As of Sept 1, this is the best one that I've seen.
It seems solid, good structural integrity ... especially considering it's age.
There's no smell inside - good nor bad.
The roof has been resealed, but I failed to get that in a photo.
The exterior is better than what can be expected with a 28 year old trailer.
There's no holes or major dents or tears. A fresh coat of paint will have it looking like new.

In the photo below you can see the only exterior blemish I could detect: rust streaks.
This was probably due to an old roof defect that has since been fixed. (or covered up, but who knows)
This one spot on the front side is the only place this was found.

ok, except for a line of small drill holes at the bottom, as shown next.
I have no idea what they were for or why they were drilled. But I think they can be plugged with a silicon caulk and painted over, no problem.

The AC/heat pump is reportedly seven years old and appears to be in excellent condition

Here you see the main living room.
The carpet is not pretty. It's in fair shape just an ugly color and needs a deep cleaning. The ceilings are in great shape. I saw no sagging or water stains.

In the kitchen, the counter tops are in good shape. No chips, breaks or missing veneers.
The cabinets are a little rough. But I think some sanding and a coat of paint will fix them up just fine.
Appliances are usable but a little beat up.

Master bath
The tub is good size but the enclosure and trim needs fixing.

The window in the master bath needs to be reglazed, inside and out.
This is the only window that is in bad shape. The rest are fairly good condition.

This is just a quick shot of a walk-in closet in the master bedroom.
For a single wide trailer it's a big closet.

This shows the door of the master bedroom. It's coming apart.
I don't know if that can be repaired or have to be replaced.

In the laundry room, there are stains on the wall behind where the washing machine was.
The wall is not warped or bubbly like it should be if water damaged. Just stained.
The floor is wet because the washing machine had just been removed. I stood on it and poked at it and it seems to be solid with no apparent water damage or rot.

The following two photos are near the back door, showing patches in the wall. They're not very prominent but can be seen.

Here's two shots of the guest bath.

The rest of the photos are just spots that need fixing.