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January 26, 2008
The NC Gathering of Eagles sponsored an Operation to demonstrate support for and celebrate the American Military. April 4, 2009
The NC Gathering of Eagles sponsored a second Operation to demonstrate support for and celebrate the American Military in Jacksonville, NC. May 18, 2007
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July 7, 2012

» Obama’s Problem Obeying the Law
Stop trying to portray (THHO)Obama as seeking laws to break; he’s just like any other criminal who breaks laws simply out of ignorance of, and/or disregard of the law.
He doesn’t wake every morning saying what law shall I break today …. or he does?
» Oh, my: GM’s super-happy fun results achieved through the magic of Obama’s typical tactics: cheating

Recall that the president has but two supposed achievements to call his own after countless failed programs. He: (a) he gave the order to cap Bin Laden (a stunningly straightforward decision for any president not named B.J. Clinton); and (b) he “saved” General Motors (never mind that it still owes the American taxpayer $35 billion).

It turns out that the National Legal and Policy Center has a more accurate description of GM’s “impressive results …….

» Rep. Carson: America’s schools should use madrassas as ‘model,’ ‘where the foundation is the Koran’

Madrassas are Islamic schools. Some claim that madrassas have a tendency to promote sexist, anti-Semitic teachings.

The Indiana Democrat is one of two Muslim congressmen in the United States. He made headlines last summer for claiming that the Tea Party wanted to see blacks “hanging on a tree.”

A reminder that the ‘tolerant’ left has been assuring us for years that Americans have no reason to worry about Sharia law, and a reminder that those assurances were made as they were voting radical muslims into Congress.
Kinda like the assurances that there are no communists anymore … made by communists in Congress.

» How Occupy Wall Street Celebrated the Fourth of July

If you have the stomach for hardcore moonbattery and don’t mind subjecting yourself to a relentless stream of foul language, here’s how the Democrat Party-endorsed Occupy Wall Street movement celebrated our national holiday in Oakland.

» Muslim Witch Hunts

The United States doesn’t hunt witches. It’s the Muslim world that has an unfortunate propensity for engaging in witch hunts.

While the progressive media complex was whipping itself into a frenzy denouncing any investigation of Saudi mosques and organizations as a witch hunt—the Saudis were conducting actual witch hunts. While Congressman King was trying to fight the War on Terror— they were declaring a War on Sorcery.

In Washington D.C. witch hunts might be a metaphor, but in Riyadh, they’re a top priority. While the Saudis operate a revolving door for Islamic terrorists, including the ones we send over to them for rehabilitation, they take important things like witchcraft seriously. A Saudi Al-Qaeda terrorist can expect to spend a little time at a plush rehabilitation facility before being set free to head off to the next conflict zone. But Saudi witches and sorcerers mercilessly have their heads chopped off in car parks.

» Once there was Dumb and Dumber. Now there is Dumbest.

Meet Mensa Joe Biden.

Incredibly, Biden said something possibly more stupid than anything he has ever said. Sure, it’s a long list, but check this out ….

» Mr. Trumka, You Clearly Do Not Understand Freedom

Labor union officials believe their members have many entitlements and freedoms. But the freedoms to leave the union, receive merit-based pay raises, or stop funding the union’s political activities aren’t among them. Today’s unions place a higher priority on taking money out of their members’ wallets than updating themselves to provide more democracy and individual freedoms.
Considering that over 90 percent of currently unionized employees in the private sector never voted for the union in their workplace, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them flee in droves if given the chance.

» Egypt’s Sex-Slave Marriage

Egypt’s “first sex-slave marriage” took place mere days after the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muhammad Morsi was made president.

….Egyptian Sheikh Huwaini, lamenting that the “good old days” of Islam were over, declared that, in an ideal Muslim society, “when I want a sex-slave,” he should be able to go “to the market and pick whichever female I desire and buy her.” Likewise, a Kuwaiti female politician earlier advocated for reviving the institute of sex-slavery, suggesting that Muslims should bring female captives of war—specifically Russian women from the Chechnya war—and sell them to Muslim men in the markets of Kuwait.

And so the “Arab Spring” continues to blossom.

The feminists of America are screaming in anger – no, not over muslim sex slaves, don’t be stupid. Our women’s rights advocates are leftist radicals and don’t give a chigger-bit rat’s butt about their sisters in mohammed land existing as absolutely nothing more than sex toys. They’re much too busy advancing the agenda of Karla Marx to be bogged down worrying about women with no rights at all. If they can be assured that any babies resulting from said sex-toying are promptly pureed – well then, what’s the problem?

» Outrageous: Judge Decides Law Doesn’t Apply To Obama
» Chief Justice Roberts, You Fox You
» Occupy march in Oakland leaves wake of vandalism
» Officials have already drafted 13,000 pages of rules & regs for health care law

» Out of Fear of Lawsuits, Lifeguard Fired for Saving a Life

Does anyone really want to live in a world where a lifeguard watches you drown because lawyers might find a pretext to loot his company if he tries to save you?

» Cops: CCSU student faked anti-gay harassment …. again.
~~ via MoonBattery.com :

Kind of reminds you of Aimee Whitchurch, Christel Conklin, Quinn Matney, Aubriana Banks, Sarah Marshak, Tawana Brawley, Crystal Gail Mangum, Kerri Dunn, Leah Miller, Ahmad Saad Nasim, et alia, doesn’t it?

In a society run by liberals, you get ahead not by hard work but by noisily feeling sorry for yourself. But if privileged special interest groups (homosexuals, blacks, Muslims, etc.) had any reason to feel sorry for themselves, they wouldn’t have to fake so many hate crimes.

» Ezra Klein: victim of congenital thyroid deficiency… or poisonous, left-wing propagandist? You make the call!

Borrowing trillions more from generations yet unborn — an act of unbridled child abuse, mind you — to spend on union-only jobs that launder money into Democrat campaign coffers.

Now, even a fifth-grade analysis of the economy would tell you that stealing money from the private — productive — sector and laundering it through countless layers of wasteful bureaucracy and known fraud, cronyism and payoffs — detracts from the real economy.

Now for something wierd …
» Parasite tied to self-harm, suicide attempts