Approximate numbers of people butchered and maimed by Islamic assholes by year.
(by Nov 13 2018)
2018: 10,071/ 10,213

2017: 16,386 / 14,360
2016: 21,413 / 26,730
2015: 27,588 / 26,136
2014: 32,862 / 27,522
2013: 16,774 / 29,577
2012: 11,546 / 20,254
2011: 9,086 / 16,921
2010: 9,233 / 17,461
2009: 9,176/ 18,612
2008: 10,798 / 18,088
2007: 20,478 / 27,317
2006: 15,245 / 19,496
2005: 7,625 / 12,855
2004: 7,166 / 14,574

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Injuries : 0



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February 20, 2014

» 600-Round Magazines for $25.95

Most Lefties Dont Know They’re Stupid
» Senator proposes gun control regulations that would destroy the entire U.S. handgun market… based on non-viable technology he saw in a James Bond movie

Anti-gun Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey’s proposed gun control legislation is even more absurd than we expected, suggesting that fingerprint recognition and RFID-activated firearms become the standard for so-called smart guns.

Apparently, it doesn’t get cold enough in Massachusetts for people to wear gloves, and people with dirty or injured hands don’t deserve to live if attacked.

What is the gun that Markey singles out as his ideal?

The Armatix iP1.

Markey also fails to note that the Armatix iP1 is only functioning at this time (well, when it does function) as a .22LR. The company does not make a pistol in a recommended centerfire defensive caliber, presumably because the fragile technology shakes itself to pieces when shot in a gun with any measurable recoil impulse.

The real goal of Markey’s legislation is obvious.

» Courant could be shown costs of calling for arrests of ‘undocumented gun owners’

With its call to the state of Connecticut to identify, arrest and prosecute gun owners who have not complied with “assault weapon” registration edicts, The Hartford Courant has removed all pretenses of “common sense gun safety” advocacy, and placed itself squarely in the confiscation and persecution camp. That has not been lost on defiant activists who correctly think of themselves as “undocumented” rather than “illegal.”

The Courant is vulnerable, and they just poked a wolverine that wanted to be left in peace with a very sharp stick. And then threatened to dig up all the burrows…

Big mistake.

We need to understand and accept that there is an ideological cold civil war these Fourth Estate Fifth Columnists and their fellow monopoly of violence zealots are prosecuting against Americans who simply want to be left alone, and that if we don’t treat it as such and respond in kind, they’re going to keep at it. We have given them no incentive to stop, and the more successful they are, the more they’ll be encouraged to turn up the heat.

When your ‘right’ is up to government, it’s not a ‘right’
» San Diego gun case not just about guns

A “right” is an “entitlement” that’s not dependent on the whims of authorities. If you have a right to “free speech,” then you can speak as you choose. The courts let the government enforce a few standards, but it wouldn’t be a “right” if government officials got to preview and restrict what you were planning to say.

That’s obvious, especially when it involves activities that are widely supported. It’s hard to find Americans who don’t agree with letting individuals have the widest latitude to speak and protest. But this apparently simple concept gets muddied with rights that are less popular, such as those involving gun ownership.

“The Bill of Rights exists to constrain government action, and it isn’t fair that law-abiding citizens in some parts of the country have to convince their local government that they should be allowed to exercise their constitutional rights,” …So the case isn’t just about guns, but also about what it means for the public to have “rights.”

» Dishonor in the Military

A major barrier on the road to Hope & Change is the culture of the military, which places a high premium on honor. Honorable defenders of the Constitution may not be reliable when it comes to executing certain orders. So honor needs to be destroyed.
There is an ongoing purge of top officers almost reminiscent of Stalin’s purges of the Red Army. It stands to reason that officers chosen by Obama to replace those who have been purged are less likely to engender respect than to be politically compliant. The Secretary of Defense is an incompetent kook whose foreign policy views have been indistinguishable from Cindy Sheehan’s. Every possible effort has been made to encourage degeneracy and to suppress Christianity.

Who knows what other surreptitious forms the campaign to destroy the military’s culture and morale might be taking?

… But Obama’s work isn’t done yet.

