Approximate numbers of people butchered and maimed by Islamic assholes by year.
(by March 23 2016)
2016: 5,025 / 6,359

2015: 27,588 / 26,136
2014: 32,862 / 27,522
2013: 16,774 / 29,577
2012: 11,546 / 20,254
2011: 9,086 / 16,921
2010: 9,233 / 17,461
2009: 9,176/ 18,612
2008: 10,798 / 18,088
2007: 20,478 / 27,317
2006: 15,245 / 19,496
2005: 7,625 / 12,855
2004: 7,166 / 14,574

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Deaths : 0
Injuries : 0



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February 26, 2013


The 10th Circuit specifically applied what the decision calls a “two-pronged approach” to Second Amendment claims. In other words, when assessing such claims, the court asks two questions:

1. Does the challenged law “impose a burden on conduct falling within the scope of the Second Amendment’s guarantee?” If not, the law is constitutional.

2. If so, does the law pass muster under a “means-end” test, IE does it pursue a constitutionally acceptable end using means that do not fall afoul of any explicit part of the constitution?

The court in this case completely avoided the second, more complicated question. Rather, they decided right out the gate that since carrying concealed weapons was not a right the Second Amendment was designed to protect, the law was presumptively constitutional

In short, they wrote a decision with a liberal outcome using conservative reasoning on the limits of the Second Amendment. However, that is unlikely to be the end of the story.

For now, however, concealed carry licenses are a privilege, not a right.

That last sentence, I have to disagree.
I would concede that as long as open carry is legal and circumstances do not force choice between open carry or no carry … then fine.

Otherwise …. bite me.

» GOP lawmaker: Obama using fake Twitter messages in fight over gun control

“Obama’s anti-gun campaign is a fraud,” Stockman said. “Obama’s supporters are panicking and willing to do anything to create the appearance of popular support, even if it means trying to defraud Congress,” he added. “I call upon the president to denounce this phony spam campaign.”

New York Boycott 81 (as of 9:25am, 2/26/2013)

Proving, once again, that the Vice-Idiot neither knows nor has ever met a law-abiding citizen.

» Biden: No Law-Abiding Citizen Objects to Attack on Constitution

It’s tempting to laugh, as we did when Baghdad Bob denied the advance of American troops even as Abrams tanks were about to come into view behind him. But not even Joke Biden could be oblivious to the millions of Americans who are extremely alarmed by the Obama Regime’s assault on our constitutional rights, or he wouldn’t have explicitly denied our existence.

The key term is “law-abiding.” A few tweaks to the law, and Biden’s statement will become true.

» What’s the price for getting your own Solyndra up and running? Apparently, around $500,000

If you’re a crony capitalist interested in getting a piece of the Beltway action, the going price for access to the Obama administration appears to be a minimum of $500,000. That would be half a million American dollars you’ll want to launder through the perpetual Obama campaign.

» OBAMA to Bus In People for NRA Protest in Albany
A commenter offers an idea that could and should be implemented across the conservative networks:

If everybody calls the number and reserves a seat, then It will cost them billions to get the millions of people to the event. Even if only a few dozen actually show up.

» Robert Gibbs: I was ordered not to acknowledge existence of drone program
» White House Report Claims Sequestration Will Affect Federal Department That No Longer Exists
» Aaron Dugmore: Too British to Survive British School
» Hollywood is Dead
» Broke Ass Scrub Alert: 32yr. Old Wussy Sues Parents for “Not Loving Enough”


» Jane Mayer’s McCarthyist Attack on Ted Cruz

Cruz made quite clear who he was talking about and why, and any fair-minded observer can draw their own conclusions – unlike, say, when the Senate Majority Leader last summer claimed an unnamed, anonymous source who told him Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes. Cruz didn’t stretch to connect people via tenuous associations, like those who tried to paint Sarah Palin as a secessionist for a marginal political party her husband briefly joined or Rick Perry as a racist for something written on a rock by a person who sold land to his father. He called a bunch of Marxist professors Marxists

From the comments:

…. Republicans need to realize that there is to be no quarter given to the Democrats’ agents in the Press. They need to be denounced and attacked. Their faults need to be exposed to sunlight. Whenever they make a “mistake” that just so happens to draw Republican blood (mistakes that go the other way never seem to happen), they should never be allowed to live it down. e.g. No Republican on CBS should ever fail to mention Dan Rather’s fake memos.

Over the next few years, every Republican invited for an “interview” should come not to have to a friendly question and answer session (which often turns into a hostile cross-examination) but a knock-out brawl with a list of questions the host and his network has failed to ask the Administration.

» Juan Williams: Liberal media will ‘shut you down, stab you, kill you, fire you’ if you disagree

“I always thought it was the Archie Bunkers of the world, the right-wingers of world, who were more resistant and more closed-minded about hearing the other side,” he said. “In fact, what I have learned is, in a very painful way — and I can open this shirt and show you the scars and the knife wounds — is that it is big media institutions who are identifiably more liberal to left-leaning who will shut you down, stab you and kill you, fire you, if they perceive that you are not telling the story in the way that they want it told.”

