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June 28, 2015

» SCOTUS Ruling On Same-Sex Marriage Mandates Nationwide Concealed Carry Reciprocity

… the Court argues that the Due Process Clause extends “certain personal choices central to individual dignity and autonomy” accepted in a majority of states across the state lines of a handful of states that still banned the practice.

The vast majority of states are “shall issue” on the matter of issuing concealed carry permits, and enjoy reciprocity with a large number of other states.

My North Carolina concealed carry permit, for example, was recognized yesterday as being valid in 36 states, which just so happened to be the number of states in which gay marriage was legal yesterday. But 14 states did not recognize my concealed carry permit yesterday.

Today they must.

» Colorado Shooting over in 80 Seconds because of …

We’re tired of being polite. This needs to be common practice.

» The Illusion of the “Gun Free Zone”

‘Gun Free Zones’ are in place to deter people from shooting other people in those areas. Statistics show us that when a person commits a mass shooting, they usually go into it believing that they will not come out alive. This is a huge issue, because regardless of the laws on the books, they do not apply in this situation. Why do they not apply you ask? Sure, you can argue “Well if he does make it out alive, then justice will be served”. However it still does not change the fact that the shooter went into it as a suicide mission. Their last concern on earth is whether or not they are breaking any laws, and many of them (if not the majority) do not survive.

Now, put a person carrying concealed in the mix. Put them at the Los Angeles Airport. Put one in Sandy Hook. Put one in Aurora. Put one in Columbine. Put one in Virginia Tech. If there happened to be just one person carrying concealed in each of these locations, there is a very good chance that not as many lives would have been lost, if any at all.

Note right here that the gun-grabbing leftist commie-wannabees will answer with the ignorant proclamation that the presence of armed citizens in any of those historical mass-shootings would have resulted in even more deaths because we ‘gun people’ are idiots that would have shot each other in the excitement of wild west fantasy.

Did you know that, during the Aurora Colorado movie theater shooting, there was a member of the audience carrying a concealed firearm? This person however, made the decision not to shoot in fear of accidentally hitting an innocent person.

The fact is this; shooters don’t want a fight. It’s why they choose these ‘Gun Free Zones’. They want as little resistance as possible in order to take out as many people as they can, and they know that the resistance won’t come until the police arrive. By that time however, we know the damage that can be done. Again, put someone who is carrying concealed into the mix. How can they continue to kill innocent people when someone is firing back? Their focus would immediately turn to the person firing back and away from the masses. It levels the playing field. It gives people an honest chance at survival.

Fight fire with fire? You bet your ass. At the end of the day, all of these victims deserved a fighting chance against a lunatic. They were denied this right, and they lost the fight.

» Pedophiles want same rights as homosexuals

In 1998 The APA issued a report claiming “that the ‘negative potential’ of adult sex with children was ‘overstated’ and that ‘the vast majority of both men and women reported no negative sexual effects from childhood sexual abuse experiences.”
Pedophilia has already been granted protected status by the Federal Government. The Matthew Shephard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act lists “sexual orientation” as a protected class; however, it does not define the term.

The first problem with this is the use of the word ‘rights’. Pedophiles already have the same rights as homos, same rights as you, same rights as me. Everybody has the exact same rights. The real story is that pedophiles and leftists will (do) fight to create a new pseudo-right for child molesters to full access to your children’s naughty bits.
Excerpt: In 1998 The APA issued a report claiming “that the ‘negative potential’ of adult sex with children was ‘overstated’ and that ‘the vast majority of both men and women reported no negative sexual effects from childhood sexual abuse experiences.”
Pedophilia has already been granted protected status by the Federal Government. The Matthew Shephard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act lists “sexual orientation” as a protected class; however, it does not define the term.
Have you asked the question “When will the madness end”? It ends when we end it. They will stop when we stop them.
You Get What You Tolerate.

» University of Wisconsin Bans RACIST Phrase: “Everybody Can Succeed”
If you’re white, are you starting to get the idea that there is absolutely nothing that you can say without being a racist? Well, you’re right. But there is also nothing you can do, say or not do.
Fed up yet?

Devil’s Advocate
In Walmart’s defense; the employee that accepted the order for the ISIS cake was most likely totally ignorant of what that imagery represented. They probably understood it had something to do with the oh so peaceful religion of islam, while not knowing about the thousands of people being butchered in the most heinous ways possible by the bearers of that flag.
But they know the Confederate flag. They’ve heard all about that. They’ve been sucking up the leftist media lies their entire lives and know racism when they don’t see it.

» Marilyn Mosby Guilty of What She Seeks to Condemn

We can now see why Mosby played hide the ball with the autopsy report on Freddie Gray’s death, and it certainly wasn’t to protect anyone’s privacy — except, perhaps, her own, because it is objectively damning to her politically driven prosecution.

