Approximate numbers of people butchered and maimed by Islamic assholes by year.
(by Nov 13 2018)
2018: 10,071/ 10,213

2017: 16,386 / 14,360
2016: 21,413 / 26,730
2015: 27,588 / 26,136
2014: 32,862 / 27,522
2013: 16,774 / 29,577
2012: 11,546 / 20,254
2011: 9,086 / 16,921
2010: 9,233 / 17,461
2009: 9,176/ 18,612
2008: 10,798 / 18,088
2007: 20,478 / 27,317
2006: 15,245 / 19,496
2005: 7,625 / 12,855
2004: 7,166 / 14,574

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Deaths : 0
Injuries : 0



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January 1, 2014

» NY SAFE Act Results in Almost 1,200 Felonies for Gun Owners


Bryan Crosswhite, who has businesses in Washington, D.C. and Virginia, expects the 2AO app to be up and running next month. That’s short for, where any business can register to get a decal on their front door to let their customers know they support the Second Amendment right to bear arms. Consumers will be able to use the app to locate businesses in the registry.

Crosswhite is one of the owners of The Cajun Experience in Leesburg, Va., which for more than a year now has held “Open Carry Wednesday,” in which anyone with a concealed or open carry permit can get a 10 percent discount.

» December 31, 1912

If we were to stop a reveler staggering out of a hotel, stand in his path and tell him that war was five years away and a great depression would come in on its tail, that liquor would be banned, crime would proliferate and a Socialist president would rule the United States for three terms, while wielding near absolute power, he might have decided to make his way to the recently constructed Manhattan Bridge for a swan dive into the river.

And yet we know that though all this is true, there is a deeper truth. For all those setbacks, the United States survived, and many of us look nostalgically toward a time that was every bit as uncertain and nerve-wracking as our own.

Yes, ok, I get it. America has absorbed terrific blows from various opponents – foreign and domestic – since its birth … and not only survived but shook it off and prospered. Yes, we’ve had socialist progressive presidents before that seemed bent on undermining and destroying our Constitutional Republic and reducing it to a third world, poverty-stricken communist hell-hole. And despite it all, America has maintained.

But the problem is, while America still stands, it never recovers fully from the assaults on its founding principles. Like the most successful boxer in history, being able to take multiple blows to the head without any visible damage, it adds up.

We still have a Federal Reserve that was created and set running by a socialist administration over a century ago. We still, each of us, tolerate substantial portions of our earned income being taken and redistributed in the name of social security.
That’s just two examples of residual brain damage from the progressive/socialist punches that were absorbed and shaken off.

Cassius Clay was the master of shaking off the few punches that were not dodged. Halfway through his career he could look back at each fight and believe he was unaffected by the few blows that made the mark. But now he sits in a wheelchair, drooling and mumbling. Because each and every one of the punches he absorbed did enough damage.
They added up.

Yes, we’re stuck with another administration that’s pounding away on our Constitution, liberty and freedom. And yes, we will probably survive and prosper despite.

Unless we’re already at the drooling and mumbling point.


… the latest grisly fruit of the disastrous “Fast and Furious” gun-walking operation, in which Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department released a small number of carefully-tracked firearms across the Mexican border in a bid to take down drug kingpins, but forgot the “small,” “carefully-tracked,” and “take down drug kingpins” parts of the operation

May the dead be comforted in knowing that a few right-wing extremist types up here in the U.S. actually cared about the program, and thought “accepting responsibility” should have meant more than issuing the odd post-shootout press release about how regrettable the whole affair has been.

» Our Founding Fathers Were Not Afraid Of The “I” Word And We Ought Not To Be Either

Hamilton noted in Federalist No. 65 that the key element for consideration of impeachment is that the president has “abuse[d] or violat[ed] some public trust;” in other words, the president, as a public official, has engaged in “misconduct.” Hamilton was clear in laying out the impeachment process that it reside in the Congress, not the courts; and that it properly should be the House of Representatives that takes the first step

Today, talk of impeachment is once again growing, but the lessons from previous impeachment proceedings must not be ignored. As was the case with President Richard Nixon in 1974 and Clinton in 1998, there is growing evidence President Barack Obama has engaged in “serious offenses” that “subvert” our government and “undermine the integrity of office.” It is interesting to note … that such terminology was used in a February 1974 report written by the staff of the Nixon impeachment inquiry, outlining the “constitutional grounds for presidential impeachment” – a report a young lawyer named Hillary Clinton helped draft.

