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September 27, 2011


» Fast & Furious update: BATFE *sold* modified AK-47s to Mexican narco-terrorists!

an agent of the BATFE was ordered to go and buy six Draco semi-automatic pistols from gun shops. Those guns were then resold to “known illegal buyers:” i.e., people known to resell guns illegally. So far, this is not actually bad, because this would be how standard sting operations go… except that they didn’t arrest the buyers immediately. Which makes… sense, right, because Dracos are legal-to-own guns in the USA; so the BATFE would just have to keep a constant watch on the guns to make sure that they didn’t miss it when the bad guys tried to smuggle the guns out of the country – no, wait, it’s reported that ATF group supervisor David Voth ordered that there be no 24 hour surveillance. Well. Good thing that Agent John Dodson ignored that order and did a personal stakeout of the bad guys for six days, huh? Because he was there when they moved out with the guns! He was able to call in a request for an interdiction team!

…Which was refused.

» Even Republicans Rejected Info About Obama’s Past

What would you do if you knew that the top Democrat running for president was lying about his past?
That is the question I was faced with in 2008. I had met the young Barack Obama while he was a sophomore at Occidental College, and I knew that his commitment to socialism was deep, genuine, and longstanding.

…. The young Obama I knew was a Marxist socialist who would have been quite comfortable with Communist party members

…. The Obama I knew was nothing like the lifelong pragmatic centrist that he was pretending to be in the 2008 presidential campaign. When I talked politics with the young Obama, he expressed a profound commitment to bringing about a socialist economic system in the U.S. — completely divorced from the profit motive — which would occur, in his lifetime, through a potentially violent, Communist-style revolution

…. there is something broken in our media and campaign system. I do not think most independents or conservatives understand, or fully appreciate, the tremendous advantages the left derives from having the mainstream media serve as the fully paid, completely sympathetic, Dan Rather-level opposition research team of the Democratic Party. It is a system that methodically ignores damaging information about flawed candidates like Sen. John Edwards and Rep. Anthony Weiner, while elevating minor errors among Republicans to the status of Watergate investigations.

» Safer Streets 2012: Repeal All Gun Laws, Part I.

All gun control is illegal because it challenges our authority and plumbs the depths of the careless tolerance of the electorate. In time of violence, more gun control is politically made to sound reasonable. In this country, there is no legal standing with which to challenge or infringe on the second amendment. It would be the same as claiming standing to own another human being somehow. Even a little is illegal.
Every 2012 candidate needs to be asked if they believe the citizens of this country are the Sovereign. They then need to be asked on the record why they would permit the servants’ gun control of the Sovereign even one more day.

» President Solyndra And his mean green wealth-wasting machine.

The green energy lobby is probably hoping that Solyndra’s failure can be portrayed as an isolated case of illegal influence, lest it cast a shadow over the entire edifice of massive subsidies that green energy requires to survive. But Solyndra is merely the most spectacular of several recent green energy failures. And beyond the domain of green energy, the Solyndra fiasco is emblematic of the Obama(THHO) administration’s economic philosophy, which harks back to the mid-20th-century hubris of state-planned enterprise. It is also fair to note that the origins of this fiasco predate the Obama(THHO) administration, and illustrate the continuing incoherence and wishful thinking of U.S. energy policy.

» EPA: Regulations would require 230,000 new employees, $21 billion
We’re coming to choke you to death. But we can’t do it without a lot of help, so would you please cough up a few billion to fund that help?

The Environmental Protection Agency has said new greenhouse gas regulations, as proposed, may be “absurd” in application and “impossible to administer” by its self-imposed 2016 deadline. But the agency is still asking for taxpayers to shoulder the burden of up to 230,000 new bureaucrats — at a cost of $21 billion — to attempt to implement the rules.

How about we all just will our estates to the government and commit mass suicide? Would that make the leftists happy?
Yup, I think it would.

But I have a better idea …

» Useful Idiots’ Stockholm Syndrome

Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, the leftist American hikers who unwittingly ventured across the Iran/Iraq border and were convicted of espionage and imprisoned for two years in Iran, have been freed – and at a press conference Sunday, revealed that they were none the wiser for their ordeal.
They indulged in some moral equivalence ….
They thanked some of the world’s leading enemies of freedom and Useful Idiots for fighting for their freedom, including Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, limousine leftist Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Code Pink’s manipulative propagandist Cindy Sheehan, hard-Left America-hating pseudo-scholar Noam Chomsky, and the addle-brained actor/activist Sean Penn.