» Wisconsin NG soldier suspended

In The Great Scheme of Things, this story is a popcorn fart. But, apparently Ms. Harrison and some others haven’t run into the boundaries of decent behavior, and that leaves it up to we veterans to demonstrate to her, her friends, and the rest of the military what is unacceptable behavior. Quite obviously, they didn’t get that from their families, or from their leadership, so it’s left up to us, the Old Guard of the military to establish those boundaries.

… combat patches are few and far between in those pictures, and this generation of troops, the ones who don’t know war, don’t fully understand the impact of war on our jobs. They’ve inherited the good will that generations of warriors before them have built for them, and obviously, they interpreted that inheritance as some sort of armor to protect them from the ill-will that they can generate with their bad behavior. But it’s up to each new generation to reinforce that good will, that professional image that Americans have of the folks who sacrifice for them.

The media would like to present the military as a bunch of out-of-control borderline criminals, and this blog is the voice of the majority of veterans who won’t tolerate that image. For every troop that misbehaves in public, there are thousands who wouldn’t even contemplate that behavior ….

» NOT CREEPY AT ALL: Obama FCC Placing Government Monitors in Newsrooms to Police Media

That’s right, the Obama Administration has developed a formula of what it believes the free press should cover, and it is going to send government monitors into newsrooms across America to stand over the shoulders of the press as they make editorial decisions.

This poses a monumental danger to constitutionally protected free speech and freedom of the press.

We’ve seen, and defeated, this kind of attempt to squelch free speech before in the likes of the Fairness Doctrine and the Grassroots Lobbying Bill …. Each one of these euphemistically named government programs is nothing more than an underhanded attempt to circumvent the Constitution and limit free speech – speech that the government finds inconvenient. They’re equally unconstitutional, and they each must be defeated.

» EPA gets another new power — now able to unilaterally redraw state borders!

Just when you thought the imperial presidency of Barack Obama couldn’t get any worse, consider the citizens of Riverton, Wyo. They woke up one morning to be told by the Environmental Protection Agency they no longer lived in the sovereign state of Wyoming, but in the Wind River Indian Reservation.

… The EPA, an agency charged with protecting the environment, decided, as President Obama has, it could rewrite the law.


Now, liberals are applauded for not lying through their teeth about something.

What are they supposed to say? This Obamacare website is fantastic! And really, haven’t you already read all the magazines in your current doctor’s office anyway?

The New York Times has described Obama’s repeated claim that you could keep your insurance plan and keep your doctor under Obamacare as a mere slip of the tongue: “Mr. Obama clearly misspoke when he said that.”

Misspoke? How exactly does one misspeak, word for word, dozens of times, over and over again?

That wasn’t misspeaking — it was a deliberate, necessary lie. Even Democrats couldn’t have voted for Obamacare if Americans had known the truth. It was absolutely vital for Obama to lie about people being able to keep their insurance and their doctors.


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Illinois’ Obamacare peddlers are telling people the quickest way to find a date is with an insurance card.

“When it comes to pursuing a relationship, a new survey shows that for many Illinoisans, health insurance is an important factor,” reads a statement from Get Covered Illinois, the state’s Obamacare managers. “More than two thirds (67 percent) of those surveyed listed having health coverage as something they value when starting a relationship, more so than the other person owning the latest technology, owning a dog, or having a tattoo.”

In other words, skip the small talk on the first date and just get to the details about your deductible and prescription drug coverage.

The Get Covered Illinois survey expands the theme, and states women are on the prowl for someone with insurance.

That is extremely insulting to young folks and women in general – or is it?
I can see people – who were stupid enough to vote for (THHO)Obama – flaunting their insurance cards to attract prospective partners. That would be pathetic, but it fits the template.


President Barack Obama is using the IRS to silence employers unhappy about Obamacare. That’s the hidden purpose behind the employer mandate delay announced on Feb. 10.

The administration released 227 pages of mind-numbing regulations ridiculously billed as making “the compliance process simpler and easier” for employers. Hidden in the gobbledygook (on pages 125-126) is a requirement that employers sign a statement to the IRS — meaning under penalty of perjury — claiming they have not reduced the number of employees or cut hours to shield themselves from the costs of Obamacare.

Here’s where Big Brother starts running your business. The IRS will forgive changes “because of the sale of a division, changes in the economic marketplace in which the employer operates, terminations of employment for poor performance, or other similar changes.” It’s none of Big Brother’s business why you hire or fire.