Even a passive observer of the machinations of the Obama Administration would be hard pressed to deny that such damning language is applicable today as it was to Bill Clinton and before him to Richard Nixon. Like his predecessors, Obama ascribes to the philosophy blatantly articulated by Richard Nixon a generation ago, that “[w]hen the president does it, that means it is not illegal.” It is for this very reason why the impeachment process exists, and why Republicans should never consider impeachment “off the table” in addressing the misconduct of President Obama who is, as Hamilton declares for us, a “public man” abusing the “public trust.”

Republicans should only fear impeachment if they abuse the process by letting politics guide their inquiry, rather than the pursuit of objective truth. And, Democrats should only fear impeachment if they care more for the health of their party than the health of the nation.

» What You Need to Know About the Left’s Big Issue for 2014

The income inequality outrage is based on the idea that the people at the bottom of the economic ladder are stuck there indefinitely. But America isn’t “Downton Abbey”—you’re not stuck in the place where you were born. The chauffeur’s son can become…whatever he wants to be in America.
This uniquely American advantage is called mobility. People can move up—and down—the income ladder. In fact, “the recent rise in income disparities has not caused a decline in upward mobility,”
The left’s income inequality argument has a sad and destructive irony: If it’s made into public policy, it makes it more difficult for people to get a job and achieve their American Dream.
President Obama and his allies in Congress are already pushing for a minimum wage increase in the new year. Heritage’s Sherk and Ligon are very clear when it comes to the possible consequences of doing this: It “would force employers to curtail hiring.”
Less hiring. Fewer job opportunities. That does not help the men and women looking for work, who need to put food on the table and shoes on their kids’ feet.

~~ via Earl of Taint : Funny How The Champions Of The Poor All End Up So Rich

Obama is bringing teh Class Warfarez in 2014. Ironical, it is.

» New Jersey Says You Must Have a “Justifiable Need” to Exercise Your Constitutional Rights

Picture a woman going to register to vote in New Jersey only to find the State has passed a law requiring her to undergo a background check, pay a fee, show proficiency in civics and, after meeting all those requirements, having to write a summary justifying her Need to vote.

Now, after attempting to justify her need to exercise her right (let that statement sink in) she is denied by a judge who has arbitrarily determined that she didn’t have an urgent need to vote.
That judge’s lover and the local police chief’s sister-in-law however have miraculously passed all the above hurtles and can freely exercise that right with gleeful abandon.

Too farfetched? How about in the aftermath of 911, New Jersey passes a law requiring anyone wishing to practice Islam must apply for an Islam permit and show ‘justifiable need’ to pray to Allah. The State justifies this by claiming a large amount of terrorists are Islamic and therefore the Islam Permits will only be issued to very few people in order to protect the public, after all they can’t have NJ turn into the Gaza Strip.

If you find these examples offensive, you should, as they clearly violate an American’s rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights and no amount of fearful justification merits such infringement. Unfortunately that same, arbitrary, subjective standard applies to most New Jersian’s right to protect themselves and their loved ones in public with a firearm.


Our current model of high tax rates, peppered with loads of special breaks and exemptions, has a number of significant advantages for the political class. It allows them to hide the true weight of the tax burden from the American public. It gives them a way to reward big donors and favored constituencies. It turns the tax system into an instrument of control, instead of a simple mechanism for funding modest government. Tax breaks can be used to encourage certain behaviors and, by extension, discourage activities that would expose taxpayers to a higher rate. The tax system is even used to distribute welfare payments through tax credits, sending “tax returns” to people who didn’t actually pay any income tax – a system that is abused to the tune of about $14 billion per year in false claims.

» North Dakota Oil Fields Spur Employment and Population Growth
» 2013’s Most Irritating Moonbats
» State Dept. whistleblower has email hacked, deleted
» Mom’s Demand ‘Action’ Hating In The New Year


Can your religion do this?

~~ : Picture of the Week

The Religion of Peace at work in Russia, where two suicide
bombings produced 31 dead commuters this past week.
Over 16,000 people lost their lives to Islamic terror in 2013.

» President Obie

… the counterculture became the culture and the left became Officer Obie.

Or President Obie.