Although none of the thanked actually did anything.

It is clear from this that Shane Bauer, like Barack Obama(THHO), Ron Paul and so many others on all points along the political spectrum, believes that the actions of the United States provoke Muslims to behave badly, and that if the U.S. would only behave decently, then the Muslims would calm down, and a new era of peace would dawn. While this view is common among followers of Paul on the Right, it is much more prevalent on the Left, and indeed forms the underlying assumption of all of Obama’s(THHO) foreign policy.

» Herman Cain Sheds Dark-Horse Status in Crucial Florida

For one thing, the Florida Republican Party delegates have sent a very loud message to the high-rolling insiders in D.C. The conservative party base has grown very weary of its step-child status among the GOP establishment and are signaling that they might not just go along to get along this time around.

Secondly, Cain’s biggest problem to date in getting real electoral momentum has been his near-bottom-of-the-candidate-barrel backing by inside-the-beltway types.

Take a second or half to imagine what would happen if a black dhimmicrat were referred to as a ‘dark horse’. The reaction would have to measured in kilotons.

Also, have some fun imagining the campaign rhetoric leading up to an election between Obama(THHO) and Cain. Would we have to put up with all the racist accusations then?
Well, yes … we would. Because the precise level of skin pigmentation is not measured by the concentration of melanin … it has more to do with the Socialist Index. The Leftist/Progressive/Socialist party measures black authenticity using the political scale. Left is black, right is racist. There ya go.
So don’t get excited by the prospect of throwing the racist charges back at them. Moral truths do not stick to the teflon of leftist stupidity.

I heard Rush say yesterday that if elected, Herman Cain would be the first actual authentic black president. Point!
So then history would record Clinton as the first honorary black president, Obama(THHO) as the first half-black president?

» Let’s get our Fisk on

Communism/Socialism is responsible for the murder of well over one hundred million people in one century. Your precious ‘alternative’ leads to nothing but death, destruction, loss, suffering, misery and despair. Every single time it’s been tried. Every one. Without fail.

Anyone who–in this day and age, with the example of history to learn from–still advocates Communism, or its embryo, Socialism, is either historically ignorant, insane, or evil.

» Free Speech Triumphs Over Irvine 11
» President Obama, After Reading AttackWatch.com Submissions, Realizes He Actually Does Suck
» Bibi The Peacemonger


» Victory is sweet, but the war continues

a major factor in the White House decision on ozone was a map showing that 85% of America’s counties would be out of compliance with the Clean Air Act if the new rules were implemented. That would mean no new construction or manufacturing projects could begin — and no jobs “created or saved” — until billions are spent to bring existing facilities into compliance with arbitrary new ozone standards.

Many of those counties are in politically important states like Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia — which better explains the administration’s sudden “conversion,” than does any supposed recognition that its rules are unnecessary and harmful. Moreover, the ozone rule was not killed; it was postponed until after the 2012 elections, to safeguard jobs: White House, administration, Democrat and SEIU jobs.
For three years EPA has used global warming claims to oppose the Keystone XL pipeline project, which could create hundreds of thousands of American refinery, construction, manufacturing, financial and other jobs — and stymie Shell’s oil drilling plans in Alaska’s Chukchi Sea.

In every instance, EPA claims “the regulatory benefits far exceed the costs.” However, as independent natural scientist Dr. Willie Soon and other analysts have documented, the health, welfare and environmental risks and benefits have frequently been exaggerated or even fabricated.

Worse, EPA steadfastly refuses to consider the significant adverse effects that its rules will have on human health and welfare. The cumulative weight of these rules will send energy costs skyrocketing and kill millions of additional jobs, Affordable Power Alliance co-chair Niger Innis points out.

Poor and newly jobless families will be even less able to afford gasoline, clothing, healthcare, proper nutrition and other basic needs, Innis notes. Many will suffer increased stress, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and crime rates. Many low income families will be unable to afford proper heating during frigid winter months or air conditioning during summer heat waves. People will die.