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January 26, 2008
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November 26, 2013

» Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan: Armed Citizens Desperately Needed.

Typhoon Haiyan did not just bring destruction and tragedy in the Philippines. It also brought with it a total collapse of law and order and civil structures. As expected through past experience in Hurricane Katrina and other natural calamities, the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan created chaos and disorder among survivors who were desperate for food and water. It also brought about opportunism, criminality, looting and stealing, amonst those who simply wanted to take advantage of the situation. No police were available in the week after the Typhoon hit the City of Tacloban, Leyte: among 300 or so police only 20 reported for duty, as most we also victimized by the Typhoon, dead or injured, or abandoned their posts. The slow response by the government, both local and national, to quell the rioting and looting resulted in numerous shops and stores ranscaked and their goods stolen. Upscale homes were not spared as marauders broke in and beat up the owners, raped their women, and took away whatever they could. About 600 Local prisoners who had escaped from a prison and local insurgents foraging for food, compounded the problem.

One news account even stated that a store owner in the town of Guian Leyte, witnessed uniformed policemen were among the looters of her store.

The only homes and stores which were spared from this criminality, were those whose owners were armed with guns.

» Obama To Use Executive Order to Force New Gun Control Laws by Fiat

Serial Fraud on Multiple Levels

When Does Clobberin’ Time Start?
» ‘F*** the Troops’ and Other Socially Acceptable Murder Advocacy

I am fine with this. I don’t want Politico to sever ties with Murphy. I want leftists to show the world who they truly are. But at the same time, we all get to play by the same rules. I will have no tolerance for leftists or conservatives who complain about “incivility” when these same rules are turned on leftists.

And leftists have firmly set these rules. Murphy and Politico aren’t isolated incidents.

» Willing Martyrs to the Cult of Self-Hatred

Liberals will be relieved to hear that they did not become “racists,” but rather came to agree with their attackers that they deserved to be robbed and beaten for being Norwegian, on the grounds that Norway has not bent over backward far enough to accommodate the kind of people who robbed and beat them.

If progressives will sacrifice themselves out of devotion to their demented ideology, they certainly will not have a problem sacrificing the rest of us.

You Get What You Vote For
He introduced himself as a socialist. He ran as a socialist. He promised socialism.
And so the French elected a communist.

» Founder of French Website “Hollande Resignation” Arrested, Car Impounded for “Insulting the President”

On charges of “insulting the president”, thirty policemen arrested the founder of the French website “http://hollande-démission.fr/” last week and impounded his car according to a translation from Les Observateurs.

We still have our own socialist dictator – for at least three more years. Maybe I better start curbing my rhetoric?

Warning: Sarcastic Headline Ahead

» Iran Will Not Have an Atomic Bomb. Period.

… the most egregious part indeed comes down to centrifuges. Iran has some 19,000 of them — more than three times the amount of longtime nuclear-armed Pakistan. The agreement forbids the Iranians to build anymore, but, much more importantly, it allows the Iranians to fix any of their centrifuges that may be broken and get them working again.

The prologue to the “interim” agreement states that the amount of enrichment will be decided in future negotiation, not (nota bene) whether enrichment will be allowed or not. (The specific language reads: “a mutually defined enrichment program with practical limits and transparency measures to ensure the peaceful nature of the program.” Uh-huh.) Meanwhile, Iran is able to enrich up to five percent, not the previous alleged maximum of 3.5%. Whatever happened to that other 1/5%? Confusing, no? Oh, well, that’s a long way from the 20% needed for weaponization.

No, it’s not. It’s not very much at all when you have 19,000 centrifuges.

… For this we give them oodles of desperately needed cash — seven billion on the face of it but some suggest that’s floating up to twenty

~~ John Kerry Denies Giving It Up All Free And Easy To Iran

» Iran’s Nuclear Suicide Vest

~~ He’s The People’s Choice

And just for the sake of context, I’ll re-run this reminder:

North Carolina state employees enjoy some fairly decent benefits, not over the top ridiculous like some states – currently on brink of bankruptcy. But decent. The State Employees Association likes to take credit for any and all good benefits, but in my opinion the NCSEA is just another parasitic union-wannabe.

»  Catalog offers state employees big-ticket items at twice the price

RALEIGH, N.C. — State employees may be paying more than double the retail cost of big-ticket items – such as gaming consoles, tablet computers and high-definition televisions – as part of an employee-purchase program offered by the State Employees Association of North Carolina.

The program, implemented through an Atlanta company called Purchasing Power, allows the SEANC’s 55,000 members to buy items and then make monthly payments through payroll deductions over a year.

Sweet deal? Hardly.

Although some employees say they like the program because it allows them to purchase expensive items on a payment plan, others say they feel they are being taken advantage of by the inflated costs.

A Playstation 4, for example, retails for about $400, but through Purchasing Power, costs nearly $850. An iPad retailing for as low as $499 will cost nearly $1,000.

Run those numbers through any calculator and it’ll tell you that the interest is somewhere around 100%-150%.

What’s the current interest rate on a regular ole Visa card? Even with a poor credit rating, just about anybody can get a Visa and expect to pay, at most, around 25%.
I am not much of a whiz at finances, but I have enough common sense to know that paying $1000 for a $500 product means somebody is checking my prostate with both hands on my shoulders.
Who be dat somebody?

The SEANC won’t say how much money it makes from the Purchasing Power program, saying only that it is a nonprofit agency and that the money from the program goes back into its membership base.

Purchasing Power offers similar services to other private companies and government agencies across the country. The company couldn’t be reached for comment Monday.


» Ouch! One Week Later: Lessons from Virginia’s Elections, Pt. 1
» African state of Angola bans Islam and will destroy all the mosques
» Michigan library system forced to allow firearms after attempting to undermine state law
» Gay teen activist honored by Obama charged with sex crimes against a 14-yr-old boy


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» 63 Percent Chance Weather Predictors Are Skeptics on Global Warming

And all of this goes to show that the argument that there has already been a scientific consensus reached amongst experts that global warming is real and global warming is man-made is a political argument rather than a scientific one.

Those of us who are skeptics about global warming are used to being marginalized, trivialized and brutalized by a tiny fraction of people whose wallets get fat by publishing papers in support of man-made global warming theory.

But while more and more data comes out calling into question man-made global warming models, it’s nice to see professional organizations start to treat skeptics with, if not exactly respect, at least the decency accorded people accused of some heinous crime.

Because while this is progress, make no mistake they’re still looking to prove us guilty, if necessary by reason of insanity, if in fact they can’t muster the scientific arguments.

Which of course they can’t.

» Fort Hood Shooter Nidal Hasan Beaten in Prison

According to the rumors, three of Hasan’s fellow inmates set upon Hasan and beat him profusely while guards were “busy” looking away while transferring him from a religious service of his choosing back to his cell. It is alleged that he is suffering from a broken nose and several facial lacerations. The rumors are yet to be confirmed by the prison.

Well, if it turns out to be rumor don’t tell me … I’m rather enjoying the mental image.