Approximate numbers of people butchered and maimed by Islamic assholes by year.
(by Nov 13 2018)
2018: 10,071/ 10,213

2017: 16,386 / 14,360
2016: 21,413 / 26,730
2015: 27,588 / 26,136
2014: 32,862 / 27,522
2013: 16,774 / 29,577
2012: 11,546 / 20,254
2011: 9,086 / 16,921
2010: 9,233 / 17,461
2009: 9,176/ 18,612
2008: 10,798 / 18,088
2007: 20,478 / 27,317
2006: 15,245 / 19,496
2005: 7,625 / 12,855
2004: 7,166 / 14,574

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October 29, 2014

» Blatant prejudice! Man ordered to remove NRA-certified instructor hat before voting

» Concealed Carry Ban At NC State Fair Left Two Men Defenseless Against Armed Robbers

Because of the arbitrary actions of North Carolina Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler these men had no other options than to hand over their wallets to the armed robbers.

Troxler denied citizens the right to carry concealed weapons at the North Carolina State Fair despite lacking the legal authority to do so.

Activist Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens was unable to find a statute to support Troxler’s ban, but decided to uphold it based on his personal whims.

» Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson Gets “Black Attacked”

What’s truly pathetic is the same blacks, who feel threatened by successful blacks like Wilson, would almost certainly think Wilson was “black enough” if he knocked his girlfriend or wife unconscious like Baltimore Ravens Player Ray Rice. Or if Wilson acted like Vikings Adrian Peterson who “spanked” his 4-year old son with a switch, “cutting his arms, legs and genitals.” Better yet, if Wilson behaved like Carolina Panthers Greg Hardy: throwing his girlfriend on a bed full of 10 semi-automatic weapons and beat her up, for which he earned street cred by getting convicted, I’m sure Wilson’s blackness wouldn’t be questioned.

» Demagogue Al Sharpton: The Democratic Party’s New ‘Civil Rights’ Leader

» Wendy Davis™ Served Her Purpose

Davis served her purpose and will be hailed briefly as a martyred heroine who fought valiantly right before being aborted by the party altogether.

“Ready for Grandma” and the national party will toss her aside while compiling data on what issues polled well and applying that data to a national war for women. We will see the exact same celebrity endorsements and, thanks to the ever-radicalization of liberalism, probably more jars of poop as well.

Wendy herself will be forgotten, allowed to retire quietly into obscurity where no one will ever hear from or see her again — with her own show on MSNBC.


The Centers for Disease Control is still all over the map on this, once again revising its “guidelines” to create a confusing potpourri of “risk categories” and recommending varying levels of isolation for each. “High risk” individuals who had unprotected contact with Ebola victims are supposed to voluntarily isolate themselves. That’s just not good enough, and it’s baffling that anyone who works for this Administration needs to be told why.

Both the CDC brass and President Obama repeated that their top priority is avoiding placing an “undue burden” on doctors and nurses that would supposedly “discourage” them from traveling to Africa to battle Ebola. They’re disturbingly fanatical about this, which baffles average Americans who wonder why anything should be considered a higher priority by their government than protecting the American people from infection.

Why is a 21-day isolation procedure such an unbearable burden for people willing to endure the West African hot zone? Why on Earth does the Administration insist on treating isolation protocols as some kind of insult?

our government had no problem ordering such isolation for U.S. troops returning from the hot zone. Aren’t they being insulted and treated as less than heroic by such policies, or are we only supposed to care about the injured pride of civilian medical staff?

» Congressman Confirms Obama Plan to Import Foreigners With Ebola for Treatment

The cost of flying Africans to the USA for treatment could be astronomical. But according to Obama’s ideology, the wealth Americans have created was somehow stolen from everyone who did not create it. Therefore, we owe it to Africa whether we can afford it or not.

Whether there will be anyone left alive to pay the bills after Obama’s policies result in Ebola spreading throughout the USA remains to be seen.

» The Lone-Wolf Canard

Reading off the familiar script, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton insisted that “nothing we know at this time would indicate” a connection to terrorism. This, despite Thompson’s Facebook page on which he portrayed himself as a mujahed warrior superimposed on Koranic verses and called for “guerilla warfare” against the United States. Evidently, it is just one of those “violent extremism” coincidences that this “lone wolf” strike — translation: non-terrorist strike — occurred soon after the Islamic State urged Muslims in the West to “attack the soldiers of the tyrants and their police force.”

… We are to believe it is beside the point that the assailants happen to be Muslims. Sure, some may have been “inspired” by the Islamic State or al-Qaeda, but journalists, taking their cues from government officials, stress that the murderers lack “operational” ties to any recognized terrorist organization. So, presto, each is sloughed off as a “lone wolf.”

That once useful term of art is now used to convey two carefully crafted, politically correct narratives. For government officials and investigators, the “lone wolf” label has come to mean the atrocity in question cannot be categorized as “terrorism,” no matter how many “Allahu Akbars!” are shouted as bullets fly, bombs blast, or heads roll. For the commentariat, “lone wolf” signifies that the Muslim in question — whether a lifer or a “recent convert” — has “self-radicalized,” spontaneously becoming a wanton, irrational killer.

No one self-radicalizes. Terrorists are radicalized by a scripturally based doctrine. They terrorize because the doctrine instructs them to do so. In sura 8:12, for example, Allah instructs Muslims that he will use them to “instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers” by having them “smite ye above their necks and smite all their fingertips off them.”

This article excerpt is interrupted for the following disagreement:
I don’t disagree with the statement that “No one self-radicalizes”. Well, yea, I sorta do. I’ll explain or at least walk in rhetorical circles around a concept that I can’t quite put into words.

