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Gathering of Eagles

January 26, 2008
The NC Gathering of Eagles sponsored an Operation to demonstrate support for and celebrate the American Military. April 4, 2009
The NC Gathering of Eagles sponsored a second Operation to demonstrate support for and celebrate the American Military in Jacksonville, NC. May 18, 2007
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September 25, 2011


» Republicans Step Up Pressure on Holder as More Details Surface on ‘Fast and Furious’

A document obtained Friday by Foxnews shows the following agencies all had some hand in Operation Fast and Furious: ATF, IRS, DEA, ICE, the U.S. Marshall’s Service, Phoenix police and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
…. The operation allowed members of the Sinaloa Cartel to buy in excess of 1,900 weapons for more than $1.25 million dollars
…. An ATF whistleblower agent told Fox News the agency made “absolutely no attempt to follow the weapons.”

» Limousine Leftist Morgan Freeman Agrees: Tea Party Is Racist

Know we know that belief in the principles of individual liberty, limited government, and fiscal responsibility are “weak” and “dark.”

How anyone but a moonbat could pay $10 to sit through a movie featuring this race-baiting leftist degenerate is beyond my imagination.

Congressional Black Caucus Denounces Tea Party

If you want to know whether people are really American, there is a better way than asking to see their passports. Ask them what they think of the Tea Party.

The Tea Party is racist because the stated priority is to remove a president that is undeniably corrupt, hell-bent on breaking the country down to U.N.-manageable pieces. A socialist through and through. And an idiot on top of all that. Who just happens to be black.
The people that make the racist accusations have, from the beginning, made it perfectly clear that their support and worship of said communist president is based solely and entirely on the color of his skin.

» Sen. Hagan says NC’s bridges safe after Obama calls them ‘structurally deficient’
I thought this would be a good place to interject this headline. Sen. Hagan has been in lockstep with Obama(THHO) from day one, mindlessly advocating for and supporting the socialist agenda of the leftist dhimmicrat party. Now that Obama(THHO) has stepped onto North Carolina soil and made one of this characteristically oblivious statements, Hagan called BS.
Despite the fact the the NC DOT has no idea where his numbers or ‘facts’ came from, Hagan will be attacked by the leftist race baiters for losing her cadence in the long commie walk.


How would history have been different if the Palestinians accepted the 1948 UN Partition Plan? There was the ever-sought after “two state solution” right then and there. But no; though imperfect (as all plans are), the Plan fairly dealt with increasingly difficult issues that the British had gotten weary of (hence, their turning the hassle over the then-nascent UN). What we had was one side accepting the plan and beginning to make their new sovereign home, and the other shunning it — and then teaming with numerous surrounding countries to obliterate the other new sovereign state. That’s right — obliterate.

And this was just the beginning.

» Can Israel Survive?

It’s a gloomy picture …. I think dire predictions of Israel’s demise are premature, to say the least.
I would remind the eminent historian that Israel has faced far worst and survived.

» Herman Cain Wins GOP Florida Straw Poll, Morgan Freeman Hardest Hit

An Obama-Cain matchup would be fascinating. In one corner you’d have a successful, articulate black man offering hope and change to the nation. In the other you’d have Barack Obama(THHO).


On Monday, U.S.Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack spoke to the members of the National Restaurant Association to tell them that they need to create the appropriate transition to tasteless food, so that eventually Americans will learn to “adjust” their tastes to the kind of food that the federal government believes that they should eat.

Agriculture secretary. Restaurants. Taste Police. What’s the connection here? Why is an Agriculture secretary jacking his stupid jaw about restaurants and what folks should be eating?

If restaurant food is not tasty, people will not go to the restaurants. More empty storefronts, more unemployment.

More economic failure. More people dependent on government dole. I think I see the connection; Vilsack is a lefty and lefties all seem to have the same ultimate goal.

That’s your new federal government: intrusive, bullying, poorly informed, totalitarian, and ignorant about the free market and free Americans. The price of those twisty lightbulbs is soaring. Health Care costs are going to soar as soon as ObamaCare kicks in. Power hungry people just want to tell everyone how to live their lives. How little they understand the American people.

» Welcome to the Carbon Cult

More importantly, Friedman conveniently ignores the most recent science related to climate change, a story that consumers of “mainstream” media certainly have not heard: New data from NASA satellites show that our atmosphere is trapping much less heat than any of the alarmist models predict, implying much less future warming than Algore and Thomas Friedman would like to scare us into expecting.

» Barney Frank’s Racist Legacy
» OTC inhalers to be phased out to protect ozone layer
» ‘KKK began as gun-control organization’–confirms ‘Racist Roots of Gun Control’
» Yet Another Reason Not to Buy Levi’s

» Shameful indeed. Gun show promoter lies about the law and does Charlie Schumer’s work for him with a smile.


» Complacency Despite End Of World As We Know It

Headline from CNBC: “Global Meltdown: Investors Are Dumping Nearly Everything.”

I assumed “Nearly Everything” was the cute name of a bankrupt, worthless, planet-saving green-jobs start-up backed by Obama bundlers and funded with a gazillion dollars of stimulus payback. But apparently it’s “Nearly Everything” in the sense of the entire global economy.

» A Lurid Look Behind the Scenes of Jesse Jackson’s Grievance Empire

The grievance business has been good to Jesse Jackson, allowing the cheap thug to live the life of a degenerate zillionaire. But what goes around comes around. The same identity politics victimhood that put him on his throne has now saddled him with a lawsuit


This is how science is supposed to work. There is no such thing in science as consensus. Science is skeptical, and that is how it moves forward. Scientist move forward with what they think they know, but are always open to the possibility that they might be wrong.

» Why Illegal Immigration Matters

The American system is its own culture, but it is also shaped by the cultures of immigrants. Move enough of Mexico to the United States, and the United States will be a lot more like Mexico. It’s an indisputable truth that hardly gets addressed. There are good things that will come of that, but more bad ones, considering that Mexico is a failed state with a political culture that is as unworkable as it could possibly be.
There’s no reason for illegal immigrants to work off the books and there’s no reason why off the books labor shouldn’t be criminal. Smuggling drugs pays better than being a busboy. So does stealing and stripping copper. We have some job growth in mining, but there’s plenty in illegal mining too.

» The provable idiocy of the “green energy” agenda

Did government invent the wheel?

Did government invent the steam engine?

Did government invent the automobile?

Did government invent the airplane?

No, drones: the free market did. The free market, private property rights, supply and demand, all contributed to individuals making decisions that changed the nature of power generation and consumption over the centuries.

It wasn’t a central planner cutting checks. It wasn’t a bureaucrat dictating a five-year plan. It wasn’t an accountant placing bets on unproven technologies.

It was the free market.

» Bill Clinton, Home Wrecker

This is galling even for Bill Clinton.

He’s the one who originally pushed them to make those really dumb loans. And then he baited Wall Street to game the perverse system he created. Nobody put the American Dream of owning — and keeping — a home “under assault” more than he did.

» $535 million U.S. Loan to Solyndra was predicted to be a failure

The interesting thing about this loan is not that a mistake was made. It was how the mistake was made. Solyndra’s investors made substantial donations to the Obama(THHO) campaign, with additional large amounts spent on lobbying. The financial analysts who were analyzing the loan stated that the government loan should not be made, but this analysis was overridden.