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January 26, 2008
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September 30, 2011


» A Fast-and-Furious Smoking Gun: Were Obama and Holder Trying to Touch Off a Civil War in Mexico?

Scenario #3:

• The ATF arms the Sinaloa cartel
• The State Department arms the Zetas
• The combination helps fuel a full-blown civil war in Mexico
• Civilians start streaming north to safety

The resulting humanitarian crisis is used as a lever for a mass immigration event with hundreds of thousands of undocumented Democrats entering the U.S. seeking asylum.

» Islamist cleric Anwar al-Awlaki ‘killed in Yemen’

» Welcome to the American Islamic College Conference: “9/11…a Wonderful Opportunity”

“…This last week, we look back at 10 years of the 9/11 tragedy….I will tell you this, it gave us all a wonderful opportunity to now educate people about Islam….and really help define what Islam is all about.”

Didn’t we get enough education on islam 10 years ago?

If September 11 provided a “wonderful opportunity” to teach us what Islam is all about, then “no, thank you”–we are getting the message loud and clear. No one conveyed it better than Muqtedar Khan, who addressed the conference later that day, when he said, “the more Americans say they know about Islam, the more they do not like it.”

» Top Obama Advisor Explains the Purpose of Government

she tells an ethnically homogeneous audience that the purpose of government is to “give people a livelihood.” This is to be accomplished by forcing those who produce wealth and haven’t yet been bled out of business to cough up their ever-increasing “fair share”

» MSM Sheep: Ignoring the Scandal of the Century

…. elements of the U.S. Departments of Justice, State, Homeland Security, and Treasury are responsible for supplying an arsenal to narco-terrorists waging a civil war against an American ally. Our federal government may bear responsibility for at least 200 murders committed with “walked” firearms, in what Mexican Attorney General Marisela Morales describes as a “betrayal” of her country by the Obama administration.
This is objectively the most important political and legal story in America right now.

But despite the revelations from of documents and testimony obtained by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and repeated calls for full disclosure from senators and congressmen, mainstream media organizations have done everything in their power to bury the scandal. This can only be viewed as a partisan media’s attempt to protect a criminal executive branch.

I’ll take this opportunity to remind everyone, yet again, that there has been no television at the Bubbarosa since November 2008. That’s because we decided we couldn’t allow another penny of our money to end up in the coffers of the socialist media or hollywood clowns.
So when I read articles like the one just above, about the corruption and treachery of the mainstream media, I am satisfied that I no longer support those traitors.

How ’bout you? Still running the boob tube?

The Gunwalker conspiracy is the kind of story that journalists dream of breaking their entire careers. It is now in the palms of their hands: a story in which they can make a difference, take down the evil and corrupt, and ensure justice is served.

Instead of reporting, however, they are complicit. They have chosen to acquiesce to a clear and obvious evil, an aberration of our most basic values. They are no longer watchdogs, but docile sheep.

More news organizations are shrinking, merging, and consolidating as they face a decrease in circulation and credibility. When they die, point back to this moment in time, and write as their epitaph:

The could have lived, but chose death.

Unlike those they allow this government to terrorize and murder with impunity.

» Our White House bully problem

This is the administration that threatened health insurers for candidly tying Obamacare mandates to rising premiums.
This is the administration that pummeled companies such as Deere, Caterpillar, Verizon and AT&T for speaking out about the cost implications and financial burdens of Obamacare — and then cheered from the sidelines while Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman attempted to haul the firms up for a congressional witch-hunt inquisition.
This is the administration that has seized Gibson Guitars’ instruments and has threatened whistleblowers who exposed bloody corruption and incompetence behind the Operation Fast and Furious gun-walking racket.
And lest they need a reminder, this is an administration that has clamped down on mainstream media reporters, too.

» Anti-Obama Signs in New Orleans Raise a Ruckus
» $737 million in green-tech loan to company connected to Pelosi family?
» Racism? Depends Who’s Talking About It
» Van Jones: Tea Party Is Fighting Middle Class; Time for the Rich to Pay America Back


» MA Democrats Revolt Against Obama: ‘Scott Brown’s Last Opponent Was the Hand-Picked Person, Too’

Looks like some Democrats in Massachusetts aren’t to thrilled to see the White House anointing shrieking Marxist Elizabeth Warren as the Senate candidate to face Scott Brown next year.

Hey! Wanna go insane? Try to understand this moonbat’s logic.
» Janeane Garofalo: Racist Republicans Support Herman Cain