Approximate numbers of people butchered and maimed by Islamic assholes by year.
(by Nov 13 2018)
2018: 10,071/ 10,213

2017: 16,386 / 14,360
2016: 21,413 / 26,730
2015: 27,588 / 26,136
2014: 32,862 / 27,522
2013: 16,774 / 29,577
2012: 11,546 / 20,254
2011: 9,086 / 16,921
2010: 9,233 / 17,461
2009: 9,176/ 18,612
2008: 10,798 / 18,088
2007: 20,478 / 27,317
2006: 15,245 / 19,496
2005: 7,625 / 12,855
2004: 7,166 / 14,574

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Deaths : 0
Injuries : 0



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June 16, 2014

» Gun homicide rates down almost 50% since ’93; public unaware

Considering the fact that iron core journalism is no longer palatable or profitable, it’s no surprise that our flows of information rarely go beneath surface level and are rife with inaccuracies, missing elements and a serious absence of truth.
So why should we be surprised that we’ve never heard about a Pew Research Center report from May 7, 2013 that shows a steady pace of decline over the past decade in gun homicides?

Despite the national attention to the issue of gun violence, most Americans are unaware that gun crime is lower today than it was 20 years ago. According to a new Pew Research Center Survey, 56 percent of Americans believe gun crime is higher than two decades ago, while only 12 percent think it’s lower.

When their entire excuse for disarming the American citizenry is based on rampant gun violence, whey would we expect them to tell the truth?

» The Media’s Mental Illness On Guns

When government has uncontested power, government kills with impunity.
So it has always been, and so it will ever be. Only a citizenry with equal or greater force than its government can remain free.
Pretending otherwise is a form of mental illness, a mass delusion of the chattering classes.

We know the history of man’s inhumanity to man.
We will not be disarmed.

» How Barack Obama Let the Iranians Bully Him Out of Iraq

… the White House signed off on the new regime. Officials who had spent much of the previous decade trying to secure American interests in the country were outraged. “We lost four thousand five hundred Americans only to let the Iranians dictate the outcome of the war? To result in strategic defeat?” the former American diplomat told me. “F*ck that.” At least one U.S. diplomat in Baghdad resigned in protest. And Ayad Allawi, the secular Iraqi leader who captured the most votes, was deeply embittered. “I needed American support,” he told me last summer. “But they wanted to leave, and they handed the country to the Iranians. Iraq is a failed state now, an Iranian colony.

» Islamist Militants Slaughter Dozens of Iraqi Soldiers in Mass Graves — Then Post the Pictures Online
» Afghan election: Taliban ‘removed voters’ fingers’
» PICS OF OBAMA’S ‘STABLE IRAQ’: Iraqi Soldiers in Killed Then Dumped In Mass Grave

And It Is No Big Surprise
» January 21: ISIS Leader to USA: ‘Soon We Will be in Direct Confrontation’

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), issued a rare audio message back on January 21 in which he flatly stated his group’s intention to march on Baghdad and move into “direct confrontation” with the United States.

“Our last message is to the Americans. Soon we will be in direct confrontation, and the sons of Islam have prepared for such a day,” Baghdadi said. “So watch, for we are with you, watching.”

» Obama’s Criminal Negligence in Iraq

The president didn’t end the Iraq war. He restarted it.

… Obama came to office promising to “bring a responsible end to the war in Iraq.” That should have been easy enough to do, considering the war was already over.
… This novel conception of when wars end suggests Obama may yet pull our forces out of Europe and the Far East in order to “end” World War II.

» ISIS butchers leave ‘roads lined with decapitated police and soldiers’: Battle for Baghdad looms as thousands answer Iraqi government’s call to arms and jihadists bear down on capital

» In 2007, Romney Predicted Current Events In Iraq So Accurately He Must Have Had A Time Machine

“You could see in the Shia south, the Iranians reaching over and grabbing to take power. You could see in the Sunni northwest, the Al-Qaeda folks taking power and leadership in that area.”

“You could see the unrest among some of the Kurd populations and surrounding countries, perhaps destabilize the border of Turkey. And it’s even possible that you might think a regional conflict in the Middle East may occur.”

From the comments:

Romney was not an acceptable POTUS for two truly ridiculous reasons. 1. He knew how to make money and therefore became rich….ohhhh–Bad Romney Bad Romney–prospering! 2. He didn’t know how to blow the proverbial smoke up people’s butts with charm and panache–he was a straight shooter–too square! A serious loss to the people of the US. Now all we have is a dude that blows smoke up our collectives butts while keeping his hands buried DEEP in our pockets funding anything that will BLOW this country to hell! To maintain PC let me remember to say, IMHO!

» Outrage as IRS Admits Huge Trove of Lerner’s Emails Is Missing

Conservatives are outraged at the IRS’ disclosure late Friday that it had lost a trove of former administrator Lois Lerner’s emails on the targeting of tea party groups, with one critic likening it to the infamous gap in a tape of President Richard Nixon’s conversations during the Watergate scandal.

“Liars. They’re such liars. Unbelievable, …. This is outrageous. They’re lying.”