» Juan Williams: Black voices dismissed as ‘not really black’

…. black voices in America speaking in opposition to liberals are shunned and marginalized

Hey, he noticed. Baby steps, Juan.

I think Williams is intelligent, but not because of his achievement of reaching the level of national celebrity that he enjoys. Being a spouting mouthpiece for racists and communists does not require intelligence, just some amount of talent.
Williams, unlike most of his fellow leftist mouthpieces, does seem to occasionally pick at the loose threads hanging from his dhimmicrat security blanket.

Perhaps one day, Juan will take a good long honest look at himself, employ a little logic and realize he’s been used and abused – that the words and ideas coming from his mouth were never his own.

Or not.

I disagree with the headline itself:

» Ashley Judd’s biggest problem: Her history of bizarre comments
Judd’s bizarre comments are symptoms of her biggest problem.

She has spoken out against having kids, saying it is “unconscionable to breed” while there are so many starving children in the world.

She has criticized the tradition of fathers “giving away” their daughters at weddings, calling that practice “a common vestige of male dominion over a woman’s reproductive status.”

She has even compared mountaintop removal mining to the Rwandan genocide, and has criticized Christianity as a religion that “legitimizes and seals male power.”

I’m not a psychiatrist, I had to look up the spelling of it. But I’m purdy sure there’s some loose and/or disconnected wires in Judd’s head. Bizarre comments are just the tippity tip of the iceburg of insanity that’s banging around inside her noggin.
Which, of course, means she would fit right in with the current dhimmicrat members of the Senate – so yea, it makes sense that she would run for it.
There’s something about being crazy that makes a nut wanna be in charge.

It’s true. We dont need them ….

And we didn’t need them to parrot all the latest buzzwords and catch phrases of the socialist parties either. I am talking about the multiple cases of media political script reading that occurred throughout the 2008 and 2012 campaigns.

But that didn’t seem to catch Conan’s attention did it?

Such a bright boy …
This is the guy being considered to be the number two in charge of our military.


In keeping with the stratagems of the current administration (and yes, I think I used the exact right word) it would be a logical step. Line the Israeli border with U.S. troops so they could be killed by palestinian rockets and picked off by snipers and then look over their shoulders to Israel and yell “stop what you’re doing to piss them off”. And of course, what the Israelis are doing that pisses off the pallys is – existing.

My facepalm callous just got a little thicker

» Pastor Plans Toy Gun Buyback Program
Have you ever wondered why there hasn’t been a liberal bone-head buy back? Cause no one has figgered out how to make change for a turd.

BoneHeadistan, population …. uh, … how many dhimmicrats are there?

» John Kerry’s First ‘Gaffe’ As Secretary Of State
Note the use of the word ‘First’?

Mind if I ramble?

» US stopping use of term ‘Negro’ for census surveys
The decision is based on an assumption that Americans with certain physical characteristics are insulted by the word Negro and prefer to be classified as something else.

There was a time, ya know, that some Americans took offense at the word ‘black’ being used to describe them – they preferred, at that time, to be called Negro.
Then African-American.
Then black.
Now … what?

According to my brief investigation of the origins of the english word Negro, it’s not even a real ‘scientific’ or genealogical classification … and coincidentally neither is caucasian, being a purely ‘coined’ word.

So why does the U.S. Census need to classify Americans by race in the first place? Assuming the U.S. Census exists to fulfill the Constitutional requirement that the number of Americans be counted every ten years (Article 1, Section 2), it should also be noted that there is no constitutional requirement for separating the count by race. I reckon that is just another self-assigned duty of the Census Bureau – along with all the other information they think they have the duty to ask you about.

That seems to a typical characteristic of bureaucrats – to assume more responsibility, duty and power than they were assigned with or entitled to.

EPA, ATF are good examples of that.

ok, I’m done with that ramble. I didn’t know where it was going in the beginning, and not sure where it ended up.

» Transferring Power to Those Who Take Our Money

Stephen Bauman, President and CEO of World Relief, provided a disturbing glimpse into the liberal psyche at a “Justice Conference” …. bring those who receive aid into the strategy and planning, and to give them power

As usual, a right-winger’s casual offhand snark serves to blow the liberal bonehead’s thesis slam outta the water :

If savages in remote African hellholes were in a position to determine how to spend aid money most constructively, they would be competent enough not to need it.

» Guts to Speak the Truth About Islam

It is time to wax veracious about one of the most disturbing and chilling realities in US history: When it comes to speaking the truth about Islam – our political class just doesn’t have a pair.

This gaggle of sniveling shills has demonstrated (ad nauseam) that they’d rather bestow sugary accolades upon Islam than discuss its hyper-anti-Semitic and misogynistic practices. Practices — by the way– that are profoundly rooted in Koranic dogma.

In fact – it was this very class that coined the spurious (not to mention laughable) mantra that: “Islam is a religion of peace.”

Truth be told – this bit of mantra will go down as the most acrid, vile and disingenuous piece of dung ever to be flumped by US politicians.

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