You see, I don’t accept that a normal human, with a healthy, normal brain; being mentally stable and emotionally balanced can be transformed into a marauding murderous maniac by simply reading the writings of one.
I’ve read the ranting verbal spillage of the founder of islam, mohameed (piss be on him) and it had no effect. I didn’t transform into anything.The words alone do not cause transformation – instead the tenets of islam are catalyst. (a substance that enables a reaction to proceed under different conditions than otherwise possible)

In other words, the ‘recent lone-wolf converts’ of islam were freaking nuts before they started bopping their heads on the floor five times a day. The effect of the islamic verses was validation of and justification for pre-existing psychopathic hankerings.

[I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist,
but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express exactly ten days ago

Why do you think so many ‘recent converts’ are strolling out of prisons?

But I’m not saying that terrorism, head-chopping, stoning, mass-executions and animal-rape are the exclusive deeds of the insane using a ‘religion’ as an excuse. That would excuse the ‘religion’. Instead, I’m saying that islam is not a religion in the accepted sense of the word … it is more like a fight club. If you’re born into it, you’re membership is automatic and as a legacy you aren’t necessarily required to act insane, be a butcher or tiddle toddlers – but if you do, it’s ok because thems the perps of the club.

So, to get back to “No one self-radicalizes”, perhaps it’s better stated to say no one chooses to be insane. You’d have to be insane to want to be insane. But! If you’re already insane, we got just the club for you.

A Muslim does not wake up one day and spontaneously decide to commit mass-murder. No one is radicalized out of thin air. Muslims are radicalized by the doctrine. To be sure, there is often an intermediary between the doctrine and the person who becomes a terrorist — it might be a terrorist organization in the field or an extremist imam in the mosque. But it could also very well be the jihadist literature a person reads while alone in his room. Such literature is liberally available on the Internet and in countless American mosques and Islamic community centers. It is a staple of Muslim Brotherhood indoctrination efforts, and the Saudi regime — to take the most notorious example — has spent billions of dollars propagating it worldwide.

Again, I say, that muslims radicalized by doctrine were teetering on the thin edge of less-than-total-sanity. All that was required was a couple of sentences from moham to justify and validate the little screeching voices in the basement of their mind.

Which makes me wonder about those ‘moderate’ members of the club. They pay their dues but never pick up their guilt-free murder coupons. Maybe they just like wearing the weird costumes.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups


» It Never Was the Democrats’ Base

It turns out Barack Obama not being on the ballot is a double edged sword. His policies are and voters can go vote against his policies without having to vote against him. But, at the same time, a lot of voters who hear “Barack Obama is not on the ballot” will not go vote because they are his, not the Democrats, and they know he does not really need them.

The ironic humor in this election is that every time Democrats say “President Obama is not on the ballot,” more voters conclude they then do not have to go stand by their man. And this becomes a latent problem for 2016. These voters belong to Barack Obama, not the Democrats. They are going to have to fight for them then.

» Obama Not Campaigning in a Single Place With a Competitive Senate Race

This far into Hope & Change, an endorsement by Obama is the kiss of death. With any luck people will realize that Obama did not inflict all this damage on our country by himself. He couldn’t have done it without the help of his party and the liberal establishment media, neither of which deserve public trust after the debacle of his presidency.

~~ via Gateway Pundit

… we turn them over to ICE and 36% keep coming back. Last month a guy came back 25 times. So what is this? Either the border is really un-secure or they’re letting these guys out in the streets …

» Plutocratic Populism Pays

Why do so many self-interested plutocrats indulge in populist rhetoric that is completely at odds with the way they live?

Could not Barack Obama blast billionaires somewhere else than at the homes of billionaires? If Hillary Clinton is going to deplore high college costs, could she not settle for $25,000 an hour rather than ten times that? Could not Mark Zuckerberg live among those he champions rather than driving up housing prices by buying a multimillion-dollar housing moat around his tony enclave? If Joe Biden swears that hedge funds and Wall Street are toxic, mightn’t he at least first advise his brother and son to steer clear of such tainted cash?

How to explain the hypocrisy?


As with Obama’s “You didn’t build that” speech, liberals spent the weekend trying to contain the damage from Clinton’s remarks, staring their readers right in the eye and telling them Hillary didn’t say what she so clearly said.

» The Fat Terrorist Will Sing

Protesting to register displeasure is a middle class reflex. It’s the response of those who think that the institutions we deal with are basically democratic and just aren’t hearing us. It’s not a movement of real change. Like the Tea Party, it goes through the middle class motions of democracy without recognizing that the system is fundamentally broken and will not be fixed at that level.

If the Met had decided to put on an opera in which Jews were the victims and Muslims were the villains, activists from the left would have chained themselves inside with bullhorns, they would have poured fake blood on themselves and on the patrons, they would have done their best to disrupt every performance turning the story around from the opera to their message.

And they would have gotten their way.

Militant tactics aren’t the only option, but you either have a goal and a plan for accomplishing it or you’re going through the motions of outrage. You’re not going to win an argument with the liberal establishment with a protest rally featuring two retired politicians. You’re not going to get people to take the murder of Jews by Muslim terrorists seriously by doing the same things that failed when it came to Nazi Germany and the USSR.

» Indian Communities Choose Redskins for Athletic Mascot

No one ever named a team after something contemptible. Imagine naming a team the Moonbats or the Community Organizers — or worse yet, the Sanctimonious Liberal Phonies Who Advance Their Authoritarian Agenda by Pretending to Be Offended on Behalf of Indians.

~~ VIA

Filed under

» Moonbat Explains How to Stop Global Warming Through Meditation

According to liberal dogma, global warming is a bad thing and it is caused by carbon dioxide. Love away the carbon dioxide, and you love away the global warming.

» Cookbook authors slammed as racist just for being white