It was obvious at the time Mosby threw the book at these six officers that she had rushed to judgment and that she was primarily motivated not by justice but by political and emotional considerations, including a desire to punish cops for what she apparently believes are institutional wrongs. Why else would she attend anti-cop events? Why else would she appeal to the protesters and promise them justice?

As a state’s attorney, Mosby doesn’t have the luxury of viewing these incidents through a racial prism because of her own feelings or her desire to satiate a lynch mob. She has a fiduciary duty to weigh the evidence impartially. For her to use her power to overcharge these law enforcement officials was to extend the mob violence and mayhem of the protesters from the streets into the halls of justice, and it is despicable.

Muslim Sex-Toy Disposal
» Isis ‘crucifies children for not fasting during Ramadan’ in Syria

… residents reported the boys’ bodies were “suspended from a crossbar” near the so-called Islamic State’s religious police headquarters.

“Apparently, they were caught eating,” … the signs hung around their necks claimed they broke the Ramadan fast “with no religious justification”.

» ISIS Accidentally Recruits Russian Battle Trannies

Viktoria’s aunt said her nephew and his friend were not known as being the most intelligent people in the neighbourhood and she confirmed that Viktoria was taking hormone replacement therapy to start the transformation of becoming a woman.

‘Viktor had been walking around in women’s clothes and wearing makeup and was living with his mum before converting to radical Islam.

‘She told him that he would probably be killed if he went there dressed as a woman, but he said that if he could travel there as a woman, he believed they would accept him as a woman.’

Reports said the 22 year olds had already left for Syria, while an unconfirmed police source was reported by local news source in Kamchatka as saying they were now in a mental health institute.

I’ll make no comment on that one … it’s just too easy.

» Southern Poverty Law Center Compiles All-Women Hit List for Muslims

For all intents and purposes, this is a hit list. How’s that for a war on women?

America’s internal and external enemies have common interests. That’s why we have the moonbat—Muslim alliance.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups


» $15 Minimum Wage Advocacy Group Posts Facebook Job Listing That Pays $12 An Hour
Which means one of two things:
1 – They don’t really care how much anybody is paid, anywhere, for any job. They’re just trying to raise a stink that will choke down those awful capitalists.
2 – They’re too stupid to recognize their own hypocrisy.

Actually, it could be both. Yea, it’s both.

» Dems celebrating ACA have forgotten the 1994 gun control law

Obamacare will be an issue in 2016.

A Republican president could immediately by executive order give all 50 states a waiver from Obamacare. While the law would technically still be on the books, it would be effectively gutted. Democrats keep insisting that the longer the law stays on the books, the more popular it will become. So far the opposite has been true.

» Republican Triumphs and Democrat Lies

The Modern Democrat party is not a true classic Liberal Party as the Republican Party once was. It is a socialist Party, born of 1960 radicals, taken over in the 70’s by the far left thinking and has become a detriment to the Republic. Nor is the modern Conservative Republican Party like the backwards looking Democrat Party of the 19th and 20th century. The likes of Bull Conner, Robert Byrd, Al Gore Sr., Lester Maddox, Strom Thurman, Ernest Hollings, George Wallace, Hugo Black, etc. were all conservative Democrats. Mr. O’Donnell and members of the media painting the Republican Party with shameful ideas and actions of the their own party’s past is ridiculous, and teaching an uninformed generation wrong history. The Modern Republican Conservative exist to preserve the American Experiment and values that make this country strong. Liberal thought and social justice of the 19th century has been seized and perverted by phony compassion bent on power and votes, and the Democrat socialist idea of big government dependency as a way of survival; but in reality is just perverting the American Dream.

As long as there are leftest lies, there shall be Conservative truth seekers there to dispute them.

» Be the Best Saboteur You Can Be

Liberals like to crow that ObamaCare is the law of the land. Now it’s gay marriage. Tomorrow it’ll be a ban on the Dukes of Hazzard.

All that implies legitimacy, order, a legal system. And that’s not what we have.

What we have is a Supreme Court and a White House that acts with brazen illegality. ObamaCare was illegally passed. It was illegally preserved.

No matter how many judges sign off on it, it has no legitimacy. It will never have any legitimacy.

When a system acts illegally, then its dictates are not the law of the land, they are the law of force.

ObamaCare is coercion. Forcing people to participate in gay marriages is coercion. The FHA ruling is coercion. We may be compelled into compliance, but compulsion is all it is. It isn’t law or justice.

The distinction is important.

During the Revolutionary War, the entire rebel population of America would be outnumbered by the residents of Manhattan today.

Demographically outnumbered? They had it worse.

Economic collapse? They had it worse.

America isn’t over until it’s over. It will take a long time to happen. At some point the country will be completely unrecognizable, but that’s relative. Would Washington have recognized America in 1952? Or even 1882? America has always been changing. We can’t change it back, but we can change it to.

That’s the real battle.

» Hillary Exploits Appalling Gay Marriage Decree

How does Hillary maintain that tubby butt while chasing so many commie bandwagons?