“Isn’t it convenient for the Obama administration that the IRS now says it has suddenly realized it lost Lois Lerner’s emails requested by Congress and promised by Commissioner John Koskinen?” the California Republican asked in a statement. “Do they really expect the American people to believe that, after having withheld these emails for a year, they’re just now realizing the most critical time period is missing?”

~~ Earl of Taint: I Dunno…It’s Possible They Could Be Lying

Mitchell said that she will be taking action next week in their federal lawsuit to prevent all federal agencies involved in the scandal — even Lerner’s attorney, William Taylor III — from destroying any evidence in the case.

“We actually have remedies in federal court that Congress doesn’t appear to have.”

» Lois Lerner’s Lost Emails: Questions for the IRS

House and Ways Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-Mich.) says that along with providing news of the emails that have been lost, the IRS suggested in the same letter to Congress that it end its investigation.

» The Problem Isn’t Inequality, It’s Subsidized Equality

Warren’s bill isn’t really about student loans and isn’t meant to pass. Like her Bank on Students Loan Fairness Act, it’s political theater by a lifelong fraud who began her career as a fake Indian, was a fake Republican and is now a fake Socialist. It would be easier to find a garden spot on Mars than a single honest moment in the long career of Elizabeth Ann Herring.

Higher education is too big to fail and so is the student loan industry. As long as students are forced to attend college by the reform movements that destroyed public education standards, and are busy destroying the educational standards of higher education, their attendance will have to be subsidized. Americans will be forced to make bigger and bigger “investments” in the success of the next generation when they are really investing in corrupt and dysfunctional bureaucracies.

Completing high school used to be a way that a poor boy could get a job. Now it’s college. Tomorrow it’s graduate school. This system doesn’t benefit him and it doesn’t create equality. Instead it rewards the likes of Elizabeth Warren or Robert Reich with generous salaries for occasionally coming in to speak about inequality and it rewards even more generously the bureaucrats who make the system impermeable to real reform and change.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» When Harry Met Hillary


» US pushing local cops to stay mum on surveillance

The Obama administration has been quietly advising local police not to disclose details about surveillance technology they are using to sweep up basic cellphone data from entire neighborhoods

Federal involvement in local open records proceedings is unusual. It comes at a time when President Barack Obama has said he welcomes a debate on government surveillance and called for more transparency about spying in the wake of disclosures about classified federal surveillance programs.

» This Is How Some Palestinians Are Celebrating the Kidnapping of Three Israeli Teens

Palestinian moms, dads, grandparents, college students and children headed out over the weekend with sweets in hand to celebrate the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers.

One of the missing teenagers reportedly holds U.S. citizenship.

“There will be no releases for those Palestinian terrorists sitting in Israeli prisons – not as a ‘gesture’ and not for any other reason,” Liberman told Army Radio.

Former Israel Security Services chief Yuval Diskin said releasing terrorists as a peace talks gesture only encourages abductions.

“We should stop releasing terrorists for kidnapped soldiers, or releasing terrorists instead of implementing a construction freeze during peace talks with the Palestinians – it encourages more kidnappings,” Diskin wrote on Facebook.

Israel released 78 Palestinian prisoners in recent months, ceding to a request from Secretary of State John Kerry to encourage the Palestinian side to restart negotiations.

Poor baby.
Poor, poor, sad little insane, spoiled rotten baby.

» Obama longs to break out of White House bubble
I’d be happy to prick his bubble. There’s a few million of us that would be willing to help him out of his sad little prison.
How ’bout now, this morning? Or if he needs a little time to pack – this afternoon.

“I think frankly we’ve all been through a cold and bitter winter and the bear has cabin fever,” said Obama friend and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett

Cold and bitter in spite of the devastating effects of the global warming he’s so intent on remedying by choking the energy industries?
And Jarrett can’t tell the difference between a bear and a weasel.

Obama has fantasized about being “on a beach somewhere drinking out of a coconut …

That is so amazing, I have the same fantasy. Well, sorta. In mine he’s not drinking from a coconut … and his beach is just a sand-covered exercise area inside a federal prison.

As his administration announced that some staff were being evacuated from the Baghdad embassy, Obama was on the golf course.

Obama seemed determined not to let the crisis overseas keep him from getting a break, in a time-honored tradition of presidents going on working vacations even as some question the optics.

Obama said when asked on the “Live with Kelly and Michael” talk show what he would choose if he could do anything unrecognized. “Maybe I’d wander around and find myself at a little outdoor cafe or something and sit and order something and just watch people go by. The thing you miss most about being president is anonymity.”

I miss his anonymity too. I get plumb misty-eyed when I remember the days when nobody knew who he was.

» Dems Pushing Man Who’s ‘Done Too Many Drugs’ to Run for Governor of California

Well, a guy who’s done too many drugs is president, so hey, why not?

» Kit Carson Becomes an Unperson

Those of us who feel “uncomfortable” about having our history erased don’t have a voice in the matter. Moonbats call all of the shots these days.

For liberals, it isn’t enough to import millions of illegal aliens from the Third World to displace us. They feel compelled to eradicate the foundations of our culture, so that it will be as if real Americans had never existed.

Progressives intend for the Culture War to result in total extirpation. That it is why it is absolutely unthinkable that we would let them prevail.