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October 31, 2013

» Gun Ownership = ‘Murder/Rape’

Everyone who rapes or murders is intent on hurting someone. Not everyone who purchases a firearm (in fact rarely by percentage) is intent on hurting someone. So Mr. Heise has put firearm owners into the same category as rapists and murderers because he cannot fathom anything else to do w/ them. No one would ‘seriously consider such a specious and absurd argument’ because it is stupid. Noone is talking about ‘murder’ or ‘rape’. We’re talking about the ownership/sale of a product he doesn’t like. If he tries to use that argument for his proposals, he’s nothing but an idiot.


For mainstream media news consumers, a lot of this will come as a total shock. (CBS News, it should be noted, has been far more aggressive in pursuing the Benghazi story than its competitors; they say Sunday night’s report was a year in the making.) Yes, America, you were lied to, early and often, by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their crew. They knew damn well it was a terrorist attack from the beginning. They knew it was never a protest over a provocative YouTube video. They looked right into the faces of the families who lost sons, brothers, and husbands in Benghazi and lied to them.

The important point to take away from this exhaustive report is that the Administration knew it was a terrorist attack before it happened.

An Absurd Analogy for an Absurd Situation
Perhaps just absurd enough to be understood by Obamabots.

» The Arithmetic Absurdity of Obamacare

It will not be a “Wonderful Life” under Obamacare.

» Obama’s promises turning to dust

Ponder this for a moment: The very people who claim they are sufficiently competent to run health care, which constitutes about one-sixth of the nation’s economy, can’t manage to launch a workable website, even though they had at least three years to set it up. Keep in mind this is also the same government that is having trouble making Medicare and Social Security permanently solvent.

The Obama administration has spent $200 million on its flawed marketplace system to sign up (so far) untold “thousands” — the president said thousands — not the seven million, out of 40 million uninsured, he and other top officials predicted. He now wants to spend even more to hire people who actually know what they are doing. Why didn’t the administration consult Silicon Valley first?

Talk radio shows are hearing from listeners, including disappointed and outraged Obama voters, who realize now they fell for a lie. Conservatives warned them, but they were caught up in wishful thinking and blinded by Obama’s charm.

» Top Dem Admits: ‘We Knew’

House Democratic whip Steny Hoyer conceded to reporters today that Democrats knew people would not be able to keep their current health care plans under Obamacare and expressed qualified contrition for President Obama’s repeated vows to the contrary.

Yea, I know that you already know all that. The fact that our country is being run (into the ground) by derelicts and incompetents is not news.
So why do we keep harping on it?

Because the doors are still on the hinges at the White House.

» A Fifth of Doom

Why the explosion of a third of a trillion dollars on Thursday? That’s the day Congress agreed to raise the debt limit, an action which President Obama had assured us “wouldn’t raise the debt.” But — surprise! — our debt popped up like the Treasury Department had released a beach ball from the bottom of the deep end of the swimming pool.

The Hard Way Gene
We humans have a severe defect in our DNA. I think it’s called the Hard Way gene – we have to learn the hard way. If any human ever learned anything the easy way, it was an accident; it was the result of a botched attempt to explore the hardest of the hard ways.

In 1962 my Dad bought his first gas-powered lawn mower. After cutting the lawn the first time, he told me not to touch it. That it was very hot. That it would burn me and make me very sad if I didn’t heed his warning. I was 6 years old and having never seen anything like this magnificent machine my HardWay gene drove me to immediately press one finger flat on the muffler.
Dad failed to recognize that he had just invented the quickest method ever of teaching child gymnastics.

» Hollande most unpopular French president on record

Hollande ran on a communist platform. He promised communism and all the stuff that comes with communism. M’kay? He told the frogs “hey, I’m a commie. Elect me and I’ll install communism all over this place”.
But their HardWay genes prevented them from understanding exactly what that meant. They had to learn the hard way. They burned themselves … on purpose. Now they’re doing backflips and screaming.

France’s comedy of taxational errors continues as French revolt against eco-tax

Seeing as how they elected an honest-to-goodness Socialist parliamentary majority and president last year, I’m not exactly sure what it is that France thought they were in for …

» Philadelphia Schools to Teach Socialist Book as “History”?
Think it would do any good to tell the Philadephs not to touch the muffler?

» Quote of the Day: @RepReneeEllmers asks, “Has a man ever delivered a baby?”


» Army orders stand-down on anti-Christian briefings

The Pentagon has announced it’s putting a halt to U.S. Army briefings that label evangelicals and pro-family organizations, including the American Family Association, as domestic hate groups. But a Christian law firm still intends to investigate the latest such training briefing that occurred at Ft. Hood, Texas.

Lemme Summit Furya
The ideological enemies of America, having explained in detailed manifesto, exactly what they intended to do to our Republic, and how they were going to do it – have been working their plan for decades.

While the road to hell is said to be paved with good intentions, the road to the Communist States of America is still under construction. Of the many major obstacles to its completion is a patriotic, oath-keeping military and a large percentage of the civilian population that still enjoys the sound of The Star Spangled Banner.

Infiltration of our military command structure by leftist ideologues is complete – all the way up to the Commander in Chief – and fundamental transformation procedures are being developed and implemented. One of those procedures is the attempt to teach recruits that flag-waving patriots are their enemy.

Conspiracy Theory? Absolutely not. Conspiracy, yes, but after being made aware of dozens of cases like Ft. Hood this theory is no longer speculation or conjecture … it’s fact.

Now, what does it mean when the American military is being trained to suspect and even wage war against Americans while nobody seems to know about it? Wouldn’t that be an indication of the total failure of the Constitutionally protected free press? (See #20 and #21) Perhaps the media is not on our side?

However, the linked article above says that this particular incident at Ft. Hood has been reported, recognized and dealt with. How? Why?
The mainstream media didn’t cover it, there was no public rage, nobody ‘occupied’ anything, there were no giant paper mache puppets and drum lines in objection to soldiers being taught that tea partiers are terrorists. So, who scared them?

You did it.

In spite of mainstream media blackout, you learned of the treachery via your network. You alerted your fellow patriots, you wrote letters and made phone calls. You blogged. You emailed.

No wonder (THHO)Obama hates you so much.

» Your Opportunity is Being Transitioned

Do not be alarmed. We know what we are doing.

Health care plans are not being cancelled. Opportunities are being transitioned. Some people are being moved from bad health care plans to good health care plans with higher deductibles and higher premiums that will provide transmen with maternity care and people of uncertain gender identities with drug counseling and mental health treatment.

This is a good thing. Warning. This is a good thing.

» Of Course: Solar Firm Touted By Obama That Got $400M Stimulus Loan Now a Toxic Waste Site

… under criminal investigation? A lot of that goes on with Obama cronies, but if you like your corruption, you can keep your corruption.