Approximate numbers of people butchered and maimed by Islamic assholes by year.
(by Nov 13 2018)
2018: 10,071/ 10,213

2017: 16,386 / 14,360
2016: 21,413 / 26,730
2015: 27,588 / 26,136
2014: 32,862 / 27,522
2013: 16,774 / 29,577
2012: 11,546 / 20,254
2011: 9,086 / 16,921
2010: 9,233 / 17,461
2009: 9,176/ 18,612
2008: 10,798 / 18,088
2007: 20,478 / 27,317
2006: 15,245 / 19,496
2005: 7,625 / 12,855
2004: 7,166 / 14,574

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Injuries : 0



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February 26, 2014

» North Carolina: Wake residents can now go online to apply for gun permits
From the comments, first a New Yorker chimes in:

Making it easier….just great!! When will the hitching posts, stables, and ammo shops be built? And don’t forget the western clothes shop where you can buy chaps and spurs. Yeee ha! ….. [Followed by the usual anti-gun alarmism, recited with little or no original content.]

Answered by:

You hail from a state with restrictive gun laws and high rates of violent crime. We passed a “shall issue” concealed handgun law in 1995, and have seen violent crime overall drop by 46%, with corresponding drops in murder, rape, aggravated assault and robbery. Yet you, with the uniquely deliberate combination of arrogance and ignorance common to the left in general (and gun control advocates in particular) want to dictate how North Carolina should run things.

I’m sure it won’t matter to you, but here is the latest in a long series of controlled, multi-variate studies demonstrating that states with restrictive concealed handgun laws — like yours — experience higher rates of gun-related homicide:

F. Paul Valone
President, Grass Roots North Carolina

The referenced link in turn references this: An examination of the effects of concealed weapons laws and assault weapons bans on state-level murder rates which states in it’s Results and Concluding Remarks:

Given that the average gun-related murder rate over the period in question was 3.44, the results of the present study indicate that states with more restrictive CCW laws had gun-related murder rates that were 10% higher. In addition, the Federal assault weapons ban is significant and positive, indicating that murder rates were 19.3% higher when the Federal ban was in effect. These results corroborate the findings of Lott and Mustard (1997). These results suggest that, even after controlling for unobservable state and year fixed effects, limiting the ability to carry concealed weapons may cause murder rates to increase.


A group of disgruntled students at Dartmouth College sent an 8-page protest letter to leaders of the Ivy League institution Monday calling for reparations for what they claim is the school’s oppressive and racist atmosphere – and threatened “physical action” if their demands are not met.

First you have to know that ‘racial oppression’ don’t mean what it used to mean. Life not handing you everything you want before you ask for it – that’s the new racial oppression.
But physical action still means the same thing – a hissy fit.
~~ via MoonBattery: Dartmouth Students Demand Money, Race Quotas, Speech Restrictions, Sensitivity Brainwashing, and More

Stop snickering. Similarly clownish liberal screwballs were a prominent feature of college campuses in the hippie era. For example, armed black students took over the Naval ROTC offices at Columbia, demanding that it be renamed the “Malcolm X Lounge.” They actually got their way. Today one of them is the Attorney General of the United States. His radical ideology has not perceptibly matured.

Tougher Questions in the BoJangles drivethru

» Holder tells state AG’s not to defend laws they disagree with

State attorneys general have no obligation to defend laws they believe are unconstitutional, the U.S.’ top lawyer, Attorney General Eric Holder, says.

Oh cool. Now the North Carolina Attorney General is not bound to enforce federal gun laws. We can kick BATF out, follow up with a boot in EPA’s rear end and …
… and no, not really.

Holder tells state AG’s not to defend laws that Holder and (THHO)Obama don’t like. Constitutionality has nothing to do with it, demonstrated by the fact that Holder and (THHO)Obama have both broken oath and violated the Constitution in deciding which laws they will or will not enforce.

» Black Pastors: Impeach Holder

» Obama’s ‘Voter ID’ Scam is Busted!

Democrats are losing their minds over Voter ID because they know they can’t win elections without fraud.

… There were voting precincts in Philly where the combined vote was Obama over Romney by about 30,000 to 0. In those precincts GOP poll watchers were forcibly removed for several hours, until judges ordered them back in. During those hours were the ballot boxes stuffed? Did Democrat voters vote 10 times each?
… without Voter ID, there is no way to prove voters are voting multiple times, in different precincts, using false names, or the names of dead voters, or the names of voters who have moved, or using illegal immigrants to illegally vote across this country.