If there’s anyone who’s going to drag you into court with twenty seven eight-by-ten color glossy photographs as proof; it’s going to be the Officer Obies of the EPA. Except that a straightforward thing like littering would be much too sensible for environmental enforcement groups to bother with. They’re more likely to arrest you for collecting rainwater on your own property, making a guitar out of unfinished wood or cleaning up trash from your own property.

A mere two decades after Arlo Guthrie began singing about being arrested on Thanksgiving for littering by Officer Obie; John Pozsgai was sentenced to three years in jail for “discharging pollutants into waters of the United States” for the crime of adding topsoil to his land.

The different world that U.S. Attorney Jane F. Barrett gleefully inhabits where a man may be sent to jail for a duck pond wasn’t made by Officer Obie, but by Arlo Guthrie and his listeners. If the laws of the culture made sense but were guilty of overreach, the laws of the counterculture are all overreach with no sense.

Seven years after Gibson Guitars worked with Arlo Guthrie to reconstruct Woody Guthrie’s guitar and sell reproductions of it, a gang of Officer Obies burst into its Nashville factory with guns drawn looking for wood. And they did it again two years later accusing Gibson of making guitars out of wood that was not finished by Indian workers.

Both times the raids happened under the regime of President Obie who is the living culmination of everything that the counterculture hoped for. And what they hoped for was Officer Obie writ large with a teleprompter in one hand and an infinite rule book in the other.

The counterculture heroes aren’t rebels anymore. They are the protectors of the values of the counterculture who suppress opposition by dissenters who don’t want to buy health insurance, uppity photographers who don’t want to take pictures at gay weddings and free spirits who build duck ponds without the proper permits.

Under the liberal Officer Obies, you can’t get what you want at Alice’s Restaurant. Not unless it meets State and Federal regulations, has listed calorie counts and doesn’t contain any transfats. You can’t get the health plan you want under ObieCare and you can’t get much of anything else either except a lecture, a reeducation program or a prison term.

~~ via MoonBattery

» First You Laugh: Rules for the Knockout Game

… perpetrators are rarely apprehended.

The victims — and their families – are now left wondering what happened. Why no one cares. And why they feel weird about talking about the fact that their attackers were black, and it has happened before. Many times.

» The Birthday Moonbats Would Rather Celebrate: Mao Zedong’s

The birthday of Jesus Christ is not a happy event for our liberal overlords, as exhibited by their ongoing campaign to purge the culture of Christmas. In contrast, the birthday of communist dictator Mao Zedong is enthusiastically celebrated by fellow travelers at NBC

To put this blatant ChiCom government propaganda in perspective, let’s keep in mind that of every satanic tyrant in history, Mao Zedong dwarfs the competition, having killed 70 million of his fellow Chinese. Not even Stalin can compete with Mao’s stats, leave alone pikers like Hitler and Castro.

By indulging in the blasphemy of equating Jesus Christ with arguably the most evil human being to have ever lived, the moonbats at NBC treated themselves to the exhilarating thrill of being at the cutting edge of leftist lunacy.

The Slimes appears to endorse the 70-30 formulation. Yeah he killed far more people than any other tyrant in history, but he advanced oligarchical collectivism, just like everyone at the shady Gray Lady, so he was mostly good.

At least that’s better than NBC’s 100-0 formulation, which boils down to, “Genocidal communist tyrants are like totally awesome!”

» And so it begins…New York City’s new mayor de Blasio vows to ban the horse-drawn carriage

Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio vowed to act quickly to abolish horse-drawn carriages in the city.

“We are going to get rid of the horse carriages. Period,” de Blasio said in response to a question at his press conference announcing his schools chancellor pick Monday.

“It’s over,” he said.

Many of the carriage drivers in New York City have worked with their animals their entire lives and de Blasio’s ban would mean an abrupt end to their careers

Now what do we say to the carriage drivers who voted Dhimmicrat?

» Political Timidity & Clerical Cowardice

If someone like Phil Robertson cannot repeat standard Christian doctrine in the public square, if he cannot express disapproval for fornication, it means that prelates and preachers will soon find themselves harried for doing so as well. If they will not defend their right to preach the Gospel, then why should anyone else bother? It all suggests on their part a decided unwillingness to confront the zeitgeist and to stand up and be counted.

» Jesse Jackson is a Race-Baiting, Attention-Whoring Prick
I really, really like someone that can say so much with so few words. Not to mention the absolute dismissal of all forms of political correctness.