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Gathering of Eagles

January 26, 2008
The NC Gathering of Eagles sponsored an Operation to demonstrate support for and celebrate the American Military. April 4, 2009
The NC Gathering of Eagles sponsored a second Operation to demonstrate support for and celebrate the American Military in Jacksonville, NC. May 18, 2007
Recruiter Appreciation 1
May 16, 2008
Recruiter Appreciation 2
June 29 2007
Walter Reed
June 30, 2007
Ft Monmouth, NJ
Little Washington, NC
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Charlotte, NC
Code Poink
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Smithfield, NC
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Moonbats Attack
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Fort Bragg,NC
Westboro Scarabaeus
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Dont Feed the Moonbats
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September 29, 2011



Air Force Special Tactics members (Combat Controllers and Pararescue) will be marching from San Antonio, Texas to Hurlburt Field, Florida, in honor of their fallen comrades in Special Tactics, as well as their families. The March spans across 5 states in the southeast United States and consists of 6 Relay Teams spanning 812 miles. The Special Ops Walk will begin on October 16, 5 AM in San Antonio Texas.
All donations received will be given to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation

» The Who, What, When & Where

All they ask is Ten ($10).

That’s less than I spend on Baby Ruth and Snickers every week.

» Gunrunner: Cash For Cartels

New documents reveal the Department of Justice lied to Congress and show how U.S. officials bought guns with tax dollars and then made sure no one stopped their transfer to Mexican drug cartels.

» Racist Cupcakes? Berkeley Erupts over Affirmative Action Satire
Berkeley College Republicans held a bakesale. Leftist moonbats lost their ever-loving itty-bitty minds.
Absolutely hilarious.

» Massachusetts Man Muzzie Plotted to Blow Up Pentagon, U.S. Capitol Using Model Plane, Feds Say

A 26-year-old Massachusetts man was arrested Wednesday and accused of plotting to blow up the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol using large remote-controlled aircraft laden with explosives, as well as attempting to assist Al Qaeda in attacking U.S. troops overseas.

Authorities say they gave Ferdaus multiple opportunities to back out of the plot, as they told him it would likely kill women and children. But Ferdaus never wavered in his plan, the affidavit said.

“I want the public to understand that Mr. Ferdaus’ conduct, as alleged in the complaint, is not reflective of a particular culture, community or religion,” said Carmen Ortiz, U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts. “In addition to protecting our citizens from the threats and violence alleged today, we also have an obligation to protect members of every community, race and religion against violence and other unlawful conduct.”

Ortiz, you ignorant slut. If this muzzie is not reflective of a “particular culture, community or religion” then what? Is he just the latest addition to the list of thousands of coincidences? Isn’t there, at long frikkin last, a point at which profiling is the one and only method available?

Do ya think that when a skeeter lands on Ortiz’ arm she waits to see if it’s going to bite? Or does she smash it like the blood-sucking parasite it is?

» Ron Paul: NOT a Serious Candidate

the worst aspect of Ron Paul’s campaign is the very followers that he relies on to push his campaign. They are bullies, they are often (but not always) nutty, they are outliers, they are fantasists, and the worst of them are racists, Jew-haters, and insurrectionists.

And 9/11 Truthers.

But what does this make Paul? Is he really a racist? Well, he did have years of personal newsletters that contained some of the most common racist conspiracy theories written by folks well known for their quasi-racist, or outright racist views. He later came out and pretended that he never knew that his own newsletters were filled with this racist crap
the whole point about Paul and his nutty supporters is that they are not conservatives. They are generally disaffected, extremists that have a very skewed view of American history and generally ahistorical views of what American should “be.”
there is a claim that Ronulans make that is risible and simply untrue. They claim he is somehow the father of the Tea Party movement. This is nonsense.

Yes many of Paul’s ideas coincide with the economic ideas of the Tea Party movement. But he and his followers are simply not members of the Tea Party. They are a wholly separate group. I intimately know some of the originators of the first few big Tea Party events in Washington D. C. and Chicago. NONE of them were Paulies. Ron Paul had no part in their efforts nor in the subsequent efforts of the Tea Party movement.

» Cain annoyed by ‘stupid’ questions from Ron Paul supporters

Comedy Stylings
Auntie Bev: I see Saturday Night Live in her future

Did that sound like a joke to you?

» Politicizing Energy Independence

For environmentalists alternative energy was never really about independence, it was about austerity and rationing for the good of the earth. The last thing that people who believe that there are already too many people on the planet driving cars, buying consumer goods and otherwise despoiling the virgin paradise of what was once a lovely desert or wetlands, want is cheap energy. If there was a car that ran on water, they would be the first to outlaw it. If solar panels provided cheap and plentiful energy, there would be protests against them every day.
The problem with this kind of energy independence is that it isn’t independent and it doesn’t yield much energy. But the people behind it aren’t interested in either one. They don’t care if we’re energy independent and they don’t care about the energy yield.
The environmental movement, like the rest of socialism, is aimed at killing the economic and political independence created by a rising middle-class through free enterprise. And its net result has made the world a more polluted and more violent place.


This is a really critical point – we have to get out of the mindset that the government can do anything it wants unless it has been prohibited somehow by the Constitution. If this country is going to survive long into the future, we have to see the Constitution from the perspective it was written from: the government has absolutely no power until that power is granted by the people.

The problem is that leftists only want to see the Constitution from the perspective of standing over a flushing toilet.

Just in case your back is not already broken from the very last racist-accusation straw, here’s another:

» Was the Associated Press transcription of Obama’s CBC speech ‘racist’?

On MSNBC, the African-American author Karen Hunter complained the news service transcribed Obama’s speech without cleaning it up as other outlets did–specifically including the “dropped g’s.”
Hunter called the AP’s version “inherently racist,” sparring with New Republic contributing editor and noted linguistics expert John McWhorter, who argued the g-less version “is actually the correct one,” noting that the president’s victory in the 2008 election was due, in part, to how effortlessly “he can switch into that [black] dialect.”

So, really, the Left would label it racist to simply quote Obama? verbatim, that is.

via Cold Fury, where Mike comments:

Probably ought to edit out … gaffes, misstatements, factual errors, and malapropisms while you’re at it. Added benefit, besides making the Stumblebum In Chief look smarter than he actually is: given the Herculean task of trying to portray Ogabe as the Supergenius “progressives” have always insisted he is, the propaganda initiative will function as a real stimulus, creating or saving a whole bunch of jobs in the Court Media sector all by itself.

There’s a problem with that idea, Mike. If you edit out all the stupid stuff, a transcript of an Obama speech would look like this:

……………… uh ……………………… uh …………………….. uh ………………..

But then again, that wouldn’t really be a problem. It would, in fact, be an improvement.

» ‘Terrorist watch list’ gun bans likely for life, even if cleared of wrongdoing
» ‘Authorized Journalists’ ‘Race to the Bottom’ in Intelligence
» California Democratic Party among Solyndra’s creditors
» The GOP and Race: The Perils of Unseating a Black President
» Shiela Jackson-Lee Leaves Us All Speechless.
» Sewage Pipe Hotel Rooms
» Euro-Weenies Upset With Obama: “Overbearing, Arrogant And Absurd”….
» Mooch’s Cult-Like Advice To Those Chosen To Dine With Chicago Jesus: “Not Everyone Knows How To Prepare For A Dinner Like This . . . Just Relax”…


» Chased home: Mob attacks man in his house

They were standing on his steps. One shouted, ” ‘Something’s going to happen now!’ “

Pow! Pow! … Pow! Pow! … Pow! Pow! …