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July 27, 2011

Well! Happy Humpy Day!

Wednesday. Tis now a full week without internet at the Bubbarosa.

Which means, of course, the 12th Techimam didn’t appear yesterday either. As I told you, I left the cover off my well yesterday morning hoping that would make it easier for the Techimam to arise and re-caliphate my satellite dish … didn’t work. So this morning I tried baiting the towelhead geek with a naked, pre-pubescent tied to the tree next to the well.
If that don’t work, I’ll try a goat tomorrow.

I know you don’t understand what I’m tawkin’ about. Don’t matter – I’m just entertainin’ myself.

Anyway, I’m still having to ‘borrow’ other folk’s bandwidth to drop a comment or two on this silly website … just to keep it fresh. Or at least less stale.

I’m not in the parking lot of the Super 8 motel today. I’m at the pool – scenery is a bit better … sometimes.

On my way to work I was listening to my favorite morning radio show on WRDU, our local Rush Radio with KC and Carmen, when KC mentioned a news story about a muslim woman who sued a kids store when she wasn’t hired. According to what I heard, she was turned down because she refused – during her application interview – to abide by the store’s dress code. In other words, she insisted that when she was hired she would report fer doody dressed as a tent.
The court awarded her $20,000 dollars ??!?!?

Now before your neck bolts shatter and yer head starts spinning, know this:
A quick pan of the internet turned up a couple of stories very similar.
For constrast, Behold:

In Saline, Michigan a man sued a local mosque after being rejected for a janitorial position. Upon interviewing for the job, and being told he would be required to remove his shoes to enter the mosque the job-seeker stated he would not abide by that rule and a couple of other rules.
The courts awarded him $42,000.

In Litchfield, Nebraska the courts awarded a man somewhere over $100K after he was fired from his job at a stock steel warehouse. His job was to move huge bundles of steel from one place to another. Since huge bundles of steel tend to be a little weighty, the company required him to wear steel-toe boots. He decided not to, refused to – and since the boot thing was not just company policy but federal-nose-in-your-bidness policy, he was fired.

Ok. Only one of those stories is true. I made the other two up. If you can’t guess and want to know which, look it up.

Muslims applying for jobs that violate their “religious” sensitivities is not new, they do it all the time. I don’t think it’s a matter of ignorance or backward cultural stupidity. It’s done on purpose.
When a muslim applies for a job at a pork processing plant, for example, and then sues the employer for forcing them to handle pork against their religion – the payday they’re working for isn’t at the end of the week.
And it’s not just the money either. It’s a coordinated strategy to wear down the resistance of the infidel.

I hope I don’t have to explain why cause I don’t have time right now. I don’t expect to be able to occupy prime pool space all day.

You know that if the Michigan man incident had occured, the court would have laughed him to scorn and charged him with contempt and a hate crime. The Nebraska man might not have made it to court – but the union and the NAACD would have torn the town asunder in righteous indignation.

Don’t forget the button I mentioned in Monday’s comments.
The dhimmicrats and the leftist commies they answer to have had a hayday for the last 4 decades. They’re used to getting their way, they’re used to having full access to the foundations of our Republic where they wield their socialist sledge hammers to pound them into dust.
They are absolutely horrified that someone or some group has been standing in their way lately. And they hate those people … those tea-baggers. The dhimmicrat/commie mob are looking for ways to destroy the Tea Party and the rookie ‘tea party Republican’ congress.

If the Golfer-in-Chief does not get the new credit card that he’s been hissy-fitting for … that button might get pushed.

The resulting calamity will be blamed on the Tea Party.

Gotta go, the motel manager is on to me.