Approximate numbers of people butchered and maimed by Islamic assholes by year.
(by Nov 13 2018)
2018: 10,071/ 10,213

2017: 16,386 / 14,360
2016: 21,413 / 26,730
2015: 27,588 / 26,136
2014: 32,862 / 27,522
2013: 16,774 / 29,577
2012: 11,546 / 20,254
2011: 9,086 / 16,921
2010: 9,233 / 17,461
2009: 9,176/ 18,612
2008: 10,798 / 18,088
2007: 20,478 / 27,317
2006: 15,245 / 19,496
2005: 7,625 / 12,855
2004: 7,166 / 14,574

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Deaths : 0
Injuries : 0



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June 27, 2014

» “Well-Regulated”

It is quite clear that the Founders used the phrase “well-regulated” to denote that militia forces should be skilled with arms of contemporary military utility and relevant military tactics, so that they can serve in the defense of Republic against both foreign invaders and the threat of domestic tyrants commanding a national army against the liberty of the citizenry.

the Founders were adamant that the citizens retain not just weapons of contemporary utility, but the ability to use these weapons effectively in defense of the nation from both internal and external threats. Put another way, the right of the people to keep and bear arms is conjoined with the responsibility to use those arms effectively

» SAF demands Connecticut school’s website halt anti-gun bias

The Second Amendment Foundation is promising a lawsuit against a Connecticut school if it does not address inconsistencies with its firewall, which restricts access to pro-gun and conservative-leaning websites but allows students to freely view pro-gun control and liberal orientated pages.

» And Maybe Concealed Carriers Should Be Forced To Wear Clothing With Stars Or Triangles On Them?

» Durham’s Gun Records Need To GO!

“Goat Rodeo”

» IRS ADMITS LEAKING CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Used Against Mitt Romney in 2012 Elections

The conservative group National Organization of Marriage accused the IRS of leaking documents to the Obama Campaign in 2012. A top Obama campaign official Joe Solomese used the information to attack Mitt Romney during the 2012 election. The Huffington Post used the leaked documents in a story questioning former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s support for traditional marriage.

» An Ocean of Failure

While the Iraqi government was begging for air support, Obama instead issued an order in the name of the authority vested in him “by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America” to “ensure that seafood sold in the United States is legally and sustainably caught.” The United States Constitution does not have much to say about sustainable seafood. The Founders liked their flounder and they disliked kings and emperors telling them where to fish.

In 2008, Al Qaeda in Iraq was on the run and its leaders were being killed off one by one. Now that same organization is besieging Baghdad under a terrorist leader released by Barack Obama.

The Middle East is certainly in transition, but not to Global Warming awareness. Al Qaeda is building its own state, but it doesn’t have a policy on Global Warming. It does however have one on murdering Americans.

» Noel Canning Decision Exposes President Obama’s Insane Belief in his Own Primacy

… when deciding whether the Senate is in recess, as between the President and the Senate, only a narcissist drunk with power (the sort of person who would, say, name his dog after himself) would assert that the President has the right to make that call.

And now what? Here we are, over two full years later, and the NLRB has wasted only God knows how many dollars hearing cases and issuing decisions that are all null and void. More troubling, the businesses that have come before the NLRB have had to waste time, legal fees, and face considerable uncertainty about their futures, all for nothing. Even worse, they are going to have to go through the entire exacting process again. It is hard to avoid the conclusion that Obama wasted time and taxpayer money, and crippled nunerous businesses, for literally no reason other than to send out a pointless bragging fundraiser email blast.

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Unelected, unaccountable, arrogant, vindictive political hitmen are not a new species that evolved under the nurturing care of a single rotten administration. They are but one edge of a blight that has been tolerated for far too long.

July 25, 2003
» EPA held in contempt for destroying computer files

A federal judge held the Environmental Protection Agency in contempt yesterday for destroying computer files during the Clinton administration that had been sought by a conservative legal foundation.
… “The EPA destroyed vast databases that would have revealed the extent to which Carol Browner and other top officials worked with environmental groups to issue last-minute regulations prior to the end of the Clinton administration,”

The agency disclosed that in February and March 2001, the computer hard drives of several Clinton-era EPA officials had been reformatted, and between Jan. 19 and late April 2001, the e-mail backup tapes for their work computers — which are normally preserved for 90 days — had been erased and reused.

~~ via RedState: The Uncivil Servants of The EPA

An agency that can fine and jail people for pollution has employees that literally poop where they work instead of in the toilet.

There ain’t enough ass whipping going on, You Get What You Tolerate

» White House to Congress: We Did Not See ISIL Coming

The officials told senators that the White House and intelligence agencies failed to predict ISIL’s overwhelming rise and were “not sure what to do,”

» ISIL hell-bent on creating Islamic state to be launchpad for attacks on U.S.

“It already has many hundreds of jihadists with Western nation passports,” Mr. Maginnis said. “Those battle-proven jihadists will eventually return to their Western homelands to carry on the jihad using the violent ways learned in Syria and Iraq. And now that [ISIL] controls a giant swath of the Middle East, the Western jihadists have a training platform, financing and [a] cheerleading state sponsor.”


Trumping the cherished ten words, “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech,” the amendment would make the Constitution read, “Congress shall have power to regulate the raising and spending of money and in-kind equivalents with respect to Federal elections.” This unprecedented langauge is radically different from the amendments in the Bill or Rights: instead of limiting the power of the federal government, the proposed amendment would expand it. We’ve gone from “Congress shall make no law” in 1791 to “Congress can make any law” in 2014.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» WAR ON WALL STREET: Obama Appoints Anti-Business Activist Head of DOJ Division
» Moonbat Art: Marvelous Sugar Baby



the “strategy” to get Democrats to vote for Cochran was not some uplifting, Reagan-style vision of a city on a hill. Bush-style compassionate conservatism this was not. The bald fact here is that fliers and robocalls appealing to the worst racist instincts imaginable were used to push Cochran over the top. Put another way, these campaign materials targeted conservative Republicans with the absolute worst line of leftist bilge: that the Republican Party is racist.

And what does Mr. Rove have to say about this? Is there a condemnation? A demand for an investigation by the GOP as to who paid for this? Who authorized it?

Mr. Rove, shamefully, says nothing.

» Kirtland Air Force Base Hosts Homosexual Pride Picnic

Nature abhors a vacuum. Where America stood before Obama, soon its enemies will stand.