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Gathering of Eagles

January 26, 2008
The NC Gathering of Eagles sponsored an Operation to demonstrate support for and celebrate the American Military. April 4, 2009
The NC Gathering of Eagles sponsored a second Operation to demonstrate support for and celebrate the American Military in Jacksonville, NC. May 18, 2007
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May 16, 2008
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March 5, 2011

While you’re filling your tank and emptying your wallet, just remember that the president is still in contempt, defying court order to lift oil drilling bans.



Creating wealth is for suckers. Redistributing (i.e., stealing) wealth is where it’s at! That’s what social justice is all about …

Trumka and Obama are soulmates. They understand that
…public employment is an idealized socialist economy in miniature, including its political aspect: the grateful recipients of government largesse provide money and organizational support to re-elect the politicians who shower them with all of these benefits.

Put it all together, and you have the Democrats’ version of utopia.


Like misbehaving children they scream and demand that reality must go away.

» Led by a Follower: The Danger of a Weak President

Remember when U.S. presidents were regarded as the “leader of the free world”?

Now we have President Obama.

Nuff said.
But read the whole thing anyway.

» The Airhead At EPA

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency’s office of air and radiation admits she doesn’t know how much carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere. How can someone so ignorant have such an important job?

Rep. Joe Barton, a Texas Republican, asked McCarthy on Tuesday during a House hearing if she knew what the atmospheric CO2 level was, she admitted that she didn’t

This is knowledge that even the after-hours cleanup crew at the EPA building should have. That the person who could be considered America’s top greenhouse gas regulator couldn’t answer the question is inexcusable.

That question was asked under the assumption that the EPA’s job is protecting the environment. I say that for the real job of the EPA, the people running it need to know nothing about environment; or at least just enough to use it as a club to beat down capitalism.

Now, ask yourself: So what is their real job?

And, by the way, the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is 0.0391%. Oh No!!! That number has 5 digits! It’s HUGE! We’re all gonna fry!

Many years ago, I used to look forward to my next issue of Scientific American. I loved reading it, studying it. Most of the time I had no idea what the authors were talking about but it was great fun anyway.

These days, not so much. I no longer have a subscription. SA has sold their integrity to the global-warmies and insist on blaming everything on global warming. They manage to connect just about everything they write about to the global warming hoax.

Here’s today’s example:
» Rise in Malaria Rates, Drug Resistance Tied to Climate

Some scientists have argued that climate is not involved in the increasing highland epidemics. Instead, they say, adaptations in the parasite that make it resistant to antimalarial drugs are the key drivers.

But Pascual said that this “either-or” view is misguided and improperly lets global warming off the hook.

What’s interesting is that these days almost all of the comments to the articles are critical to SA’s adherence to the warming lie.
It ain’t just me that’s getting sick and ding-dang-diddly tired of the global warming crap:

Comment 1

Let me get this straight. Increase of malaria is caused by Global Warming. I thought it was caused by poor conditions of water management and health care. 200 years ago (a cold period) malaria was endemic in western europe and in the damper areas of eastern & southern united states. Vector control is the best way to control malaria. Global Warming. has nothing to do with it. Cleptocracies that impoverish their populations is the only cause of malarial increase.

Comment 2

SciAm is showing it’s Global Warming alarmist bias with this ridiculous article. If anyone dares suggest it is anything but global warming, Pascual merely dismisses it by proclaiming “I think thats a useless discussion.” Well then, I guess it’s settled and no need for any more actual scientific inquiry, especially since “No research has shown this synergy, but Pascual said it makes theoretical sense.” Ok, where again is the SCIENCE to back up this ridiculous claim? Oh right, the “specifics…are largely unknown” but somehow we “know” its already underway. Am I the only one who thinks this is just more of the same Global Warming alarmist propoganda?

Comment 3

It’s counter-productive to try to link everything to climate change. Like crying “Wolf!” instead of galvanizing a populace to action, yelling “Global Warming!” all the time makes people roll their eyes, shake their heads and groan :Again?”

» Hitler Didn’t Outlaw Unions – As a National Socialist, He Went Double-Down On Them

Most recently, as in the case of the socialist union (yes, they were created by socialists and Marxists) protests in Wisconsin, you see many signs being wielded by the neo-Marxist rubes stating, “Hitler banned unions”. The purpose of this urban legend-styled disinformation, of course, is a weak attempt to paint Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as a Nazi, even though the Nazi’s were national socialists who subscribed to most of the tenets of modern American leftists.

Read the article. You’ll see that the unions banned by Hitler were replaced by unions created by, or politically aligned with Hitler. The Nazis didn’t ban all the unions, just the ones that were not useful to the Reich.

Yet another leftist urban myth busted!

Stupid ideas from stupid politicians, elected by stupid voters.
» Illinois Gun Info Plan Is Misguided and Dangerous

Most people understand that guns deter criminals. But, despite strong opposition from the Illinois State Police, Democrat Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan seems determined to publicly identify gun and non-gun owners across the state.

The idea is to embarrass gun owners. The result will be the identification of unarmed residence. The stupid Illinois AG is targeting all the citizens that are stupid enough to not own a gun. Tis my opinion that if they’re stupid enough to not own a gun, then they were probably stupid enough to vote for the stupid dhimmicrat that appointed the stupid AG.

Go for it, you stoops.


» Socialist Opinion Shapers: John Nichols, Propagandist and Rabble Rouser
» Beanbags vs. AKs


» New York Times and Ezra Klein celebrate imaginary unemployment rate of 8.9%

When you have a government that restricts access to energy, dumps thousands of pages of regulations on small businesses, attacks and vilifies industry after industry, takes over vast swaths of the free market, and makes an already byzantine tax code even more complex, you better believe things are getting worse, not better.

The strange shrunken spectator who serves as President of the United States
» Why Are We Still In Germany?

Men and women “in uniform” … understand they may be called upon to make “extraordinary sacrifices” in battle. They do not expect to be “lost” on the shuttle bus at the hands of a civilian employee at a passenger air terminal in an allied nation.

But then I don’t suppose their comrades expected to be “lost” at the hands of an army major at Fort Hood, to cite the last “tragic event” that “took place” — which seems to be the president’s preferred euphemism for a guy opening fire while screaming “Allahu akbar!”

But relax, this fellow in Frankfurt was most likely a “lone wolf” (as Sen. Chuck Schumer described the Times Square Bomber) or an “isolated extremist” (as the president described the Christmas Day Pantybomber).

There are so many of these “lone wolves” and “isolated extremists” you may occasionally wonder whether they’ve all gotten together and joined Local 473 of the Amalgamated Union of Lone Wolves and Isolated Extremists, but don’t worry about it: As any Homeland Security official can tell you, “Allahu akbar” is Arabic for “Nothing to see here.”

» Longhorns 17, Badgers 1

Please pardon this brief departure from my normal folderol, but every so often a member of the chattering class issues a nugget of stupidity so egregious that no amount of mockery will suffice. Particularly when the issuer of said stupidity holds a Nobel Prize.

Case in point: Paul Krugman.

So how does brokeass, dumbass, redneck Texas stack up against progressive unionized Wisconsin?

To recap: white students in Texas perform better than white students in Wisconsin, black students in Texas perform better than black students in Wisconsin, Hispanic students in Texas perform better than Hispanic students in Wisconsin.