You know it’s true. I know it’s true. But obviously there are still people who don’t know. So we have to keep saying it till every dumbass Obamabot out there gets it.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» By attacking Jonah Goldberg, a recent college grad reveals that the American mind is no longer closing, it’s closed
» NBC’s Russian Propaganda on Display
» Farrakhan Calls for Separate Judicial Systems for Whites and Blacks
» But they still won’t say sorry: Labour’s Harman and Dromey finally break their silence over links to paedophile group
» MUSLIMS TICKED OVER KATY PERRY VIDEO: Will The Admin Blame Attacks On Pop Singer?


» Government Power is an Economic Inequality

Do you know of any company in America where for a few billion, you could become the CEO, run up trillion dollar deficits and parcel out billions to your friends who will then pay the money back to you so you can take over the company again four years later without the shareholders being able to force you out or have you arrested?

This company will allow you to indulge yourself, travel anywhere at company expense, live the good life, and only work when you feel like it. It will legally indemnify you against all shareholder lawsuits, while allowing you to dispose not only of their investments, but of their personal property and that of their children while obligating them to a debt slavery that will run for generations?

There is only one such corporation. It’s the United States Government.

» The Left goes after Mike Rowe and Wal-Mart’s dirty money

These days, Rowe is a crusader for the skilled trades. Among his priorities is jump-starting the American manufacturing sector. To that end, he was supportive of Wal-Mart’s announcement that it would pump $250 billion into U.S. manufacturers. Why, that’s almost big enough to be government money!

Wal-Mart wanted to announce their $250 billion initiative in an advertisement – you know, kind of like how the Administration makes ads touting ObamaCare, except Wal-Mart spent its own money. As luck would have it, Mike Rowe makes a living by providing his face and voice for commercials. Capitalism ensued

Impressive, no? Well, no, not according to the Left and some of their media pets. Wal-Mart, you see, is pure concentrated evil …
Apparently the company was supposed to fork over its two hundred and fifty billion clams in dignified silence – ideally by giving it to Barack Obama, so he could divide it between various deserving sinkholes, after skimming $200 billion off the top for overhead.

Rowe took so much heat for narrating this ad that he wrote a long Facebook post to rebut the criticism, much of which was profoundly dishonest.

Why is Wal-Mart so despised by the Left? Because they do capitalism and they do it so well and they do it without any help from union parasites.
The only real argument anyone has ever had against Wal-Mart is the overwhelming majority of their inventory that comes from China, and this announcement is an indication that they recognize that problem and are investing their own money to correct it.

At the end of the day, it should count for a lot that Wal-mart lacks the compulsive power, or institutional fiscal irresponsibility, of the super-State. There are no “individual mandates” forcing you to buy their products, or work for them. They can’t arbitrarily break agreements with their customers, as this Administration has developed a penchant for doing. Their balance sheets have to add up. I’ll take $250 billion from Wal-mart into manufacturing over an inefficient, corrupt, politicized $250 billion federal stimulus program any day of the week. And I’m really tired of being told I must hate the law-abiding, in an era when the law takes so much effort to obey, unless you have one of those priceless Ruling Class exemptions.

~~ via Hope n’ Change Cartoons : In Arrears

Barack Obama, known throughout the land as “the thriftiest president ever,” has shockingly declared that with his new budget he intends to “end the era of austerity” in our nation’s capital.

The sudden change of heart and decision to start spending money more generously came after the president, in his palatial bedroom, was visited by three spirits: the ghosts of fiscal responsibility past, present, and future.

All of whom he had shot by the Secret Service.

» Feel good story of the day: Will Ferrell shows support for Obamacare on Facebook, gets lambasted

We all know Will Ferrell. He’s the comedian/actor who likes to demonize CEOs for making money while he rakes in $20 to $40 million per movie. In fact, he’s so grossly overpaid, he topped Forbes’ list of most overpaid actors in 2010. But I digress. He recently thought it would be a good idea to advertise for Obamacare on Facebook. He thought wrong.

They Fear
» Huffpo apparently turning into The Onion

… the amount of real, genuine corruption, cover-ups and lawlessness infiltrating the current administration is enough to make Nixon blush and the Huffington Post decides to run a hit-piece on Scott Walker’s race for class president 26 years ago. Facepalm.

Why has the Left restarted their smears of Scott Walker? All of their previous attempts backfired in the their face, especially after his implemented policies proved to be a huge success.
There are rumors of a Walker presidential run, that’s why. And the Left does not attack future potential opposition candidates for which they harbor no fear.