Approximate numbers of people butchered and maimed by Islamic assholes by year.
(by Nov 13 2018)
2018: 10,071/ 10,213

2017: 16,386 / 14,360
2016: 21,413 / 26,730
2015: 27,588 / 26,136
2014: 32,862 / 27,522
2013: 16,774 / 29,577
2012: 11,546 / 20,254
2011: 9,086 / 16,921
2010: 9,233 / 17,461
2009: 9,176/ 18,612
2008: 10,798 / 18,088
2007: 20,478 / 27,317
2006: 15,245 / 19,496
2005: 7,625 / 12,855
2004: 7,166 / 14,574

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Injuries : 0



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November 28, 2010

» FBI thwarts terrorist bombing attempt at Portland holiday tree lighting, authorities say

A Corvallis man, thinking he was going to ignite a bomb, drove a van to the corner of the square at Southwest Yamhill Street and Sixth Avenue and attempted to detonate it.

He allegedly identified a location to place the bomb and mailed bomb components to the FBI operatives, who he believed were assembling the device. He also mailed them passport photos so he could sneak out of the country after the attack, according to the affidavit.

He provided the FBI operatives with a thumbdrive that contained detailed directions to the bomb location and operational instructions for the attack.

“I want whoever is attending that event to leave, to leave either dead or injured,” Mohamud reportedly told the FBI operatives, the affidavit says.

» Just another bomb-plotting jihadist yelling “Allahu akbar!”

If it’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, it’s just another day in the life of a true believer in violent jihad.

Yes: Violent jihad. Two words the current occupant of the White House won’t say together and about which he remains in stubborn denial.

Violent jihad. A fundamental tenet of legions and legions of Muslims worldwide — and untold numbers of homegrown and immigrant practitioners of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage here on American soil.

You may recall that loony Portland officials several years ago threatened to pull out of the Joint Terrorism Task Force under the Bush administration and refused to cooperate with federal efforts to conduct voluntary interviews of of local Muslims in order to uncover terrorist plots.

» FireDogLake Nutcase Accuses FBI of “State-Sponsored Terrorism” in Investigating and Thwarting Genuine Terrorism

There’s a leftist crackpot writing at the execrable FireDogLake named Teddy Partridge. Partridge’s latest Pulitzer Prize-winning submission comes in reaction to a thwarted Jihadist attack in Portland, Oregon.

Partridge’s secretion accuses the FBI of “state-sponsored terror” because it’s — wait for it — enticing innocent Jihadists into violent attacks against innocent civilians.

» Blasphemy resolution passes U.N. committee

The resolution by Islamic countries is scheduled to be considered by the U.N. General Assembly in December.

Chances of passing are low. But that’s not the point.
This U.N. committee is mostly muslims, and when they speak of blasphemy or vilification of religion they’re talking about Islam, period.
Remember that they do not consider any other religion to be valid, must less tolerate them. To the muslim, the existence of another religion is blasphemy .

The U.N. departed from usefulness decades ago. Yet our dhimmi socialist government continues to shovel billions of our dollars into an organization that has become one of the most dangerous enemies of our constitution.

And if the U.N. passed the Blasphemy resolution into international law, what then? Do you have any faith that Obama would take seriously his oath to uphold the constitution instead of obeying the will of the U.N.?
I don’t, after all he’s spent 2 years bowing to them and apologizing to them.

Burn the U.N. to the ground.

» The Top 8 Reasons Ron Paul Is an Abomination Who Should Be Cast Out of Decent Society

That’s eight off the TOP and by no means the entirety of the list.
I’m excerpting the three that most reflect my personal grievances with Paul.

Paul can always be counted on to find the enemy’s version of events more credible than America’s.

Paul shamelessly lies about the basic facts regarding Israel’s national security measures and struggles against her enemies

… radical associations aren’t an isolated incident or two, but a long, disturbing pattern. He pals around with 9/11 Truther Alex Jones, invites Truthers like Jesse Ventura to speak at his events, and on numerous occasions calls for a new investigation into what “really” happened on September 11. Neo-Nazis and white supremacists have worked for his campaign. He speaks to the John Birch Society. David Duke supports him, and the racists at Stormfront fundraise for him. He endorses books edited by anti-Semites and featuring the writings of former PLO gun-runners. His work has been published in Holocaust-denial newsletters.

I have no doubt that this portion of today’s post will trigger the usual tide of venomous emails from the Paulie/Jonesy whackos. Bring it on.
If you can trick yourself into lending credibility to conspiracy theories endorsed by Jones and company then, yes, bring it on.

Was 9/11 an inside job? Did W take advantage of explosives built into the WTC structure? Were the planes that hit the WTC actually holograms? Did the government spooks actually manage to clean out all the thermite residue from the giant rubble heap at ground zero? Are chem-trails real? UFOs?