The president wants employers to keep quiet before the 2014 election.

~~ VIA

» Allen West Not Ruling Out 2016 Presidential Run

Right now, West’s attention is focused squarely on the upcoming midterm elections. “If we can’t be successful out of 2014 to influence a conservative legislative agenda, I don’t think 2016 matters,” he says. “If we are successful, then we build upon that success, and we’ll see how I can be a part of that success.”

ACORN Lives! in Texas

» Guerilla Revolt Against Obamunism in Rich Liberal SoCal Enclaves
» Commie Castro Twins Seek to ‘Turn Texas Blue’


Filed under

Revealed the absurdity of his worldview
» Getting to Know Oliver Stone

Two months before Chávez’s death last year, Stone praised him on CNN, declaring with a straight face: “He represents hope and change, the things that Obama stood for in our country in 2008.” This past Thursday, in anticipation of the event, the Latin American students published an “Open Letter to Oliver Stone” that declared:

    It is easy to crusade for socialism when you do not suffer the struggles many Latin Americans go through every day in search for food, the long lines in supermarkets to secure the most basic consumer products — not to mention skyrocketing inflation and other perils that socialism imposes on individuals …

… Stone, who is producing a biopic on the life of Hugo Chávez, said the American media don’t give Venezuela a fair shake and implied that student protests against the regime there weren’t legitimate. “Venezuela is a democratically elected government. These people who keep protesting are sore losers ….”

From the comments:

How insulting it is to Latin Americans that the likes of Oliver Stone, Michael Moore, Roseanne and Sean Penn wish to glorify despots while people are being silenced, imprisoned and murdered under the rule of those despots. Honestly, what is it that makes these Liberal Hollywood types forget their humanity?

Also, from the comments after the topic of conversation inevitably turned from Stone to (THHO)Obama:

Exhibit #1: “we are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the united states of america”, those are words from Obama in 2008 (there is a youtube video of it so even if Obama denies he ever said it (via Red line Syria) we have it on record) and are not words spoken by someone who loves and respects the US Constitution. What the heck do you think fundamental transformation means? You do not want to fundamentally transform something unless it has serious faults and this is not in line that most Democrats support. Could you imagine a man saying to his wife, “honey I love you very much but I want to “fundamentally transform” you into a better person”, yes its ridiculous to think this would end well.

Exhibit 2: His upbringing involved a lot of anti-US influences (Davis) and pro marxist philosophies. Has Obama ever pointed to a time when he denounced this sophmoric associations? Not that I am aware of.

Exhibit 3: Obama brags about seeking out Marxist professors; In his memoir “Dreams From My Father” he writes “I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos.The Marxist professors and structural feminists.” So we are to ignore this or are we to believe that he wants to debate the Marxist professor about the evils of Marxism?

“A thought experiment to consider just how much Americans sanction evil.”

… This is why socialism is evil. It employs evil means, confiscation and intimidation, to accomplish what are often seen as noble goals — namely, helping one’s fellow man. Helping one’s fellow man in need by reaching into one’s own pockets to do so is laudable and praiseworthy. Helping one’s fellow man through coercion and reaching into another’s pockets is evil and worthy of condemnation.

The bottom line is that we’ve betrayed much of the moral vision of our Founding Fathers. In 1794, when Congress appropriated $15,000 for relief of French refugees who had fled from insurrection in San Domingo to Baltimore and Philadelphia, James Madison rose on the floor of the House of Representatives to object, saying, “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.” Tragically, today’s Americans — Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative — would hold such a position in contempt and run a politician like Madison out of town on a rail.

“Where were you when you didn’t learn anything about American history?”

» Kerry and the Ukraine

… the sick joke we are asked to regard as Secretary of State has been in Indonesia, droning that “climate change can now be considered the world’s largest weapon of mass destruction, perhaps even, the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.”

Newt Gingrich has called for his resignation over the remark, as it proves that he is irresponsible and disconnected from real world events at best, clinically insane at worse. Gingrich misses the point that Hanoi John was appointed to his post not despite being so conspicuously the wrong man for the job, but pointedly because of it. He is a thumb jabbed in America’s eye ….