s ’empathize’ with our enemies remark

I have to wonder if the medical problems Mrs. Clinton suffered earlier have affected her mind. Seriously, I don’t mean this as a slam; I am at a loss to understand how she could have come to the conclusion that it would be a good thing to say something like this in a very public forum.

The MSM can bury this all they like. It won’t go away, and it will be available for any GOP opponent, or even for a Democrat primary opponent (Jim Webb comes to mind). Imagine the clips of this cut with images of beheadings.

» What I do when I’m bored

Kaveman: Your algorithm thinks I want to see adverts about firearms but as an advocate for gun control, I want the exact opposite. I want to see anti-gun products.
Tech: Such as?
Kaveman: We like candles and walking around in a big circle, so maybe some comfortable shoe adverts. We also like big pieces of cardboard and black felt markers. Antacids and pepto-bismal are always good and some stain resistant underwear would be much more effective than trying to sells us death machines.
Tech: How about flowers, kleenex and tiny caskets made for children?
Kaveman: Now you’re talking my language.

» Global Warming Goofiness Around the Globe

~~ Another Climate Change Ransom Note

The IPCC’s latest press release says there’s an increased “likelihood” of bad things occurring if humanity doesn’t drastically curtail its carbon dioxide emissions. That’s all the IPCC has: fallible human beings imagining they know what the future holds based on hypothetical scenarios.
IPCC chairman Pachauri declares, in the same press release, that “We have the means to limit climate change.” This is nonsense. If Mother Nature decides it’s time for another ice age, there’s no reason to believe humanity can do anything to stop it.