Frankly, I think right-wing moonbats’ ability to believe all that tripe is a symptom of cowardice. The fear of facing and making a stand against the real enemies. Of course, I don’t rule out the possibility that they are just simply nuts.

» No, I Don’t Miss Bush

Bush looks best against the background of Obama. But that’s setting the mark fairly low, because there is hardly an occupant of the White House in the last 60 years who doesn’t look pretty good compared to Obama.

Bush’s conservative credentials rest on two legs, his general pro-business attitude and the War on Terror. And he does deserve plenty of credit for both of them, but while he had the right attitude, both were implemented without considering the long term effects. Which is what helped the Democrats finally bring down the Republican congress and take the White House in 2008. Like far too many of his Republican predecessors, Bush was pro-business and strong on national defense, but hard to distinguish from liberals in most other areas. And unwilling to seriously roll back what the left had done to America.

Because he was unwilling to roll back the relationship between the government and the taxpayer to what it had been, or to stem the growth of government, his pro-business policies were band aids applied to a volcano. When the volcano burst, his policies went out the window. And because he endorsed a War on Terror, without ever quantifying what the source of that terror was, the left could attack the policies, without ever addressing their own complicity in promoting and defending Islamic terrorism. Bush’s policies looked good in the short term, but they had no long term future. They were not the solution. In retrospect, they were part of the problem.

In case you’re thinking I may be hypocritical in linking and excerpting this article, I refer you to my post from June 2007. In reaction to W’s remark that opponents of his idea of immigration measures were ignorant racists.

» Stem-Cell Fraud

Silicon Valley real estate developer and Prop 71 architect Bob Klein, who now heads the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), is laying plans to hit voters for another $3 billion in bonds in 2014. It’s based largely on his personal belief that “there will be some remarkable new therapies that will save lives and mitigate suffering substantially.”

There already are. But they’re coming from work with adult stem cells and umbilical-cord blood, not embryonic stem cells.

… here’s a fact you never hear: Bush was the first president to fund embryonic stem-cell research at all. He decided to continue funding on existing stem-cell lines derived from already destroyed embryos, but not fund new lines created from embryos created just for that purpose. Private ESCR research was never banned

All considered, the hoopla of the day, the cry of foul from the left was nothing more than a Bush-bashing tactic. The issues swirling around stem cell research were irrelevant hyperbole.

» Moral Dimension Rarely Discussed When Illegal Immigration Debated

Are American taxpayers supposed to step in to subsidize increased social services so that illegal immigrants can afford to send billions of dollars back across the border? What is the morality of that equation in times of recession? Shouldn’t illegal immigrants at least try to buy health insurance before sending cash back to Mexico?

The debate over illegal immigration is too often confined to costs and benefits. But ultimately it is a complicated moral issue — and one often ignored by all too many moralists.

» Sore Union Losers at Delta Air Lines

… with the National Mediation Board members being controlled by unions, as well as Delta’s recent merger with unionized Northwest Airlines, the unions have declared it open hunting season on Delta. So far, however, the unions have lost eight out of the eight elections they’ve called for—and now are going to rely on the union-controlled NMB to overturn the results so they can hold rerun elections.
… With two out of the three members of the National Mediation Board being former union officials, union bosses are banking on being able to overturn the election results and get new elections ordered

» A Thanksgiving Message to All 57 States
» PETN Found in ‘Largest Explosive Cache’ in California
» How Hamas deals with Fatah in Gaza
» Oil Producers Bullied
» The History Channel sucks as history

» Obama Bolsters U.S. Hybrid Automobile Sales in Waning Consumer Market

The U.S. General Services Administration, which runs the government fleet, bought at least 14,584 hybrid vehicles in the past two fiscal years, or about 10 percent of 145,473 vehicles the agency purchased in that period

The government is boosting investment in a technology that has failed to win broad acceptance after more than a decade in the marketplace. Consumer sales of hybrids are headed for their third consecutive yearly decline.

About 3,100 of the hybrids purchased by GSA were paid for out of $300 million that the agency received from the 2009 economic stimulus package

Lemme Summit Furya
The government wants you to buy silly little greenie cars (SLGC). These cars are death traps, they don’t perform as claimed (not even close), they can’t achieve the mileage ratings attributed to them and they cost more than a lot of folks earn in a year.
Knowing that the SLGC market would never, ever catch on by it’s own merits, and
knowing that the general public has not and will not be suckered into paying Cadillac prices for a battery-powered rollerskate, Obama and his species have been working to get the industry kick-started by buying thousands of these toys with our money. In other words, if you won’t buy them Obama will use your money to buy them for you.

And it’s all because of the desire to address a problem that doesn’t exist … global warming.

» Fire The Judge: The Braindead Left Picked Its Perfect Fox Scalp

Yes, absolutely, Fox should fire Judge Andrew Napolitano for his 9/11 Trutherism. They should have fired him a very long time ago.

Agreed. There was a time, several years ago, that I respected the judge.
That time has passed.